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In your hands you hold a piece of culture.
But you also hold a pair of the most highly-crafted sunglasses ever created.
The Ray-Ban B-15 and G-15 lenses were first developed for the US Navy to provide precision eyewear to their
pilots.  Their release to the general public sparked a cult of technology among drivers, sports enthusiasts,
outdoorsmen, pilots and astronauts.
To this day, they are regarded as ultra-premium lenses, providing optimal visual clarity, superior scratch and
impact resistance and 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

Ray-Ban is the leading brand in teh high-quality sunwear market and by far the best-selling summer brand in the
world.  It is an All-American brand and spawns All-American heros with every purchase.
Cocoons® Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays & glare while wearing your prescription glasses!
Durable, lightweight Cocoons are designed to be worn over prescription eyewear, offering 360° protection and
completely isolating eyes from the elements. Soft Touch frame is 30% lighter than comparable frames yet more
sturdy. Cocoons feature polarized Polare scratch-resistant lenses for years of wear.
Choose Amber to enhance depth perception while driving or enjoying outdoor activities. Choose Grey for true color
definition in bright light conditions. All lenses eliminate harsh glare and protect the eyes from damaging UVA and
UVB rays. Flex2Fit adjustable temples allow for a comfortable custom fit. Includes carry case and lens cleaning cloth.
Mfr. lifetime frame warranty.

Sizing Chart:
Large fits frames measuring less than 5 3/8”W x 1 7/8”H
Wide Line fits frames measuring less than 5 5/8”W x 1 3/8”H
Medium fits frames measuring less than 5 1/4”W x 1 1/2”H
Mini Slim fits frames measuring less than 4 7/8”W x 1 3/8”H
Carly Simon - Into White - You Are My Sunshine
Protect yourself from  over-exposure to harmful rays.

UVA (ultraviolet-A): long- wave solar rays of 320-400 nanometers (billionths of a meter). Although less likely than UVB to cause sunburn,
UVA penetrates the skin more deeply, and is considered the chief culprit behind wrinkling, leathering, and other aspects of "photoaging."
The latest studies show that UVA not only increases UVB 's cancer-causing effects, but may directly cause some skin cancers, including

UVB (ultraviolet-B): short-wave solar rays of 290-320 nanometers. More potent than UVA in producing sunburn, these rays are
considered the main cause of basal and squamous cell carcinomas as well as a significant cause of melanoma.

SPF (sun protection factor): measures the length of time a product protects against skin reddening from UVB, compared to how long the
skin takes to redden without protection. If it takes 20 minutes without protection to begin reddening, using an SPF 15 sunscreen
theoretically prevents reddening 15 times longer -- about 5 hours. (Actually, it may take up to 24 hours after sun exposure for redness to
become visible.) To maintain the SPF, reapply sunscreen every two hours and right after swimming.
UV Index Forecast Map for the United States of America
Solar Powered Floodlight icon
Solar Lighted Post Caps
Comes with two long-life AA rechargeable batteries.
Fits over any standard vinyl or wood post.
Manufactured from UV-stable PVC guaranteed not to
fade, yellow or rust.
5" x 5" post cap adapter sold separately to
accommodate 5" post; works with either 4" post caps.
Protect Yourself from the Sun click here to read entire CDC article
  • Seek shade, especially during midday hours (10 a.m.–4 p.m.), when UV rays are strongest and do the most damage.
  • Cover up with clothing to protect exposed skin. A long-sleeved shirt and long pants with a tight weave are best.
  • Get a hat with a wide brim to shade the face, head, ears, and neck.
  • Grab shades that wrap around and block as close to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays as possible.
  • Rub on sunscreen with sun protective factor (SPF) 15 or higher, and both UVA and UVB protection.
Sun Alarm Clocks at Better Health Innovations
A gradually increasing light, or a "simulated dawn," can help you wake up in a gradual,
gentle way. Scientific studies have shown that waking to a simulated dawn may help
people feel more refreshed and wake in a better mood. The body is very sensitive to light
in the early morning and therefore responds to fairly dim levels of light even through
closed eyelids. Humans evolved to wake to the sun, so it is thought that the gradually
increasing light sends the body the message that it is time to wake. This happens gently
and naturally, a great improvement over the jarring sound that most alarms use. Using a
dawn simulator such as the SunRise Clock means that you wake up in a lighted room - a
great benefit to early risers and shift workers.
Natural Lighting at Better Health Innovations
Flicker-free, bright white light duplicates natural lighting, which contributes to an overall sense of health and well being. Soothing natural light minimizes glare and eyestrain and increases contrast and clarity.
The Verilux TwiLight Mini Blue Light Therapy Sleep System
helps reset your body's internal clock by using 5000 LUX of blue light.  
This natural sleep solution is a great alternative to potentially
dangerous sleep drugs.
John Denver - John Denver's Greatest Hits - Sunshine On My Shoulders
John Denver - John Denver's Greatest Hits - Sunshine On My Shoulders
Carly Simon - Into White - You Are My Sunshine
George Harrison - Live In Japan (Remastered) - Here Comes the Sun
George Harrison - Live In Japan (Remastered) - Here Comes the Sun
SPF® Sun Protective T-Shirt (The Solar Protective Factory)
The ONLY 100% Cotton T-Shirts recommended
by the Skin Cancer Foundation
65% polyester/35% cotton
mesh stripe
Smart Bottle™
turns Blue in
UV Light

