Add Remote Control to Any Swinging Door
Skylink DM-150 Swing Door Opener with Electric Strike

Open or close any swinging door automatically with the press of a remote button.
The Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike turns any inward or outward swinging,
left or right hand door into an automated door, and it even comes with an electric
strike for security or privacy. It has 3 operation modes and in the event of a power
failure the door will still be able to operate manually.

A variety of modes are available for operation. In Open/Close Mode, two remote
buttons will open the door, and the other two will close it. If you have two doors set up,
you can use the same remote to control both. In Toggle Mode, you'll enjoy one-button
operation. By activating the remote, the door will either open or close, depending on
its current position. When Timer Mode is selected, you'll activate the remote to open
the door, and the door will close automatically after it has been opened for a specific
period of time. You may change the timer setting from 10 seconds up to 50 seconds,
in 10-second intervals. You can even install a Keypad Transmitter to open the door
using a pass code instead of the handheld remote. A handheld keychain remote is
also available to control the Swing Door Opener.

During power failure, the door can still be opened or closed manually. An obstacle
detection feature is built-in to this automatic door opener, so that when an obstacle is
detected in the path of an opening or closing door, the door opener will stop to avoid
serious injury. As an added security feature, the closing speed decreases as the door
reaches its fully closed position.

Manual opening and closing is possible with this automatic door system installed. For
added security install the Swing Door Opener w/Magnetic Lock, which comes with an
electromagnetic lock that will prevent the door from opening without the remote.

It is strongly recommended that the DM-150 be install by a professional locksmith or
experienced installer.
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Wireless Personal Pager $44.95
The Wireless Personal Pager allows you to summon help without having to yell.
With the push of a button, bedridden or disabled individuals can summon help up
to 100 feet away without having to raise their voice.

This pager helps when you are caring for a bedridden loved one or a patient that
is at risk for falling and you need to be in constant contact with them. The Wireless
Personal Pager is a reliable and affordable paging system that enables your
patient to contact you from up to 100 feet away.

Wireless Personal Pager Specifications:

Two alarm modes: chime and vibrate.
Dimensions (receiver): 3.5" W x 2.5" H x 1" D.
Dimensions (transmitter): 2.75" H x 1.5" W x 0.75" D.
Transmitter uses: one 12 volt battery (included).
Receiver uses: two AA batteries (not included

The Future is NOW.
Lawn "mows itself!"Robomow - RL 2000 Robomow

By: Robomow

Product Code: 148-STC-2000

Item #25769

Mowing your lawn is
becoming increasingly difficult,
now with added demands on your time.
Finding someone to help maintain the grass is costly and requires patience  for someone else's schedule and tolerance for the manner in which
the task is completed.
Like you don't have enough annoyances!?!
Sit down and figure out annual cost for grass mowing and compare to this quiet, gas-free, hassle-free alternative.
No oil changes or lugging a
gassy mower to the repair shop.
Keep cool on blistering days.
Stop the nagging.
Keep "caught up" with the help of automation.
Let criticism for THIS investment be colored by the one who consistantly pushes the mower!
Reserve more time for trimming and beautification.

Tired of pushing or riding that lawn mower of yours for seemingly endless amounts of time, every week? Robomow's RL 2000 is the perfect
solution to give you more time doing what you love, instead of mowing the lawn. This robotic lawn mower is recommended for large lawns
between 12,900 and 17,200 square feet. It comes with a base station for automated storage, charging and easy mower scheduling. You can
schedule this mower to run day or night without bothering your neighbors: these machines will run at a noise level as low as 65 decibels when
in eco-mode. To give a comparison, this is the same amount of noise generated by a normal conversation. With the RL 2000's heavy-duty 3
blade mulching system, clippings are cut small enough that they become a fertilizing mulch to nourish the soil. Robomow robotic lawn mowers
and base stations are fully weatherproof and have onboard weather sensors to adjust how they operate. Base station charging contacts are
made from surgical stainless steel so they will not corrode. Robomow's products are safe to use around children and pets, and they are great
for allergy and asthma sufferers because they do not emit grass particles in the air like traditional mowers can. These robotic mowers are also
eco-friendly and energy efficient, typically using no more than $10 of electricity for charging for an entire year. Set up your RL 2000 by setting
the lawn perimeter with a thin wire (similar to the type used for invisible pet fencing) that will be staked into the ground. This wire will usually
disappear from sight in a few weeks as the grass and soil grow over it. Then program the days and times that you want your mower to run. As
a security measure which may deter thieves, you can set your mower to run only after you type in a 4 digit code. The RL 2000 has sensors
built into it that allow it to avoid trees and other rigid objects 6 inches and taller, so you won't have to worry about losing your lovely flowers.
Features and Benefits
◦53cm Heavy-Duty 3-blades mulching system
◦Exclusive drop-and-go 24-volt batteries
◦User controlled theft protection and disabling system
◦Manual controller to mow very narrow areas manually.

Additional Resources
Technical Specifications:
◦Weight: 52.25 lbs. + 31 lbs. (batteries)
◦Dimensions: 35 in. x 26.2 in. x 12.4 in.
◦Color: Green
◦Mowing Height: 1-2.5 in., easy to set
◦Knobby Wheels: Recommended for lawns with high grass, sloping or bumpy ground
Eye-Vac Pro Electric Dustpan $99.99

Bagless Vacuum
The Eye-Vac Pro Vacuuming Dust Pan will pick up
almost any form of debris, including dirt, dust, pet
hair, glass and almost all common household spills.
Sweepings are stored in a sealed canister; you'll
never touch or breathe in allergy-triggering dust,
dander, pollen or any other germ- or odor-laden
debris. You don't even need to buy expensive
vacuum bags: Just dump the canister when the
indicator light tells you that it is full.

Dust Pan Uses Any Standard Filter
Any standard HF4 filter will fit the Eye-Vac Pro.
You can simply cut your filter of choice to a 4" x 3"
rectangle and insert it into the filter tray when the
filter needs replacing.

Due to excessive weight, Smarthome will add a
heavy-item shipping charge to this item. This
charge will be reflected in the shipping amount on
the check-out page.
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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