What a great Idea to add to the playroom at "Auntie's House,"  
Great-Grandma's sleepover room, or Gma/Gpa's GRANDkid deluxe  suite!
Bunk Beds Extraodinaire!
You can put the slide on the Treehouse, or the Steps on the Cottage.
Customize however you want...cost of Mattresse not included in Low Loft Tent Bed price.

Cottage Low Loft Bed from Boulder Furniture and Mattresse
Bunk Bed with Slide!
A Low loft bedding option that will have the little ones squeal with
excitement.Cottage Low Loft White-Bot. Curtain/Top Tent/Slide, Pink/White.

These beds are designed with everything you could possibly want. As soon
as you get rid of the crib set up the twin bed and store the rest of the items.
Once the little one has mastered the art of staying in bed without falling out
too many times then it is time to wow them. Simply add the leg exstensions
and setup their own private play area complete with slide.

Once your little darling is grown out of the loft/play/slide option you can turn it
back into a twin bed. One bed for their entire needs while they grow up.

Many options and accessories available.
Mattresse not included in Tent Bed price
Organic Mattresses available.

Hide & Seek Decoder Race
- $ 6.99
Too cold or rainy to do a scavenger hunt outside? Host an indoor scavenger hunt without all the hassle! Two teams race around to find 24 clues (each clue will equate to a letter) you have hidden around the house… and then race to be the first to decode a secret message!
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Ver
Swimsuits For All
FEELING like your attention is spread ?!?!?
between your loved ones?
Here are some Coping strategies and products for the
many caregivers who are taking care of their parents, and
their children, and some,
their children's children.

Be consistent.
For example: between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. turn the ringers off on all
phones, iPods ,PDAs and put them in the drawer and /or plug in the chargers.
Tell friends, neighbors and organization associates that you are available to
answer the phone between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Turn off all electronics. Do
not run washer, dryer or dishwasher.
Television and music off. NO screaming at each other. Everyone take some
time for solitude. Or, if that doesn't work, play a board game, a quiet game of
Take a shower to wash off the day. Read a book. Prepare a snack or meal
(no yelling)
Lay down and put your feet up. Then tackle the evening activities with a new
baby shower?
bridal shower?
birthday party?
Right Field
Peter, Paul And Mary (USA)
download now
Right Field
Peter, Paul And MaryPeter, Paul And Mary - Around the Campfire -
personalized insulated bag
Gordon Burgett’s How to Plan
a Great Second Life: Why not
live fully every day of your extra
30 years? helps readers of
any age create their own
provides the tools to make
that strategy come true.

In 256 fun-packed pages, the
author helps the reader
create their own future life
map. His straightforward
guide for singles or couples
helps them
(1) review where they are
now: skills, money, and
(2) create a “Dream List,”
(3) prioritize and time-peg
those dreams,
(4) put them into doable
action steps,
(5) factor in the resources
they have to fund them, and
(6) put their resulting Action
Plan into motion!

The book is primarily
designed to be used by those
in the 40-60 age bracket, but
it's also an excellent life
planning guide for anybody
younger interested in their
future or for seniors at any
age. Its 17 forms, charts, and
worksheets make the
planning easy and fun.  
Complications of Type 2 Diabetes in the Elderly
Swallowing Difficulties
Geriatric Failure to Thrive
Save Today on a Discount Dental Plan
Cooking eBooks
available in Large Print
digital, cd, and paperback
All About Dance
Die Cut Machines, Supplies and More at Joann.com
Current Catalog
Windstream Human Power Trainer
Human Power Generators
Bicycle Generator
Use your stationary bike training and
exercise to power your home, just
like on Gilligan's Island! ! !
Smarthome, Inc.
This unique turntable allows you to
convert your old vinyl collection
directly to CD or MP3 quickly and
easily. It plugs directly into your
computer using the included USB
cable. In addition, it comes complete
with dustcover, and all cables are
included. Converts vinyl records to
CD or MP3.
It's All About the Birthday Star - $ 6.99
Our most popular game is now updated for the over 20 crowd! Think you know the Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy the best? You might be surprised! Have guests fill in this questionnaire about the party star and find out who really knows them the best!

Vintage Ant Farm

Vintage Ant Farm

The Uncle Milton Vintage Ant Farm is sure to bring back fond memories with its retro Ant Farm package and original die-cut display box with authentic 1946 graphic treatment! Experience this fascinating timeless classic for the first time or all over again and get a peek into the amazing underground world of the ant.

Adult assistance recommended.

Contents: 1 ant habitat, sand, tubing, mail-in coupon for live ants and watcher's manual.

Ant Farm Gel Colony with LED Light Module

Ant Farm Gel Colony with LED Light Module

Dirt is out, nutrient-rich gel is in! Connectable, Break Resistant and Escape Proof! Great fun for ages 6 and up! Build your own insect civilization at home! Watch ants as they build amazing 3-D tunnels in translucent gel! Food and moisture are self-contained for a maintenance-free experience. The Ant Farm Gel Colony uses a nutrient-rich gel, providing your ants with a continuous source of food and moisture. What's more, a light is included so you can see these little guys hard at work 24 hours a day! Includes order form to receive live ants by mail*. *Postage and handling fee required. Ants shipped only within continental limits of USA and Canada.