BLUE LIZARD Australian
Suncream Lotion

Summer Fun Dinner Plates - $ 3.59

From: Birthday in a Box
Solar Powered Pool Purifier
Low-Maintenance Pool Purification System
Sun & Moon Top Stub Checks
AHAVA - Mineral Suncare After Sun Rehydrating Balm - Beauty
The SunWise Program is an environmental and health education program
that aims to teach children and their caregivers how to protect themselves
from overexposure to the sun through the use of classroom-, school-, and
community-based components
Teaching Sun Safety to Kids: A Tool for Outdoor Recreation Staff
online sun safety certification program

Action Steps for Sun Protection  pdf  published by EPA

Play It Save In the Sun: A Guide for Parents Brochure pdf published by Center for Disease Control

Sun Safety at Schools: What You Can Do pdf published by Center for Disease Control

Missouri Incentives/Policies for Solar

Federal Incentives/Policies for Solar
The Zadro Sunlight 365
produces the wavelengths of
light to simulate natural
sunlight. It can provide relief to
Seasonal Affective Disorder
along with other health
benefits including a better
mood, improved sleep, and
more energy.
•Desktop Clock
•LED Backlight
• 6 inches x 8 inches

Oops! I got too much sun – what do I do now?
• Cool bath
• Unscented moisturizer (lotion, no petroleum jelly)
• Hydrocortisone cream
• Water
• No more sun
An adult may choose to give you medicine that stops pain.
When your burn is severe and you have a headache and chills or a
fever, too, an adult may need to take you to a doctor.

The risks and benefits of sun exposure to the human body
are discussed at length, featured in thousands of articles.
What it all simmers down to is that we need sunlight to keep
us healthy and happy. Sunlight produces important chemical
reactions in our body chemistry. When we expose too much,
we suffer some damage.
On this page we feature some tips and products to help you
manage and keep the balance.
We also found items, technology that converts the suns rays to
power devices that enhance our lifestyles.
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Products purchased through links on this page earn us ad fees.
Please remember to come back and visit us again real soon!
Why NATIVE Polarized Lenses?Glare is reflected light that travels on a horizontal plane. Virtually any surface
can be a source of glare, including water, sand, pavement, ice and snow. All of Native's Polarized Crystal
Carbonate® (P.C.C.™) lenses incorporate a polarized filter which absorbs the horizontal light thus eliminating
the glare. You're left with sharp, crisp, glare-free vision with increased contrast and depth perception.
All NATIVE® Native Ignition Sunglasses Have a
All lenses offer 100% UV protection (including yellow,
orange and clear).
Polarized for superior glare reduction.
Orange Crystal: 57% VLT for medium light.
Yellow Crystal: 80% VLT for low light.
Clear Crystal: 98% VLT for very low to no light.
Interchangeable Lenses
Mastoid Temple GripTM
Solar-Compatible Automatic Gate openers
A dozen models and 30 experiments turn learning about
alternative energy into hands-on science fun in this
award–winning kit. In one way or another, almost every
form of energy we use starts as energy from the sun.
Physics Solar Workshop explores solar energy using
photovoltaic cells.
Physics Solar Workshop Physics Solar Workshop
Microlink Self- and Solar-powered AM/FM/NOAA Radio and ChargerMicrolink Self- and Solar-powered AM/FM/NOAA Radio and Charger
Microlink Self- and Solar-powered AM/FM/NOAA
Radio and Charger   $19.99
This compact unit makes it easy to stay informed, in touch, and
fully charged when you’re far from home. An internal Ni-MH
battery is recharged using the hand-cranked dynamo or the
solar cells on top of the unit. Tune in any station on the AM or
FM bands, or get all 7 channels of the NOAA weather band.

