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Large Print Scrabble Tiles  1/2 inch black print letters  $18.95
These Large Print Scrabble Tiles have bold ½ inch black print letters on
bright white tiles. With these bold print letter tiles you can enjoy playing
Hasbro's Scrabble for longer periods of time with out eye strain and fatigue.
Each package contains 100 tiles in an assortment of letters. Durable,
long-lasting low vision tiles are made of plastic and measure ¾ x ¾ inches.
They can be substituted for the standard tiles found in your Hasbro's
Scrabble board game. The large black letters are silk screened onto the
white tiles making them easier to read.
Large Print Scrabble Tiles Features:
Durable bright white plastic tiles.
Large print letters help reduce eye strain and fatigue.
Less expensive and easier than using stick-on labels.
Same size tiles that are included in Hasbro's Scrabble board game.

Large Print Scrabble Tiles Specifications:
Tiles measure: ¾ x ¾ inch.
Tile color: white.
Tile material: plastic.
Letters measure: ½ inch.
Letter color: black.
Includes: 100 large print tiles: A 9, B 2, C 2, D 4, E 12, F 2, G 3, H 2, I 9, J 1,
K 1, L 4, M 2, N 6, O 8, P 2, Q 1, R 6, S 4, T 6, U 4, V 2, W 2, X 1, Y 2, Z 1,
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