Denise Strehlow Labardi, RD, LD, MPH, MSW
of the Visiting Nurse Association
will lead round a table discussion on the importance wellness and quality of life as we take
care of others. She will discuss important
preventive health measures as well as
how to the most out of your physician visit

Services offered by Visiting Nurse Association

Visiting Nurse Association
9450 Manchester Road, Suite 206
St. Louis, MO  63119

1-800-392-4740 (toll-free)
Third Semi-Annual
Family Caregiver Workshop
November 9, 2007
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Wilde Conference Center-Fox C-6 Service Center
849 Jeffco. Blvd.
Arnold, MO 63010

no admission fee
American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter
3880 Jeffco Boulevard
Arnold, MO. 63010
Tel: (636) 464-9150
Fax: (636) 464-7901

Caregiving information  and  Lifeline program.
Cheryl Walker &  Janeen Allies,                  demonstrator

will creatively guide individuals and small groups in assembling a  simple
Reminiscence Manual  using
visual prompts  to help people struggling
with memory loss.
Available from 9:00 a.m. to NOON.
coffee klatch or coffee klatsch also kaf·fee·klatsch
A casual social gathering for coffee and conversation.

coffee klatch or coffee klatsch also kaf·fee·klatsch
A casual social gathering for coffee and conversation.

coffee klatch or coffee klatsch also kaf·fee·klatsch
A casual social gathering for coffee and conversation.
Lisa Ackerman of Medical West Healthcare, demonstrator
will bring and demonstrate equipment that help caregivers
adapt to physical challenges of patient transfer, safety, and tremor management.

  • Superior Medical Product Selection
  • Hard-To-Find Specialty Products
  • Nurses & Pharmacists on Staff
  • Personalized Instruction & Support
  • Information and Helpful Product
  • Valuable, Professional Insights &
Medical West Respiratory Services A division of Medical West Healthcare
9301 Dielman Industrial Drive   Olivette, Missouri 63132
Phone: 314.993.8100   Fax: 314.993.8101       877.993.8100
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday: Respiratory Therapist on call 24 hours

  • Consultants for Patients & Caregivers
  • Support Group
  • Private Consultation Rooms
  • Physician Conferencing
  • Insurance Billing-Clarification of Benefits

  • Sales & Rentals
  • Medical Equipment Repair

  • Prompt Home Delivery Services
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Asthma Program
  • Bereavement Support
  • Case Management
  • Diabetes Program
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Flu Program

  • Home Health Aides
  • Hospice
  • Immunizations and Vaccines
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pain Management Programs
  • Pastoral Care
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Physical Therapy
  • Respite Care
  • Skilled & Hospice Nursing
  • Speech Therapy
  • Volunteer Services
  • Wellness Clinics
Caregiver Klatsch
Real caregivers sharing practical strategies and helpful hints
in an
informal round table setting.
Wilde Conference Center
The challenges of managing meds, money, time, phone calls,doctor visits, energy spent
interpreting insurance, the multiple tasks required just making it through the day,
can weigh heavily on the health of the Family Caregiver.

Our Workshop offers strategies and tools to help you face the day,
and take better care of your own health.
Discuss strategies and issues in a small round table setting with
experienced caregivers.
Several round table discussions occur
at the same time.

*9:15 a.m. *10:15 a.m.    *11:15a.m.  *12:15 p.m.
*Sessions lead by guest speakers will begin at the
quarter after the hour.
You may attend anywhere from one to four sessions,
or just visit the demonstration stations.
There will be several round table discussions,
occuring simultaneously.
Each session will last between 45 minutes to an hour.

The workshop is flexible enough for a person to come
during a lunch break, if necessary.
There will not be a
scheduled lunch for our

You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch, or pick
up something from
one of our many fast food restaurants.
"HANDS-ON" demonstrations
will happen through-out the workshop.

Learn practical exercises.
How to ASK
How the right
adaptive equipment can
enhance daily living.

Interaction is the key...
This is not a typical lecture, seminar, or health fare.
When it comes to community services, this is a time to put more than a
"FACE with the PLACE."
When it comes to adaptive devices, this is a
place to try them out.
Invest an hour or few and reap a better
"from now on."
Your privacy is important to us, so there is no formal registration.
We appreciate you letting us know if you plan to attend, so we can plan
on a number of participants.
e-mail to:
November is National Family Caregivers Month
Believe in Yourself.
Protect Your Health.
              Reach Out for Help.
                                              Speak Up for Your Rights.
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Thank you for your time, effort and consideration.
Family Caregivers are In Good Company.
Michael Chiodini , & J. Todd Gentry, CFP
Financial Services Representatives, MetDESK Specialist
(MetLife's Division of Estate Planning for Special Kids)
nationally endorsed by National Down Syndrome Society, Autism Society of Amercia, NORD, HDSA ,and United Cerebral Palsy.
Our goal is to assist families in planning for the financial future of their children or other dependants with special needs. This
requires in depth knowledge of the federal laws as they pertain to government benefit eligibility, legal documents such as special
needs trusts and guardianships, as well as financial considerations for providing not just lifetime care, but quality of life.*
"We will be discussing the financial and legal aspects of Special Need Planning. Focusing on
letters of intent, a families hopes, dreams, wishes, and concerns around the care of there
loved one with special needs. We will also cover Special Needs trusts, state and government
benefits, as well as guardianship/conservatorship. "

