Yaktrax® Pair $21.95 iconicon


Yaktrax® treads give you sure footing on
slippery steps, snow-covered sidewalks and
icy parking lots. They're lightweight, flexible,
and slip over boots instantly — no need to
fool around with frozen buckles or straps.
And because they have steel coil grips
instead of sharp cleats, you can keep them
in your coat pocket or glove compartment.
Sizes Small, Medium and Large available in
Black or Glow Safety Green; Extra Small
available in Black only.Plow & Hearth
Extra Small: Children's 1 to 4-1/2, Women's 2-1/2 to 6
Small: Men's 5 to 8-1/2, Women's 6-1/2 to 10
Medium: Men's 9 to 11, Women's 10-1/2 to 12-1/2
Large: Men's 11-1/2 to 15
Yaktrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow
and Ice
Snow Magazine - Mid-Winter-09 - Single Copy
Powder - Jan-09 - Single Copy
Japanese Proverb Note Cards (Pk of 10)
Made by Circle B Designs
Crocs, Inc.
Radiant Led Light Dozen

Radiant Led Light Dozen

The Radiant LED Balloon Lights are a must have for any party or event. These 1 inch white LED balloon lights are easy - just activate, insert and inflate. The Radiant LED Balloon Lights will stay lit approximately 4 hours (activation time may vary) and includes 3 -LR41 size batteries. Batteries are replaceable. The LED balloon lights can be purchased individually or in packages of 12. Balloons are sold separately.

Wheeled Snow Wolf® Shovel Clears Heavy Snow Faster, Safer And Easier

Shoveling snow is back-breaking work! Now you can easily remove snow with the ergonomically designed Snow
Wolf® (formerly SnoWovel or Wovel). It uses an oversized wheel to maximize your effort, eliminating dangerous
overexertion and strain—just roll, scoop, lift and throw snow right out of your way!

Easier on the environment than a snow blower, too—no fuel, fumes or deafening noise! Folding design stores
easily in the off season. Made in USA.

• Rolling snow shovel with oversized wheel, folds for storage
• Snow Wolf is the newest version of the popular SnoWovel/Wovel
• Clears snow 3X faster, without the back and body strain
• Better than a blower—quieter and pollution-free
• Adjustable height for any user
• Made in USA

60"L x 26"W x 43"H with adjustable height

also known as
Sno Wovel Wheeled Snow Shovel
Ergonomic Rolling Snow Wolf® Snow Removal Tool
Plow and Hearth
Right & Left Frosty the Snowman Game
from Printaable Games A to Z
PRINT & PLAY! Start printing as soon as you order! $6.99
This crazy kids gift passing game will have everyone scrambling as they listen for you
to say right or left while you read new lyrics to Frosty the Snowman! The guests who
end with the gifts get to keep them - and this makes for 100% participation and 100%
Fun! Perfect for a kid’s gift exchange and adult’s Christmas parties.
Plow & Hearth
Non-Slip Mats Disappear With The Ice

Protect your family and guests from dangerous slips and falls when you roll
one of these no-slip carpets out on snowy, icy steps and walkways.
Natural coco fiber and latex eliminate the need for salt and chemicals that
can harm concrete, indoor carpets and floors.

When the snow and ice melts, just leave the carpets in place; they will
biodegrade with oncoming spring weather. Natural coco color. Imported.

Each 18"W x 9.75'L
The Bonide Wilt Stop - Hose End (Quart) RTS is a ready to spray container, once attached to a garden hose.
This natural, non-toxic product, derived from the resin of pine trees, has the unique ability to form a soft, clear
flexible film on treated plants. This film protects plants from drying out, drought, wind burn, sun scald, winter
kill, transplant shock and salt damage. This product will allow your plants to grow naturally, and for effective
results, you only apply it once a season. Wilt Stop Spray can extend the freshness of Christmas trees and cut
flowers; just simply spray before bringing them indoors. Great for use, year around on deciduous trees,
evergreens, shrubs, roses, transplants, vegetables, & fruits. For sale in all states.
Bonide Wilt Stop Spray protects plants from drying out, wind burn, sunscald, winter kill, transplant shock,
and salt damage.
The Bonide Wilt Stop - Hose End (Quart) RTS is a ready to spray container, once attached to a garden hose.
Quart concentrate yields 1.75 gallons.    One Gallon concentrate yields 10 gallons.
Heat and Cool
Alpine Tracker Snow Sled with Back... Order Now For Shipment 12/3/2012
Alpine Tracker Snow Sled without Back...Order Now For Shipment 11/26/2012

These traditional Alpine sleds are on the fast track for fun. Handsome European beechwood frame
is reinforced with steel bracketing for stability and durability, while runner bottoms feature steel
glides to guarantee the speed sliders of all ages love. Built to last for generations of sledding.
Choose the Tracker with Back or Tracker without Back.
Sorry, gift wrap not available.

• Traditional Alpine sleds
• Handsome European beechwood frame
• Reinforced with steel bracketing for stability and durability
• Runner bottoms feature steel glides to guarantee speed
• Built to last

For ages 2 and up with adult supervision.

40"L x 12"W x 11"H

Sleds and Toboggans/Mountain Boggans from Heirloom Wooden Toys
 Silverton Kicksled
Sand Castle Mold Set
Use in Snow,
Defenders Of Wildlife Polar Bears Debit Wallet $16.95
Support Defenders of Wildlife with a Defenders Debit Wallet. This handy
compact debit wallet includes:
4 debit registers - enough for 650 transactions
Free miniature pen
Protective outer slot for your I.D.
Interior slots for multiple credit cards

Don't run out of registers or be without a pen. Each
Debit Wallet Refill includes
6 transaction registers and a pen.

Give Winter Boots - The Best Gift!

Top Blanket Brands at Great Prices for your Horse/Pony!
Shop for great gift ideas!
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
Please support "Family Caregivers are In Good Company"
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Mantis Electric Snow Shovel

Now you can clean up a light snowfall as
easily as you vacuum your carpet. The
Mantis® Electric Snow Shovel has the
same great features as the world
famous Mantis Tiller – it’s lightweight,
well designed, and packed with power.
With a convenient 12-inch width and
4-inch depth capacity, it will throw snow
up to 20 feet, making sidewalk and
patio snow removal easier than ever.
It’s easy to use and helps you get work
done faster, with none of the stress that
traditional snow shoveling puts on your
body. $99.00
Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies
LUMI-LOON ™ Light up Balloons

Light Up Balloons 120% Low Price Guarantee
plus FREE Shipping with a $49 Purchase at
Windy City Novelties...click here!
Antibacterial Scarf
Avoid illness with high-tech, antibacterial accessories made from treated fabric that
kills germs on contact—even after 300 machine washings. Ideal for travel. Gator
slips over mouth and nose. Scarf has pockets for opening doors, turning faucets,
and pushing shopping carts. 65% polyester/35% rayon. Imported. One size fits most.

Multi Mitt
Enjoy the warmth of mittens and the dexterity of gloves with our new Multi-Mitts!
Mitten tops fold back to free your fi ngers, and are held in place by concealed
magnets. Zippered pockets at the wrists have enough room to securely store ID,
cash, keys, or credit cards. Ultra-soft, 4-waystretch poly microfl eece keeps hands
snuggly warm, while textured palms help you hold things securely. Machine wash.
Imported. Red, Brown, Black. One size fits most.
NOCO Genius Boost 12V Lithium Jump Starter