Okay...I did not buy ONE CD or DVD.
My modes of transportation feature failed AM/FM cassette players.
(Yes, they are old, too!)
I vowed to wait until I could transfer my vinyl to a MP3 format, so I could play a
"plug in" portable device into a new "bare bones" car audio system (or not!)
AND NOW... I can! and YOU can too!AND even BETTER, I can convert my cassettes, TOO!!
Listen to all your old tunes...wonderful present for a music lover you know as well.
Welcome to the twenty-first century.
Do you want a perfect looking bottom
with no VPL, every curve minimised
and sculpted into place and unsightly
bumps and bulges eliminated? Do you
still want to wear your strappy sandals,
or be comfortable wearing socks inside
your boots? Then Spanx® is what you
are looking for. Up to now it has been
almost impossible to find outside North
America, however now you can buy it
in the UK with MyTights being the only
UK online store.
220 lbs.
100 lbs.
The older I get, the more difficult it is to find the
things I need to get the job done.

The older I get, the more difficult it is to find the
things I am used to using.

The older I get, the more difficult it is to find the
tools I need to adapt to my changing needs.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the answers
offered by the world wide web.
Simpler, faster, who'd a thunk it!?!
I share the rewards of many quests, found, here.
Spanx® Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-Thigh Shaper

Spanx® Hide & Sleek Full Slip
- $ 108.45
The perfect smoothing slip for beneath a sheer or fitted dress.
Known as the Oprah Bras: These are the Bras From Oprah's TV Show and Magazine: Selections of T-Shirt Bras, Full Cup Bras, Seamless Bras
Customizable Award Trophies

Lifesize Celebrity & Movie Cutouts - Standups
STANDUPS ! A large selection of photo-realistic lifesize cutouts of all your favorite personalities

Movie and Celebrity Merchandise
Original AG7 Astronaut Fisher Space Pen

The original AG7 Astronaut pens were used on all manned Apollo missions, and Soyuz flights since Apollo 7 in 1968.
The Chrome plated with side button 'flight button' mechanism. Writes at any angle, upside down, underwater, through

Constructed of all brass and steel components.


•Writes underwater
•Writes upside down and at any angle
•Writes twice as long as other roller ball pens
•The most dependable, reliable, and versatile pen in the world

The Fisher Space pen ink cartridge is the key to its superiority. It is pressurized with 35 pounds per square inch of gas.
This pressure pushes on the sliding float ball allowing our unique thixotropic ink to flow smoothly in the
tungsten carbide ball.
Potholder Loom and
Cotton Loops Set
Potholder Loom Kit
Cassette to MP3 Converter from sharper image

Dust off your favorite mix tapes and personal, one-of-a-kind cassettes.
The Cassette to MP3 Converter digitizes your old tapes so you can
enjoy them on your computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad or other device.

Makes high-quality digital copies of your cassette tapes
Easy to use
Pushbutton controls for easy stop, play and volume adjustment
Includes Audacity audio software on CD-ROM
Compatible with PC and Mac
Includes USB cable
Includes stereo earbuds
Operates on USB power
Can be used as a portable cassette player (2 AA batteries required)
System requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or 7. Mac OS
9, Mac OS X 10.4 or later systems
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Encore Cassette Converter form Walter Drake
Convert cassettes easily. With Encore cassette converter, update
your favorite cassettes into digital format to enjoy forever! Simply
insert cassette tape into converter, connect to your PC or Mac
through USB port, record it to your computer using included
software—and burn to CD or export to MP3 or iPod. Encore also
plays cassette tapes like a walkman; includes pocket clip. USB
cassette converter uses 2 AA batteries (not included). 4 3/4" L x 3
1/2" W.
PLEASE NOTE: This item has been built to U.S. electronics
specifications and may need additional modifications or converters
to be used in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.
VHS to DVD Converter  $299.99 from Sharper Image

Convert piles of bulky VHS tapes to DVD with the VHS To DVD Converter. This single, sleek unit makes it easy, with “one-touch” dubbing!
Why keep your family memories trapped inside old VHS tapes? Convert them to DVD and share them for generations to come with the VHS To DVD
Converter. This single, sleek unit combines a top-of-the-line VCR with a state-of-the-art DVD player/burner. Just insert a VHS tape and a blank disc
and press a single button. It makes customized high-quality transfers faster and cheaper than a professional service. A front panel DV input jack lets
you connect virtually any digital camera or camcorder so you can transfer other types of videos, such as 8mm and Mini DV. Includes remote.

Transfer VHS and other home videos to DVD
Eliminates clutter
One-touch dubbing makes transfers easy
Records VHS tapes onto to DVD (uses DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W blank discs)
Record DVDs to VHS tapes
5 different DVD recording speeds, from 1 hour (highest quality) to 8 hour (lesser quality)
Built-in 4-head Hi-Fi VCR with 2 recording speeds (SP/SLP)
Convenient front-panel S-Video and RCA analog audio inputs let you connect your other cameras and camcorders to the front of the unit
Progressive Scan Technology for clear image, with no motion artifacts
When viewing DVDs, an HDMI output “upconverts” standard DVDs to nearly high definition quality
Built-in Dolby Digital decoder
Component video output
Can also be used as a standard VHS player and a DVD player

Multi-format capability: plays back VHS tapes, DVD-Video, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, CD-DA, CD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, MP3, WMA
and JPEG discs (Note: This unit does not play Blu-ray discs)

Editing features let you add chapters to your video transfers

Includes full-feature remote control

Plugs into an AC outlet

PLEASE NOTE: An external tuner source is required to record television programming. This device is not compatible with Blu-ray discs.