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Ultimate Portable Tree Drip Irrigation System
Conventional watering methods can't compare to Treegator Irrigation Bags.
TREEGATOR, a professional portable drip-irrigation system, will provide from 20 to 75 gallons of
water and up to 16 hours of drip time with little or no run-off.   TREEGATOR sits on top of the root ball
providing complete saturation in one application reducing water frequency by 50% and man hour time at each
tree from 80 - 90%.   It fits up to 24" caliper trees, eliminates tree loss due to inefficient water practices,
reduces transplant shock and helps provide accurate management information. Especially valuable for new

TREEGATOR is like having a watering professional on duty 24 hours a day. Quickly and easily water any tree on any job site. It will save you so
much time and money, you'll want one for every tree you plant!

  • Efficiently waters any shade tree.
  • Cuts watering frequency 50%
  • Fits 1 to 8 inch caliper trees.
  • Holds 15 or 20 galllons of water.
  • Deep, even water saturation.
  • Reduces transplant stress
  • 100% water absorption
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Used Worldwide By:

Landscape Professionals, Golf Courses, Municipalities, Arborists , Colleges & Universities, Architects, Garden Centers, General Contractors,
Lawn Maintenance

Use Two Gators & Irrigate Large

Zip Two 20 gallon Treegator Originals together back-to-back to irrigate trees with 5-8" diameter (caliper) trunks. Made from a tough, UV-
treated polyethylene that is reinforced with nylon webbing. All sides are made watertight with durable 1/4" thick heat seals. The bag is secured
to the tree with heavy duty nylon zippers on sewn on to each side.
Low Price Guarantee -- Ship Fast
Tankless Hot
Water Heaters

The SteriPEN water purifier is an easy to use and
effective way to purify water while travelling, hiking, or
camping.  Using proven ultraviolet water purification
technology, the SteriPEN uses UV light to destroy
waterborne microbes.

Allows for dribble-free drinking while lying down. $3.95  

The Flo-Trol Convalescent Feeding Cup allows dribble-free drinking without the
need for the person to sit up or raise the head. Merely placing a finger over the vent hole in feeding
cup controls the amount of liquid coming through the mouthpiece. This aid to daily living reduces the
amount of liquid accidentally spilled.


Dishwasher & autoclave safe.
Graduated at 4, 6 and 8 oz. levels.
Opening in mouthpiece is large enough for a straw .

Capacity: 8 ounces.
Water for Health, for
Healing, for Life: You're Not
Sick, You're Thirsty!
F. Batmanghelidj
Asthma, allergies, arthritis,
hypertension, depression,
headaches, diabetes, obesity, and
MS. These are just some of the
conditions and diseases that are
caused by persistent dehydration.
But there is a miracle solution that
is readily available, all natural, and
free: water.
Rain Barrel How-To Learn how to harvest the rain — right from your roof
including Rainfall Harvest Calculator

Rainwater Urn, 65 Gallon
This Rainwater Urn is a stylish, shapely alternative to traditional rain barrels. Made of UV-
stable, scratch- and chip-resistant polyethylene, it has an appealing matte textured finish,
quality spigot and 6-foot hose with shut-off valve. Removable top has a recessed basin for
stowing watering accessories or displaying a potted plant.
Collect free (and chlorine-free) rainwater for gardens
• No need to hide this stylish rain barrel!
• Help conserve water, a precious natural resource
•How much rainfall can you collect from your roof? Use the Rainfall Harvest Calculator
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
Please support "Family Caregivers are In Good Company"
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By Kasy Allen on
February 3, 2014 in Get Equipped
Premium 50 Gallon Rain Barrel Kit
Rain Barrels are fun for everyone, they are great for kids to learn the
importance of saving H2O. They also are a great way to reduce your carbon
footprint and save money!

Our Rain Barrels are made from previously used food grade drums, we 100%
guarantee we don’t make a rain barrel out of anything else! Rain barrels are
perfect for all gardeners, you can divert the overflow into a nearby pond, rain
garden, or flower bed. Connect two rain barrels together and have twice the
capacity! We suggest that you put rocks in the lid to provide a natural filter,
this doesn’t mean your rain water is drinkable!
• Plastic mesh screen
• Overflow valve
• Easy on-and-off twist top lid
• Brass Spigot (installed)
• Downspout adapter (included)
• Sealed with waterproof caulk
• Smart leaf/debris-free gutter diverter an optional upgrade ◦ Learn about the
Catch-a-Raindrop System here
◦ The Catch-a-Raindrop upgrade replaces the included downspout adapter in
the kit