Yacker Tracker®
appears to be a traffic
signal, but actually
signals too much noise.
It's a Self-Monitoring
Traffic Light Sound Meter!
These ingenious,
sound-activated lights
help you traffic the
volume in your classroom
and visual reminder for
students, neighbor kids
or grandkids, when the
noise level gets too high.
Green light indicates an
acceptable level of noise,
yellow warns that it's
getting loud, red light with
optional siren announces
that it's time to quiet
Schools with hearing
impaired students,
activity centers with
rowdy elders, Church
and Community Theater
Groups with backstage
chatter  can use the
Yacker Tracker®
unit as a visual signal
glue dots icon
Visit the Sesame Street Store Today!

Video Game Charades and Pictionary
- $ 6.99
What do Charades, Pictionary and Video Games have in common? We've combined all three to make one fun-filled challenging game kids will enjoy playing over and over again! Guaranteed they won't roll their eyes when you suggest playing this game at the party
Net Nanny - The Internet's Best Content Filter
Link to AreYouGame Colorforms
Beyond Driving with Dignity;
The workbook for the families of older drivers
by Matt Gurwell, Founder and CEO of Keeping Us Safe,LLC
purchase on-line
$27.95 plus shipping and handling
90 + pages ~ click here for
table of contents
Special Limited Offer
For the friends of
Family Caregivers Are in Good Company
Buy today and receive
$3 off the retail price!         
Retail price: $27.99
In Good Company discount: -$3.00

Your discounted price: $24.99
Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst
Alexander wakes up to gum in his hair, trips on a skateboard,
gets his sweater wet, and finds his lunch has no snack. This is a
terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Maybe he'll move to
Australia! Your child will identify right away with Alexander's day of
crankiness and is sure to smile despite her best intentions. A
fabulous classic -- fun for reading aloud
ClamCase All-in-One Keyboard Case & Stand
Who Could Be  Saddle Shoes
from ModCloth
timeless black and white
Saddle Oxford Flats
Hand Inlaid Ercolano Rainbow Star Jewelry Box

A     B     C      D      E      F     G     H     I     J     K    L     M

N     O     P     Q     R     S     T     U     V    W   X     Y    Z
Tie Dye Party
Ultimate Birthday kit
Serves 8 Guests

Fall in love all over again with the teen idols who made your heart skip a beat!
Teen idols stole the stage and the hearts of fans across the world.
Recapture the memories of your first crush and slow dancing at the prom with
this incredible collection of heartfelt hits and innocent love songs.

Featuring artists like…

•Elvis Presley
•Ricky Nelson
•Paul Anka
•Frankie Avalon
•Bobby Darin
•Neil Sedaka
•Bobby Vinton
Trunki Trixie (Pink) with FREE Trunki Stickers

Trunki Terrance (Blue) with FREE Trunki Stickers

Taking a trip with Trixie means the fun begins when packing! Your child will delight in tucking in favorite
clothing and toys for a night at grandma's or a family vacation. This is the ideal suitcase, full of child-friendly
features for traveling or stay-cations! And remember, Trixie doubles as a great pull-along riding toy, too.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:
•Select several differently sized items (small to very large) and ask the child which will fit inside Trunki. Then
ask the child to test his/her answer by trying to place those items inside.
•Have your child use Trunki around the house to "pack" up toys that are out of place. Then, have him/her
transport the items to their correct location to be put away.
•Set up a Trunki obstacle course! In an open space place obstacles (cones or boxes) that the child has to
scoot around on his/her Trunki in order to get to the finish line!
•Send the child on a Trunki scavenger hunt. Have the child ride or pull his/her Trunki to several destinations
(indoors or outdoors) to find the items on the list, place them in the Trunki, and then continue toward the final
destination. (A hug from Mom or Dad or a new sticker for Trunki!)

Dimensions: 18.25" x 8.625" x 12"
Tissue Paper Flower Kit -
Set of 24   
regular size potholder loom kit
Potholder Loom and
Cotton Loops Set
Potholder Loom Kit
Loom 7-1/2" sq.
Each kit makes three
$12.98 - $19.98
large loop potholder loom kit
Large Potholder Loom Kit
$13.98 - $29.98
Loom: 10-1/2" sq.
each kit makes two
8-1/4"-sq. potholders
Extra Cotton Loops for
Large Potholder Loom
468x60 YesVideo 20% Off Coupon Special

Spring 2014 Coupon Special - Bring your favorite memories back to life! Get 20% Off on your entire order by using Coupon Code: SPRING14 at YesVideo.com.
Tree House Low Loft Tent Bed
from Boulder Furniture and Mattresse
Bunk Bed with Steps!
This is the ultimate bed for your little one
and it can grow with them throughout
their lives. Start with the twin bed and
once they are old enough you can add
the loft components to turn it into a low
loft tent Bed. Once they out grow it you
can turn it back into a twin bed. So many
choices and super high qualilty.

Many options to choose from.
Mattresse not included in Tent Bed price
Organic Mattresses available.
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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