Michael and Todd will "walk you through" the steps to writing your
own "letter of intent."
Kim Marlottte, LMT of Mother Earth Pillows
will lead a round table discusion  demonstrating drug-free comfort measures
to help manage pain for both the caregiver and those you care for.
Five minute shoulder massages will  be given to participants.
Damian Tumminia of BARTON  Medical Corporation  
demonstrates positioning and transfer systems that safely and easily allow a
single caregiver to transfer non- or limited-ambulatory patients.
Designed to allow a single care-giver to easily and safely transport and reposition a patient,
the Barton chairs can perform the functions of stretcher, mobile chair, and custom seating.
When working in conjunction with the
Barton SafeTTrans, the patient can be laterally
transferred by one care-giver using the Barton Positioning and Transfer System (PTS).
Linda Wolf, Executive Director, Disability Support Systems,
and staff from other programs supporting people with developmental disabilities
will answer questions on available local Jefferson County resources and how to
access  them.                                                         Disability Support Systems
                       P.O. Box 73  Mapaville, MO 63065    
                636-931-6644               636-931-2144  fax

Shelley Waller,OTR Occupational Therapist, SSM Rehab
                      9:15 & 10:15 sessions only
Try weighted tableware and compare with everyday place settings.
Feel how the right utensils can make a real difference with meal prep and
eating with a tremor easier.
Shelley Waller, OTR will also demonstrate the Saebo Flex Hand Orthosis,
which helps stroke survivors increase functional grasp and release.
SSM Rehab's Day Institute Program    
4 Arnold Park Mall       Arnold, MO 63010       Phone: (636) 282-0125
Fax: (636) 282-0057
Joy Cadelina, Clinical Doctorate Candidate
Occupational Therapy program,
Washington University School of Medicine

Hiring Paid Caregiving help - Knowing When...Finding Resources
Learn to recognize signs... times when families would benefit most from getting
paid outside help for caregiving and begin to feel more comfortable about the
How to identify caregiver stress symptoms and options for alleviating the stress and
tips for finding, hiring, and training paid caregiving help.
Available from 9:00 a.m to NOON.
Diane Keefe, Geriatric Care Manager,
A+ Aging Advantage,
Learn "hands-on" tips on how to deal with agitation behavior, dealing with
delusions, calming the confused,and strategies to manage "sundowner's"
In addition to offering respite services,
Diane Keefe is an experienced family caregiver,
who also volunteers for the
Alzheimer's Association in St. Louis, MO.
A+ Aging Advantage   9105 Watson Rd., Suite 331   St. Louis,MO 63126             314-761-9157
Fax: 314-968-0581
Elizabeth Campero, Director of Health Promotions with the
Arthritis Foundation
will provide valuable information on exercise,
financial assistance, durable medical equipment and educational programs
and services that are available to people with arthritis.
Debby Beck, certified Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program leader
will lead a demonstration of the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program.
Regular participation in this program has been shown to reduce the effects of
arthritis by increasing range of motion and stamina, improving sleep and
decreasing depression.
              Arthritis Foundation, Heartland Region, Eastern Missouri Chapter
                                                 9433 Olive Boulevard  St. Louis, Missouri 63132
                                                    314-991-9333, ext. 1316    314-991-4020 (fax)
Rock Community Fire Dept. will provide "Vials for LIFE", a container to
store medical information in your refrigerator, for emergency personnel to
locate on a 911 call.

Up to the minute information will be provided  on this website page,
so check back soon!
Lisa will also share helpful information for people living with
Parkinson's Disease.
Shelley Miller of PRIMARIS, a non-profit healthcare consulting
Primaris' established professionals develop innovative solutions to
improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.
Primaris also serves as Missouri's Medicare Quality Improvement Organization
(QIO) and provides health insurance counseling to seniors through the CLAIM
CLAIM is the Missouri state health insurance assistance program that meets
the needs of Missouri's Medicare population. Certified volunteer counselors
assist people locally to help them work through health care issues and
understand Medicare options or changes. CLAIM is not affiliated with any
insurance company and sells nothing. Our counselors can answer questions
Medicare eligibility, enrollment and claims forms, Employment and retirement
health benefit questions,Supplemental insurance policies,Medicare Advantage
(Choice) options, such as HMOs and PPOs,Medicare Part D (prescription drug
coverage), Long-term care planning, Public benefit programs.
Simplifying Mealtime: Healthy, ready to heat meals...
delivered to your door.   Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating ...  
Dinners come in microwavable containers, but can also be heated in a
conventional oven after transferring to an ovenproof dish.
A great option for Caregivers.You have to eat. Why not eat right without all the
work? You won't find delicious, wholesome meals like ours at the fast food
drive-thru. Never set foot in a grocery store again.  No contract required.  You
don't HAVE to be on a diet to use this service!
Andy of Arnold Seattle Sutton
store will be on-hand! Save time. See samples. Get Answers.
Linda Poor, new owner of Liberty Tax Service,
922 Jeffco Blvd., Arnold, MO       636-287-9200

will lead round table discussion about Tax issues effecting Family Caregivers:
Medical expenses, money gifting, capital improvements, what qualifies as a
deduction...what does not. They will help you find answers to your questions,
with the support of legal and other professionals associated with their business.
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