Save TIME and FUEL!
Aquire essentials on-line
tic toc... tic toc...
time management tips and cues to help
keep us anchored in the "here and now"
Donating old Clothes
local charity info
Can't Have Anyone
Over Syndrome
to create and use
Reminiscence Manuals
help with dementia.
Time Management From the Inside Out with Julie Morgenstern DVD & Book Save $5 Our Price: $29.99
visual prompts
Save Time!!!
Order Gifts
Party &
Shower Games to
print out right
perfect for Procrastinators
wasting time and
Control Your Lights from Anywhere!
As family caregivers, our concerns are amplified when the power goes out.
Time is not our friend during a power outage.
In addition to the refrigerator, heating and cooling systems, entertainment and communication devices, we need
battery power for nebulizers, oxygen delivery and other concerns. When an ice storm hits, staying in our home
may be the safest choice, if we have back-up power.
Portable power packs need to be charged.
Smaller, portable solar chargers, as well as Wind generators are available.
Remember... "land" phone lines usually continue to work when electricity fails.
Be sure to have a phone that does not require electricity.
Relying on cordless phones alone will leave you speechless. Have at least one "traditional"
touch tone phone with a phone cord plugged in to a phone jack for such an emergency.
Remember, a laptop can use a phone cord for dial up internet service, if you have the number already stored in
your memory, and enough battery power to compute.
Using a timer to help you keep on task, keep on a medication schedule,
feeding schedule, (don't let that blood sugar plummet!) limit time spent on the phone, at the computer,
time spent in front of the television, out in the garden, out on errands...
Cell phones offer timer features. We found this variety of timers which can help a person living independently.
Also helps the caregiver, by keeping everyone "on the same page."
Invest in a page-a-day calendar.
.Some offer a free
page-a-day on-line calendar
with the
purchase of a box calendar.
I print one out and place it on the
table to help Mom keep track of
current date.
The Future is NOW.
Lawn "mows itself!"
Residential Standby Generators
portable generators
Every Home Needs
Check Once!
By reminding you of
what to do around your
home, this check list:

Simplifies and organizes
the process of leaving
your home.
Gives you peace of
mind that your home is
safe and sound.
Vial of Life
Keep copy of medications,
schedule, insurance cards,
identification with birthdate,
Doctor's name and phone number,
emergency contact phone numbers,
extra set of house and car keys.
Put it one in
Put one in the "vial of Life "baggie and
place in your refrigerator door.
Put one in your "Doorganizer"
Hang  on your bedroom or front door.
Everything will be together.
You will save precious minutes.
Especially if emergency personel ,
a neighbor, friend or family
member is assisting you on
your journey.
Kick the Procrastination Habit
by Pam Vaccaro, CSP

Nine Ways of LIving With Time
by Pam Vaccaro, CSP
Classroom Calendar Bulletin Board from Mary Engelbreit
Make every day a special day with this  
calendar featuring Mary Engelbreit's artwork.
This bulletin board includes a blank calendar,
easy-to-read numbers pieces, colorful
monthly headers, additional pieces for
holidays and special occasions, and a
2-page Teacher's Guide. The calendar
measures 24" x 18". Includes 68 pieces! All
pieces are UV coated for durability. $12.99
Classroom Calendar Bulletin Board from Wyland
Honda EU3000i Handi Portable GeneratorCamping World
Big Letters Big Numbers Wall Calendar 2010
Honeywell HW2000i Portable Inverter Generator
iA5 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock
Stay Connected Even While you Sleep!
SW Apples Calendar Days Mini Pack

SW Apples Calendar Days Mini Pack

Colorful, decorative cards to enhance blank classroom calendars. Artwork by Susan Winget. Includes cards 1-31, a 23/30 card, a 24/31 card, and 3 blank cards. 36 cards total. Shiny, protective coating adds durability.

When you need to present one day at a time, you may want to consider "Calendar Days"
Days of the Week Headliners Days of the Week Headliners
Ameriphone amplified corded telephone
Dial by photo
Visual Ringer $43.93
Crosley Radio CR59-PI Princess Phone Pink $46.60
Dry Erase Calendar Wall Decals

Notepad Dry Erase Wall Decals & Wall Frames

Notepad Dry Erase Wall Decals & Wall Frames

These wall decals put the "fun" in "functional"! We've combined some of our classic peel & stick wall frames, perfect for showcasing photos on any flat surface, with dry erase wall decals in the style of ruled notebook paper. Jot notes to yourself, keep memories close at hand, or combine photos with the dry erase bubbles for a clever speaking effect! You'll have a blast moving around each repositionable element, and reusing the dry erase decals over and over again. For even more functional fun, try out our wallpockets or heart-shaped dry erase wall stickers.