A built-in 3 white LED flashlight comes in handy at campsites or
in weather emergencies. Use a USB cable (not included) to keep
your cell or smart phone powered up. Plus the unit is splash
proof, so it’s perfect for the trail or anywhere that inclement
weather is a possibility. Also includes a headphone jack.
Solar Power Kit  $45.00
Build your own solar-powered models and discover how solar cells
generate electricity from light. Build six solar powered models
including a locomotive, single-prop plane, bulldozer, helicopter,
backhoe, and twin-rotor helicopter.

The special solar panel in this kit consists of three solar cells and
generates 1.5 volts of electricity in bright sunlight, like a AA battery.
A unique cradle holds either the solar panel or the battery, allowing
you to switch out the solar panel for a AA battery (not included),
depending on the strength of sunlight. You can even use the solar
panel to charge up your own rechargeable AA batteries. The solar
panel is positionable, so you can maximize its exposure to the sun
to generate the most power.
Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 & Marathon Mouse M705 Bundle

Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 & Marathon Mouse M705 Bundle

The ultimate in power efficiency a solar powered keyboard and a mouse with a three year battery life

Solar Energy Buyers Guide From Northern Tool
Generator Solar Charging Laptop Bag
Voltaic Generator
Solar Laptop Charger
powers a mobile office.
It uses high efficiency solar cells to
generate maximum power in the limited
space available. It includes a battery pack
custom designed to efficiently store and
convert the electricity generated.
It can also charge cell phones and most
other hand held electronics. The indicator
light inside the handle shows when the
panels are generating a charge.
Sale Price - $374.00
MOTHER EARTH NEWS - Subscription

MOTHER EARTH NEWS - Subscription

MOTHER EARTH NEWS is the Original Guide to Living Wisely. Launched in 1970, each bimonthly issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS features practical and money-saving information on cutting energy costs; using renewable energy; organic gardening; green home building and remodeling; fun do-it-yourself projects; and conscientious, self-sufficient lifestyles.
Brought to you on-line through ZINIO. Zinio is the world's largest newsstand and bookstore. With its many digital products and services, Zinio creates better ways for people to discover published content, get more of it and do more with it. Now, readers can purchase content once to be read on any screen. Zinio provides the ability to shop for, search inside, read, share and save digital content in 23 local newsstands in any country in the world.

Oakley Sunglasses -Full selection at Altrec Outdoors
Sun Hat with Removable Sun Shroud
The DPC sun hat with a removable sun shroud offers maximum sun protection. This hat has a shroud that covers your
face, neck, ears and head to keep the sun away from you. It is made of Supplex nylon that blocks the sun and holds up
very, very well over time. The hat has a CoolMax headband that wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool
and dry. An extra-wide and long brim is great in sunny situations or when glare is a problem. Overall, this hat makes a
GREAT fishing hat. It is adjustable to easily fit anyone in the medium to x-large size categories.  

