Mini Garden
All of our products are created entirely in the USA in our Old World style
paper mill in
St. Louis, Missouri. In addition, all product components are
certified 100% post consumer waste (PCW). So you can feel good about
purchasing an eco-conscious product, and feel even better about buying
one that is beautiful and innovative!

All are crafted individually, by hand, of 100% recycled cotton fiber, fresh
flowers and 12 varieties of perennial wildflower seeds. Each is finished with
a tag including planting information and tied with a colorful raffia ribbon.
Enjoy and then plant in 1/4" to 1/2" soil, keep moist and watch it bloom!
Seed embedded, hand crafted reclycled  paper.
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an advertising fee for Cast Paper Art products.
Black Valentine Heirloom Bush Bean Seeds from Generic Seeds

Broccoli Barbados Seeded Pots from USA Nursery

Broccoli Small Miracle Hybrid Seeds from USA Seed Store
Its unusual dwarf plants produce quality heads using less than half the space of traditional types.
Delicious steamed, stir-fried, blanched or eaten raw. Plants grow a little over a foot tall.
Harvest in 56 Days

Organic Seed Lettuce Romaine-Silvia

Organic Seed Thyme Common from USA Seed Store
Perennial Herb. They are used fresh or dried for seasoning clam chowder and other fish soups, as
well as soups, stew, sauces and meat dishes.

EcoTulips   20% ROIA   Brightwood, VA-based EcoTulips is bringing positive change to the flower bulb industry
by offering a high quality organic alternative to chemically grown bulbs.
Only $5 shipping on all orders over $12.50
Value Packs and Spring Collections
Organic Crocus   Organic Daffodils   Organic Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)   Organic Hyacinths
Organic Iris
Organic Botanical Tulips frequently listed as "Wild Tulips" or "Species Tulips" are hybrids, but hybrids which
remain very close to the original species. These original species are still growing in "the wild", in areas with long
cold winters and hot dry summers (Central Asia).
Organic Early Spring Tulips     Organic Mid Spring Tulips     Organic Late Spring Tulips

Summerstone Nursery 20%sas 50 cent packs of seed
Every Orders Qualifies for up to 12 Free Plants. This Coupons Gives You 3 More Free!
Broccoli Calabrese Green Sprouting 50 cent pack       Wt. 400 mg. pack
Organic Seeds
1 to 2 year Perennials
How to Make Seed Embedded Plantable Paper    How to Make Paper With Seeds You Can Plant
Homemade Seed Paper    How to Make Your Own Plantable Seed Paper
Make Seed Paper For Cards And Crafts      GREEN CRAFT: Make Seed Paper
DIY Seed Paper
The Seedling Project
This organization was founded in the heart of Los Angeles at Marlborough School, by students who
share a common passion to promote environmental sustainability and
make a difference in their community.
We invite you to explore this website and hope our work inspires you to take the “green initiative” to
your own community.
To Become a Member of The Seedling Project:
Tell us about your school’s Farm-to-School project, cafeteria composting, local food, healthy lunch
programs and more! We want to share your stories about how you’re helping kids eat healthier,
locally grown food, and how garden, cooking and food projects are shaping your curriculum whether
in biology, mathematics, health or in other areas.
The Seedling Project is not only a place for you to share your ideas but also
a place to inspire us all to take action.
Register your school at NRDC’s Smarter Cities site:
The Seedling Project, Marlborough School
250 South Rossmore Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Youtube Channel:

“Planting Seeds, Growing Minds”
Perfect plantable seed confetti for an eco-friendly wedding or to use as eco-friendly baby shower favors. When thrown
outside, as done in the Martha Stewart Weddings Winter Issue and the wedding of Martha's assistant Liesl Menning to
Kevin Haynie, the five petal plantable seed confetti will grow into wildflowers. It's eco-friendly, fun and so memorable!

How does plantable paper work? Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials
(no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow
and the paper compost
s away. All that is left behind is flowers! It's easy to plant and grow.

Note: The wildflower seed mix includes the following: Bird's Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Snapdragon,
English Daisy, and Sweet Alyssum.

PROCESSING TIME: The manufacturer needs up to 5 days to to process your order BEFORE it ships out (this
processing time does not include shipping in transit time).
Available through Sophie's Favors.
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Plantable Seed Place Cards and Plantable Seed Confetti

Please Be Seeded Leaf Plantable Seed  Place Cards
(set of 12)

Throw 'n Grow Plantable Seed Confetti
(sold in a packs of ten 1/2 oz. bags)

Heart Shaped Plantable Seed Confetti - Multicolored

LAVENDER plantable seed confetti
Size: 7/8" in diameter     350 pieces
LAVENDER plantable seed confetti
Size: 7/8" in diameter     350 pieces
Products offered by Grass Stitcher:
Single Grass Stitcher Lawn Repair System 10"~Double Grass Stitcher Lawn Repair System 20"
Seed N Bag        Seeding Package      Starter Fertilizer (18-24-6)         Stitch N Seed
Live mulch:For as little as $14.99 you can cover 200 square feet with a bright and beautiful flowering ground cover

Frank talks about the Grass Stitcher
8:15 minutes
low prices, over 3500 items
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Crop Cage, 4’ x 4’ $59.95

Exclusive |  Protect Blueberry
Bushes and Other Crops from
Birds and Animals
• Keep blueberries and other
berries safe from hungry birds
• Extra tall so you can walk
inside to tend and harvest
• Sturdy and lightweight, with
zippered opening

Enjoy the fruits of your labors,
instead of sacrificing them to
hungry birds! This 6' tall and
roomy Crop Cage protects
blueberry bushes and other
crops from birds, and has a
zippered opening that makes
harvesting a breeze. The Crop
Cage is fast and easy to
assemble and simple to take
down and store at the end of
the season. The sturdy yet
lightweight steel tube
construction allows assembled
units to be easily moved. It's
also perfect for protecting
vulnerable vegetable and fruit
crops from deer, rabbits and
other animals

Product Details
• ​Steel tubes, nylon
• ​48" square x 72" H
• Easy, no-tools assembly
• Imported fabric
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive
Seed Packets Large Stickers
Ideal for enhancing cards, letters,
and gift packages, these stickers
are based on authentic images of
early-20th-century seed packets.
Featured products include a
variety of vegetables, plus
carnations, hollyhocks, poppies,
Shasta daisies, and other flowers.
Each pack contains
24 stickers, with 2 images each of
12 different designs.
Total for 6-pack: 144 stickers.
Free Shipping on Orders over $35