TelAgenda Calender and Photo Display Frame - $199.95

The TelAgenda Digital Calendar and Photo Display Frame connects by phone line to keep forgetful seniors "on track" by displaying Appointments, Occasions, Medication Schedules and Text Messages on the day of their occurrence. This information is entered by their loved ones on our password-protected website. This is a quick and convenient way for family and friends to convey important information to your loved one from anywhere in the world! The TelAgenda Frame even has its own email address so anyone can email photos directly to the frame.TelAgenda?s mission is to improve the quality of life of Independent Seniors through the daily delivery of critical information from Caregivers.Our team draws from their experiences with Seniors at all stages of life and medical conditions to provide care management products and services that are effective and easy to use.Our website allows Caregivers (Family members, Friends, Care Facilities) the ability to enter and communicate important information that is critical for ongoing daily care and social well being of the independent senior. Schedule information is transmitted by an existing phone line or WiFi (wireless internet) connection on a daily basis and is displayed on an Eye Catching and Easy-to-Read Digital Picture Frame designed for this purpose.Here's how it works: Family and friends just enter their loved one's calendar information and custom messages on the website, then the information is automatically transferred to the TelAgenda photo frame over night by standard telephone phone line or WiFi (if available)...your loved one doesn't have to do a PC or internet is required on their part. There are NO complicated electronics to operate...just plug it in!The TelAgenda Frame includes an annual service plan providing access to the website for one year. Renewals for subsequent years are available. Unlimited family and friends have access to the TelAgenda password-protected site to view their loved one's calendar and send messages. TelAgenda Features: Display Daily Reminders Of Personalized Schedule Information Maintained on our Secured Site. Display Messages from Friends & Family. Email Digital Photos to our 8? Digital Frame. No Computer or Internet Required? uses standard phone line to connect daily! TelAgenda Specifications: No Computer or Internet is Required. Connects by phone line. Digital Frame to Display Senior?sSchedule, Messages, and Photos included.

Clarity CLARITY-P300 76593 Ameriphone Photo Phone  $44.82
76593 Ameriphone Photo Phone -
Ameriphone amplified corded telephone-
Dial by photo (photo of person can be placed on their speed dial number button also
comes with generic ready-to-use icons)-
9 Photo speed dial buttons-
Hearing aid compatible-
One-touch amplification button - Volume control switch-
Volume control and amplification buttons used together can create a sound increase up
to 10 times greater than normal- Automatic tone enhancement-
Extra large soft-touch high contrast buttons-
Illuminated emergency button-
Adjustable ringer tone and volume controls - Flash/hold/redial-
Bright visual ringer -
Bright visual amplify on ring flasher and hold indicator on base-
White with black and white buttons
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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TurboTax is Easy, Free Edition, Fast Refund
3-Function 99 Minute
Digital Timer w/ Lanyard

Multi-Station Digital Timer
Four independent settings with
four different displays, signals
and lights
60 Minute
Mechanical Ring Timer
Almond Blossom 2016 Planner
Simple yet stylish on the outside and functional on the
inside, this
16-month planner runs from September
2015 to December 2016
in a weekly planner format
and features a hard cover with the popular phrase "Keep
Calm and Carry On" that pops against red background.
The planner also includes an elastic band place holder,
room for notes and addresses, and an inside back cover
pocket for receipts, coupons, business cards, and other
Size Closed: 7.0 " x  5.0 "
Celtic 2016 Planner 16-month planner runs from
September 2015 to December 2015 in a weekly
planner format and features a hard cover with a stylish,
green and black Celtic design.
Shop the new artistic calendars including Batman, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Vampire Diaries and more from!
Zoom for Dessert
Kitchen Timer $15.99
Baking your famous
Darkroom Chocolate Brownies and
Film Projector Tarts will be even more
picturesque when your view through
the oven door is framed by this lifelike
lens timer! Created by Gama-Go, this
pretend camera-bag staple features
an hour of tiny increments along its
focusing ring, which twists with a flick of
the wrist. Set it by the stove in the
kitchen or the print dryer in your studio
to ensure that every gingersnap
glamour shot is perfectly sweet!
MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer w/
Alarm and Talking Clock
The MedCenter holds 31 separate pill boxes
that can be removed and carried with you.
Each easy-open box is labeled with the day of
the month and has four sections for morning,
noon, evening and bedtime doses.
Four-alarm reminder clock means you'll never
miss a dose again. Requires 2 AA batteries.
10"L x 8"W x 7 1/4"H.
linen kitchen towel calendar
Dogwood and Cardinal
2016 Calendar Towel  
More Calendar Towels
Mowing your lawn is
becoming increasingly difficult,
now with added demands on your time.
Finding someone to help maintain the grass is costly and requires patience  for someone else's schedule and tolerance
for the manner in which the task is completed.
Like you don't have enough annoyances!?!
Sit down and figure out annual cost for grass mowing and compare to this quiet, gas-free, hassle-free alternative.
No oil changes or lugging a
gassy mower to the repair shop.
Keep cool on blistering days.
Stop the nagging.
Keep "caught up" with the help of automation.
Let criticism for THIS investment be colored by the one who consistantly pushes the mower!
Reserve more time for trimming and beautification.

