Your Turn to Care is a Multi-platform series
produced by KCET that explores the
emotional aspect of being a caregiver and
how  families are impacted.


Walking Like a Young Man on the Links, James Gray

Home Safety Tour

Longevity Essentials, Gary Small, M.D.

Lopez Letters,  Victor Gentile

How FTD Affects Families

Asking if Senior  Housing is Right for You

Taking the Car Keys  Away

Survival Kit for Caregivers

Why Caregivers Need to take a break by Gail Sheehy

What is FTD? (Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia)

Correia Family Backstory

Lopez Letters: Wayne Kaplan

Important Documents per Mary Winners

It Takes a Village

Lopez Letters: Poonam Bhatla

Facts About Senior Driving, DMV Richard Kohr

When is it Time for a Caregiver to Ask for Help

The Critical conversation on Pallative Care

Lopez Letters: Kathy Wadsworth

How to Have the Talk, Start With Siblings, by  Gail Sheehy

Celebration of Life-Facing Terminal Illness with Love and a Life Well Lived

Caregiving from a Distance, Patricia Richardson

Tools for a 'Life Review' from Chaplain Jim John Johnston

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Troubleshooting Your TV Signal Reception
The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's DVD  $17.99
This compelling documentary follows the trials and triumphs of researchers battling Alzheimer's Disease.
Dr. Steven DeKosky's team conducts breakthrough scientific tests, while Dr. Rudy Tanzi, pioneer in genetics, tells of
discoveries that may help pinpoint the cause of Alzheimer's. The experts make the research palpable and real,
explaining in down-to-earth terms how the disease dismantles the day-to-day lives of Gladys, Fran, and Isabelle.
Spanish language track and subtitles
"The Future of Alzheimer's" with David Hyde Pierce
"Alzheimer's: The Help You Need" hosted by David Hyde Pierce
Interview with David Shenk, author of "The Forgetting--Alzheimer's: Portrait of an Epidemic"
Interview with filmmaker Elizabeth Arledge

Caring for Your Parents Premiered on PBS
April 2, 2008  at 9:00 pm  KETC  Channel 9
As the population ages, many adult children are grappling with an
unprecedented social, cultural, economic, and personal revolution
as they transition into the primary caregiver role for their aging parents.
Produced, written, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Kirk,
Caring for Your Parents is a moving two-hour special that draws
much-needed attention to this universal reality.

The first 90-minutes of Caring for Your Parents underscores today's struggle
to keep parents at home, tensions between siblings, and the complexity
of shifting caregiver roles through an intimate look at five American families.
In the end, the documentary contends successful caregiving requires
one primary ingredient—love.

Immediately after the 90-minute broadcast, former NBC medical correspondent Dr. Art Ulene leads "A Conversation
About Caring." This half-hour panel discussion offers concrete advice and guidance on how to start the conversation—
often the most difficult step in caregiving.

Filmmaker Michael Kirk's interview with caregiving experts Hugh Delehanty and Elinor Ginzler, co-authors of the book
Caring for your Parents: The Complete Family Guide;
Access to the Caring for Your Parents Web site, which includes printable resources such as
The Caregiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource for Caring for Your Parents
A printable Conversation Booklet to help adult children begin a comfortable and healthy dialogue with their elderly parents

Caring for Your Parents is a Kirk Documentary Group, Ltd. Production for WGBH Boston. The executive producer is
Laurie Donnelly. Major funding is provided by Harrah's Foundation. Additional funding by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,
a private corporation funded by the American people.

FRONTLINE: Life and Death in Assisted Living
As Seen on PBS
July 30,2013        ENCORE  September 24, 2013
Nearly 750,000 elderly Americans are spending their later years in for-profit assisted living facilities. This loosely regulated,
multibillion-dollar industry is dominated by one company:  Emeritus Senior Living.