Extra Wide, Extra Long Brim Reduces Glare
CoolMax Headband Wicks Moisture Away From Skin, Keeping You Cool
Adjustable to Fit Most Adults
Airflow Vents Keep You Cool
Solar Illuminated Planters

New | Luminous, Solar-Powered Planters Bring the
Evening Garden to Life

• Light up your landscape with these innovative planters
• Powered by the sun so you can display them anywhere
• Choose color-changing mode or select a single color

By day, these frosted white planters add a contemporary
accent. When dusk falls, the magic begins as they
illuminate from within and cast a magical glow. You can
choose color-changing mode or select a single color. Best
of all, they're solar-powered so you can display them
anywhere — no outlets or extension cords needed! The
solar panel is mounted on a 10' cord so you can place it in
full sun and display the planters in shade, and the 16
LEDs inside will glow for 6 to 8 hours on a full charge.
Each planter is 18" in diameter with a 10" planting depth.
Solar Illuminated Planter is 20" high. Tall Solar Illuminated
Planter is 32" high. Sold individually; display in multiples
for added drama and impact.
Cocoons OveRx
Sunglasses -
Medium/Large, Tortoise
Frame/Gray Lenses
Cocoons OveRx
Sunglasses -
Larger, Black
Frame/Gray Lens
Blue Mirror -
Wide Line
Blue Mirror -
Mini Slim
Cocoons OveRx
Sunglasses - Stream
Line Small, Tortoise
Frame/Amber Lenses
Cocoons Overx
Sunglasses, Large -
Black Frame/Amber
Sun Oven Overview Made in USA

All AMerican Sun Oven from Food Insurance
all american sun oven

•Built in thermometer
•Attached one piece collapsible reflectors
•Spill-proof levelator
•Self-contained leveling leg

Harness the power of the sun to bake, boil, or steam your food
with the environmentally friendly Sun Oven.

Sun Ovens provide an easy, fun, natural and nutritious way to
prepare your favorite foods. Since no fuel is required, they are
an ideal energy-saving solution that can be used everyday in
your backyard. Additionally, the Sun Oven is ideal for camping,
picnics, and emergency preparedness.

•Cook for Free - Bakes, boils, or steams with the power of the
sun. No fuel is required.
•No Learning Curve - Use the Sun Oven to create all of your
favorite recipes.
•Just Like Your Home Oven - Sun Ovens will reach
temperatures of 360 to 400 degrees.
•Completely Safe - No danger of fires, and the Sun Over won't
burn your food
•Versatile, easy-to-use, and portable (folds to the size of a
small suitcase)
468x60 Sunglasses
Crestone Solar Light Bulb (N200)
The Nokero Crestone is the most economical solar light on the
market, striking a perfect balance between quality and
affordability. The Crestone is ideal for indoor and outdoor
lighting, including cooking, reading, camping and emergency

Also, in many off-grid regions, the Nokero Crestone pays for
itself in 15 days to 2 months by eliminating the need for
expensive candles or kerosene.

•Rechargeable battery lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 years
•Hangs outdoors for charging
•Simple to use
•One state-of-the-art, high quality solar panel
•Four wide-angle, light emitting diodes
•AA-sized recyclable battery
•Automatically switches off in bright light to save charge
•Brightness: 13 lumens (High), 5 lumens (Low)
•Run time: Up to 8 hours
•Number of LEDs: Four (4)
•LED Current Draw: 50/150mA
•Battery Capacity (max): 800 mAh
•Battery operating temperature max: 55 degrees C
•Battery operating temperature min: -20 degrees C
•Housing material: ABS
•Globe plastic: Polycarbonate
•Hangar material: Stainless steel
•Product dimensions: Length-8.5cm, Width-7.3cm, Height-17cm
•Box dimensions: Length-9cm, Width-7.8cm, Height-10.3cm
•Product weight: 130 grams
•Switch type: 3-way Hi-Off-Low
Badger Balm - After Sun Balm
Solar Gutter Light
Wireless solar light attaches to your
home’s gutter or flat surface to
illuminate a door, porch or walkway.
3 solar-powered LEDs
automatically turn on at dusk and off
at dawn, or choose manual control.
Solar gutter light includes mounting
bracket, rechargeable backup
batteries and instructions.
Assembly required.
4 3/4" diameter x 2 1/2" high.
Weather-resistant plastic. -
solar oven
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Native Silencer
Polarized Sunglasses
Native Zodiac Polarized
Crestone Pro
Solar Light Bulb
Shavano Solar
Light Bulb (N220)
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