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Buying goods and services on-line can reduce
stress and exposure to the elements.
You have a wider span of choices and easier way to comparison shop.
Best of all, items can be delivered to your door (or other designated site.)
Less hauling around bundles, less wrestling with large bulky items,
fewer frantic searches for your vehicle in a sea of parking lot and fumbling
around in the dark with car keys.
It's a great way to get what you need and what you want to give to your
loved ones.
One way to purchase things on-line in a more controlled and secure
manner is to obtain a pre-paid Greendot, Visa, Mastercard or store gift
You can purchase pre-paid Visa gift cards from your Bank or Credit
Union, or on-line. You usually have a one time fee for the first six months.
The bank card I purchased could not be re-loaded with more cash.
However, it can cost less than the greendot card, because there is no
monthly fee, and only a $2 fee after the first six months.
Your bank may also have a promotion where there is little to no cost for
the purchase of a pre-paid Visa Gift Card. Ask your bank teller.
In my experience, I had to "register" my gift card in order to use it on-line.
Registering can be done on-line, or by calling a toll-free number.
Since the card has generic"Just for YOU" printed on the plastic,
registration helps protect the user from theft and fraudulant charges.
If you are sending one of these cards, please register it before you mail.

Commerce Bank offers The mySpending Card.™
The mySpending Card™ is a reloadable prepaid Visa® card that helps
you manage your money. Load it with the amount you need, then use it for
everyday expenses, holiday spending, or to keep your spending money
separate from your primary checking account. Get more information
by using this link:

You can purchase pre-paid green dot cards with CASH at local discount
stores and drugstores, such as Walgreens& Walmart.
Be aware that green dot cards carry a monthly fee ($5.95), even if you use
up the card value before it expires. You MUST CALL and CANCEL the
card to stop membership monthly fees.
The advantage is there are no over limit fees for bank overdrafts.
Some collection agencies will not accept greendot cards for payment
arrangements. Most utility companies will accept greendot cards.
Always call and check to be certain.
To re-load a green dot card, you can add as much as $500 in one day,
with the purchase of a green dot MoneyPak which costs $5.95 every time
you buy a MoneyPak. Funds are available about 60 minutes after
purchase. You must call or go on-line to add the code on the MoneyPak to
your card account number.
AccountNow Prepaid Gold Visa Card

Vision Premier Prepaid Visa debit card 728x90
Vision Premier Prepaid Card: * 1% Cash Back on Gas * Roadside Assistance * Savings Account
* Free Direct Deposit * Free Bill Pay * Online Shopping * No Overdraft or Interest Charges

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