In a major year-long investigation, FRONTLINE and ProPublica raise questions about fatal lapses in care, understaffing, and a
quest for profits within a company that operates more than 400 assisted living facilities across the country.
This DVD features subtitles in English (SDH) $19.99

Watch on-line:
The Educated Caregiver DVD Video Series - $ 49.95
Providing care for a loved one is one of the toughest jobs you can ever have. In The Educated Caregiver video series, you'll meet others who know what you're going through - and who share their experiences, insights and advice. From them and from healthcare professionals, you'll learn skills and valuable strategies for taking care of yourself and your loved one. Coping Skills, Volume 1, 80 minutes From those who have shouldered it themselves, learn how to deal with the physical and emotional burden caregivers experience. The video's short, easily viewed segments let you focus on or review specific skills: ? Gaining control over a demanding daily routine ? Reducing stress ? Averting burnout, or "compassion fatigue" ? Preparing for when your loved one leaves home ? Dealing with natural feelings of helplessness, anger, resentment and guilt Hands-On Skills, Volume 2, 45 minutes You'll see step-by-step demonstrations of key caregiving skills you'll use every day, such as: ? Caring for bed-ridden patients ? Assistance with walking ? Transferring from a bed to a chair ? Dressing, grooming and hygiene ? Assessment techniques ? Home safety Essential Knowledge, Volume 3, 48 minutes Healthcare professionals share vital information every caregiver needs to know, including: ? Communicating with a loved one ? Administering medications and understanding interactions ? Avoiding and controlling infection ? Wound care and preventing bed sores ? Ensuring proper nutrition Available in DVD only.

The Family Guide to Alzheimer's Disease DVD Video Series - $ 99.95
An indispensable resource offering encouragement and instruction to those affected by Alzheimer's Disease. For many families, Alzheimer's means a gradually diminishing quality of life both for the sufferer and caregivers. All too often, the disease has led to isolation,and even a certain social stigma. It can impose psychological and emotional burdens just as heavy as the physical one. The Family Guide to Alzheimer's Disease was created to help families understand what to expect; deal effectively with the challenge of this disease; help their loved ones meet each day more successfully; and enhance the quality of life for all involved. Understanding Alzheimer's, Volume 1, 62 minutes In this volume you'll learn about the nature of Alzheimer's, its causes and the stages of the disease. You'll also learn some of the typical symptoms, how to obtain a diagnosis and the current treatments. Finally, you'll learn how the disease affects our loved ones and alters the reality in which they live. Volume one covers: Overview of Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms Diagnosis Stages of Alzheimer's Treatment Telling Others Patient perspective Behavior Issues, Volume 2, 67 minutes Alzheimer's changes almost everything about the way our loved ones perceive the world?and how they respond to it. One of the keys to helping our loved ones continue to live as successfully as possible is to understand this changed, strange world. In this volume you'll learn more about how Alzheimer's affects our loved ones,and how those effects typically change the person's behavior. You'll also learn successful strategies for "redirecting" that behavior in ways that help your loved one and your family enjoy a better quality of life. Volume two covers: Overview, Agitation, Hallucinations, Wandering, Sleeplessness/Sundowning, Incontinence, Inappropriate Actions, Redirection, Fiblets, Daily Life, Volume 3, 42 minutes As you come to understand more about the altered world of an Alzheimer's sufferer, you'll learn effective strategies for making your home environment a safe place where your loved one can live successfully. You'll also learn key skills for communicating with persons suffering from Alzheimer's and how to create a daily routine that is nurturing for your loved one and manageable for you. Volume three covers: Home Environment Driving Adult Emotions Communication Daily Routine Family Caregiving, Volume 4, 62 minutes In this volume, you'll learn how to handle the daily responsibilities of caring for a loved one, such as eating, dressing, grooming and bathing. Just as important, you'll learn how to get the outside help from family, friends and other resources that can be critical for safeguarding your own health. Volume four covers: Role of the Caregiver, Taking Care of Yourself, Accepting Support, Respite, Sexual Relationships, Family Relationships, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Transitions, Volume 5, 44 minutes In this final volume, you'll learn how to make some difficult transitions. You'll learn how to adapt social activities to accommodate your loved one's increasing disability and isolation. You'll also learn how to recognize when the time has come to consider moving your loved one to a care facility (and how to evaluate these facilities). You'll learn how the disease affects a person's spirituality, and you'll gain insights from others who have gone through the process of grieving the loss of a loved one for whom they have provided years of care. Volume five covers: Social Activities, Spiritual Issues, Care Facilities, Grief. Available in DVD only.

