Triderma MD®
Pressure Sore Relief
cream is specifically formulated to help promote fast healing for minor to severely damaged skin from
pressures, skin breakdown or other hard to heal skin irritations.

This powerful concentrated cream contains our proprietary AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, Vitamins A,B,D,E,
Allantoin, Oat Protein, Zinc PCA and the most advanced healing ingredients available to help promote
fast tissue repair. Each ingredient has been chosen for its healing, protecting and regenerating abilities.

Triderma MD® Pressure Sore Relief has a proprietary aloe containing high levels of multi-complex
mucopolysaccharides which are very important for cellular healing and maintaining healthy skin.


  • Safe to use on sensitive skin areas.
  • Daily use helps prevent skin breakdown and maintain healthy skin.
  • Zinc helps speed wound healing.
  • Vitamin B5 aids tissue repair and wound healing.
  • Allantoin helps heal, soothe and stimulate new tissue growth.
  • AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe naturally contains three anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling, six
    antiseptics to fight bacteria and three analgesics to soothe pain.
  • It helps strengthen the cells and contribute to the skins regenerative and recuperative processes.
  • Non-greasy, fragrance free.
  • Contains NO Cortisone.

4oz.  $19.95
Every Day Bruise Relief 4 oz. jar. $19.95

TriDerma® Eczema Power Ointment 4 oz. jar $19.95

TriDerma® Psoriasis Power Ointment 4oz. $19.95
Perfect Pain Relief Site for Runners
Get Your Gel Ice Pack or Hot Pack Today

Wrist Ice Wraps - Buy One, Get One Free!

Shop Shoulder Ice Wraps
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Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
The ThermoActive™ Knee Support is specifically
designed for the unique contours of your knee The multiple
air chambers provide increase full-circumference support.
The design allows you to remain mobile while wearing the
support or receiving treatment
Knee Cold or Hot Wrap with Air Compression
Helps relieve:

- Acute or chronic muscle pain, arthritis, inflammation &
- Ligament injuries/strains (MCL. ACL, PCL)
- Meniscus strain or injury
- Patella tendonitis
- Bursitis
- Chondromalacia
- Arthritis
- Post Surgery treatment

- To fit the knee support correctly, there are 2
measurements that are required: The circumference below
the knee and the circumference above the knee.
- Fits circumference up to 20" below the knee as is or up to
30" with extender straps that are included
- Fits circumference up to 21" above the knee as is or up to
31" with extender straps that are included


- Mobility is preserved while wearing
- Wrap is lightweight and portable
- Latex free
- Wrap is both washable and reusable
- Gel packs freeze flexible
- Fits over post-op dressing
- Uniform compression that conforms to your body
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Therma-Kool® First Aid Kit with
InstaKool Instant Cold Pack
Therma-Kool® First Aid Kit with InstaKool Instant
Cold Pack is great for Automobiles, Athletics,
Sports Teams and Home Use. This Mini First Aid
Kit features an Ammonium Nitrate Free Cold Pack.

Therma-Kool® First Aid Kit contains:
- 1 InstaKool?Instant Cold Pack: Ammonium
Nitrate Free!
- 2 Antiseptic Towelettes
- 7 Adhesive Bandages
- 2 Antibiotic Ointments
- 3 Non-Aspirin Tablets
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Face Ice Mask
This face gel ice pack/mask is contoured for
the shape of your face

The face mask is 10 x 11 with a 9" strap and
weighs 15.4 oz.

Perfect for Migraine Headache Relief
The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap,
models CAP600 and CAP602, are hot or cold packs
designed to provide non-chemical headache relief (no
aspirin, etc), and treatment of migraine headaches,
hypothermia, and hyperpyrexia or heat stroke. The cap
fits the contour of the head to give heat transfer
uniformly over the whole area. The gel base of the cap
is covered with a four-way stretch Lycra nylon fabric to
allow the cap to fit the shape of the head to be
comfortable. The cap is designed to treat the neck
area as well, since many headaches are associated
with muscle tension and nerve pressure of this area.
The cap may be used for chemo-therapy or as a cool
down cap for athletes.

Consider other  Cold Therapy Ice Packs
for Migraine Relief
Ice Bag - Reusable
- Use with ice cubes, crushed ice or cold water

- Design allows bag to conform to body contours

- Reusable and economical

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