Robomow® RL2000 For automatic mowing of lawns up to 12,900 - 17,200ft²
Tour RL2000
$2399.00  at Sam's club free shipping
$2,329.99 at Green Cupboards free shipping

The Robomow® RL2000 is an automatic lawnmower that cuts the grass all by itself. All you have to do is schedule a
weekly program. It will depart from the base station at the pre-set scheduled days and times. At the end of each
operation, Robomow returns to the base station for charging until the next scheduled operation. Your lawn will be
maintained even when you are away from home!

RL2000 is the top of the range model and is designed to mow big domestic lawns. It's environmentally friendly because
it uses no gas or oil and has no emmissions.

•Automatic Operation: Robomow is self-operated without user interference
•Child Guard: helps prevent children from operating the Robomow
•Lift Sensor: stops rotating the blades immediately when Robomow is lifted
•Sensor-equipped bumpers: Touch sensitive bumpers all around Robomow
•Perimeter Switch: The Robomow cannot be operated in automatic mode if the Perimeter Switch is off and/or if
Robomow is placed out of the perimeter wire
•Over-Current Monitoring Protection: Mowing and drive systems are monitored constantly during operation preventing
them from over-heat
•Automatic warning alert before operation: A buzzer is heard 5 minutes prior to automatic departure, warning people to
clear the mowing area (RM400 & RL2000 models)
•Tilt Sensor: stops rotating blade immediately when Robomow is tilted
•Other safety features which make Robomow the safest way to mow your lawn
•5.5 HP equivelent
•50 lb. unit + 28 lb. power pack
Warranty:1 year
Assembled Country:Israel
Christmas Advent Calendars &

Easter -
12 Day Holiday Countdown
Learning is festive and fun with this 3-
Holidays-in-1 Countdown!  For the 12 days
leading up to Thanksgiving, Christmas and
Easter, you and your children or
grandchildren will enjoy reading an
inspirational story and building a scene
relating to the big day.  This is a great way
to teach Biblical truths and start a new family
•Full-scale size:  8" x 8" square; 2"D
•12 Drawers: 1 3/4" square
•1 Drawer:  7 5/8"L x 1 3/4"W x 1 3/4"D
•Material:  Heavy paper stock
•36 Picture tiles; 12 for each holiday
•Guide booklet
•Back pocket for holding guide booklet
Clutter Control 101 - Universal Class Online Course Time Management 101 - Universal Class Online Course Day-Timer
300x250 Kiss that Frog 260x207 Eat That Frog 300x250 Power of Clarity
The iBT29 is a Bluetooth-enabled alarm clock
with a difference, adding excitement and color to your
music. Stream wireless digital audio via Bluetooth from
your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and other
Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Play iPhone, iPod or other devices via aux-in jack.
USB charging port.
Adjustable LED cabinet color and alarm display.
Reson8® speaker chamber provides great sound.
Built-in mic, voice echo cancellation and answer and
end controls make speakerphone use a pleasure.
FM radio with 6 presets.
Perfect for parties or setting the mood while listening at

Retro Wall Clock  $12.99
With large easy-to-read numbers, our 10"dia. retro wall clock
is easy to see from a distance—and easy to love with
charming, nostalgic style. Classic wall clock displays time
with old-fashioned hour and minute hands, red second hand
and day/date that flips automatically in retro style.
Durable plastic; features keyhole for hanging.
Requires 1 AA battery (not included).
The Fringe Hours
Making Time for You
by Jessica N. Turner
The Fringe Hours Making Time for you
50% off cards and Calendars from Dayspring

2016 Caregiver Planner Calendar Insert from Dayspring
•Weekly / monthly calendars; Dec 2015 to Jan 2017
•Features seasonal tips
•Scriptures / inspirational encouragement
•Weekly planning pages with two customizable rows for activities & to-do's
•Hole-punched to fit standard 3-ring binde

In His Care - Inspirational Caregivers' Organizer - Red

As For Me & My House - Wall Clock
Gift this intricately designed, keepsake wooden clock to friends or loved ones on
any occasion (housewarming, birthday, retirement, and many more!), and express
your heart of appreciation for their example of a life lived for Christ.  

Scripture:As for me & my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15
•Size:  19 1/2" diameter; 1"D
•Carved from wood
•Keyhole for hanging
•Requires one AA battery (not included)
•Not intended for outdoor use
•Clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry
•Made in the USA
•Product by P. Graham Dunn

P. Graham Dunn is a family owned and operated business in Dalton, Ohio, whose
commitment and mission is that of creating products that carry the message of
Jesus Christ into homes across the globe.

As For Me and MyHouse, We will Serve the Lord  clock
Vintage Wall Clocks from the Cabin Place