The Family Guide to Long Term Care DVD Video Series - $ 125.95
Solutions & Practical Advice for Older Adults and Their Families When older adults experience changes caused by the aging process, it's often difficult for families to know how to begin managing their loved ones' care, deal with difficult emotions, and make informed decisions. Through The Family Guide to Long-term Care series, you'll find answers to the questions that families so often encounter. These volumes are filled with indispensable knowledge that will benefit the entire family - not just at one point in time but throughout the entire process as a loved one experiences changes that come with aging. Getting Started, Volume 1, 34 minutes Learn what to do when an aging parent begins to need more assistance than you can provide. You'll benefit from detailed, step-by-step information on: Planning ahead as a family, Warning signs that your parent should no longer live alone, Assessing needs based on activities of daily living (ADLs), Safeguarding the home, Home-based services Making the Right Choice, Volume 2, 50 minutes When the time arrives for your parent to move from home, Making the Right Choice helps you understand the array of living options available - and find the one that best fits your situation. You'll learn about: Involving your loved one in the decision, The continuum of care, How to choose a facility, Dealing with natural feelings of guilt, Making the transition from home Staying Involved, Volume 3, 31 minutes Learn how the family's role remains critical to your loved one's well-being even after the transition to new surroundings. You'll get important information on: ? Care planning, Ways to keep the family involved, Becoming partners with the staff and other providers, Monitoring your loved one's care, Helping your parent stay emotionally healthy Understanding Long-term Care Insurance, Volume 4, 21 minutes This video will thoroughly prepare you to navigate an often bewildering maze of information - and make decisions that will preserve your assets and freedom of choice. You'll get expert guidance on: Gauging your need for LTC insurance, The limits of Medicare and Medicaid, Coverage for assisted living, home health and adult day care, What to look for in an insurer, Choosing coverage options that are best for you Legal Issues, Volume 5, 21 minutes None of us wants to give up the right to decide whether we should be kept alive on a machine, or how our estate will be passed along - or to put our families in the uncomfortable position of making such desiccations for us. You'll learn valuable information that will give you and your family more peace of mind: Making a will and keeping it up to date, Living Wills - making health care decisions in advance, Durable power of attorney, Designating others to make decisions on your behalf. Financial Planning, Volume 6,27 minutes After viewing this video, you'll have a clear picture of what to do if you someday have to manage a loved one's affairs. Whether you're planning for yourself or an aging parent, this video will give you the essential information you need: Organizing financial information and determining available assets, Principles of sound investing, Social Security benefits, Everything you need to know about Medicare: what it will (and will not)pay for, deductibles, Parts A & B, coverage options and supplemental insurance. Available in DVD only.
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Your turn to care
KCET online
Television provides a wealth of fascinating and educational
information. Help your family members take advantage of
television with programs that teach, inspire, and instill the
values you find important. Balance television's advantages
with other activities, and help your child get involved in
making good TV decisions. Y
ou are in control! Get involved
in your family members'  TV consumption with the tips, tools,
and parental control resources found on this website
The V-Chip: Putting Restrictions on What Your Children Watch/FCC
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HSN 7-1,    HSN 46-6,   QVC  46-5,      SHOP 46-4

My favorite source of contemporary programming, offering
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Traditional NETWORK Broadcast TV programming
available here in Metro St. Louis, MO.
FOX 2-1,  KMOV-CBS 4-1 , KSDK NBC 5-1,   ABC 30-1,
I receive 30 channels over the airwaves,
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For a schedule of all free TV broadcast-over-the-air
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I enjoy all the entertainment and learning possibilities
available in the 21st century as well.
I watch the occasional movie on DVD or download
and view a variety of programs over internet  resources,
such as ABC, PBS,
iTunes, Hulu, ROKU, YouTube, and Netflix.
If you love cable TV, I can respect that. We love TV!
If you are in Metro St. Louis, your provider may be Charter.
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Purchase PBS FRONTLINE: Life and Death in Assisted Living DVD $19.99
Caring For Your Parents
DVD $19.99
Caring for Your Parents -
Paperback Book $7.99

Life (Part 2): Episode 102:
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