HANDI-CARD :: Handicap Permit Visor Display
Makes it convenient for the handicapped person to comply with displaying the permit.

This unique sun visor accessory allows the easy storage and display of the state mandated handicap permit. Drivers and
passengers that utilize the handicap parking spaces are required to have the state issued permit visible when parking in
designated spaces.

The Handi-Card storage and displayer makes it convenient for the handicapped person to comply with displaying the permit. It
makes it easy to store the permit and then display it from the same location; just pull the sun visor down. The handicapped
parking permit which has been stored is now ready to swivel into display position. When no longer in use, it swivels back into
rest position, as the sun visor is returned to original position.

Handi-Card, improves safety. When properly used, insures the driver’s view is not obstructed by the permit.
Splendide 2100XC Washer Dryer  Combo for RV - White
Extra-capacity drum washes 20% bigger loads then dries them up to 35%
Washes up to 15 lbs. of laundry;
dries up to 11 lbs.
Redesigned vented drying system dries laundry up to 35% faster than
previous models. LEDs display up-to-the-minute cycle status. Larger 11
1/2" dia. door opening makes loading and unloading easier. Heavier-duty
internal components add durability for RV or marine use. Silent, brushless
AC motor makes this the quietest RV washer/dryer combo available today.
Unique Add-An-Item feature lets you add laundry during the cycle. Fits
easily into cut-out space of previous model yet wei
ghs 13 lbs. less.
Unit dimensions are
33 1/8"H x 23 1/2"W x 23 3/8"D.
As Seen On TV - Wonder Washer™ now only $49.98 at Taylor Gifts. Shop today!

ADCO Custom-Fit RV Covers - Priced per foot
Planon DocuPen RC800 Executive Kit Pen Scanner

Planon DocuPen RC800 Executive Kit Pen Scanner

Built-in CPU Comes standard with 8MB internal memory, upgradeable to 1GB Runs on rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries DocuPen RC800 Executive Kit Pen Scanner Universal Mobile Charger (UMC) Universal Memory Reader (UMR) Retractable USB Cable Executive Leather Case PaperPort SE Pen Scanner EXEC-KIT www.planon.com Comes complete with everything you need to Scan on the Go. The world's smallest and lightest document scanner runs completely independent of a computer PC USB 1.75 oz - Only Scanner Planon System Solutions, Inc RC800 Executive Kit DocuPen RC800 Executive Kit Pen Scanner DocuPen 4 Second - Full Page Planon

Link to AreYouGame Colorforms

BedVoyage's unique patent-pending design allows you to convert any bed into a
luxurious sleep experience.
100% organic bamboo sheet set combines a deep pocket fitted bottom and top
sheet all-in-one. Beautifully embroidered zippered pillowcases (one with twin-sizes) are
included with the matching embroidered fabric travel tote.
dust mites and germs.
BedVoyage's linens provide an
allergen free sleeping environment both on the road and at home.
Instant Button™ For Jeans
Lint touch-up sheets
Shop Bag King Luggage!
Grabber® Original Space
Brand Emergency Blanket
$4.99 Made in USA
56" X 84"
CleanWave UVC Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer  $19.95

The Verilux CleanWave UV-C Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer quickly
and effectively sterilizes your toothbrush. The UV-C light helps
eliminate 99% of invisible viruses, germs, bacteria, mold and fungi
from your toothbrush. The built-in timer provides automatic 6-minute
sanitizing cycle begins the moment you place your toothbrush in the
sanitizer after brushing. When it’s time to brush your teeth again, your
toothbrush will have been sanitized. The sturdy case is perfect for
traveling and keeps your toothbrush sanitized and germ-free.
Built-in timer provides automatic 6 minute sanitizing cycle.
Uses 2-AAA batteries (not included).
Lid activated on/off switch.
Braza Mini Flash Tape $6.99
Trust us. You need to carry this in your purse or car. This is your quick fix for
any fashion emergency, from a falling hem to a sliding-down strapless top to
slipping bra straps.
This specialized body/clothing fashion tape is the trick red-carpet celebrities use
to keep ultra-daring styles in place. The double-sided tape makes a quick fix for
everyday clothing challenges, too.

•Easy to use, discreet tape helps you secure plunging necklines, open-sided
dresses, wrap style tops, strapless tops, prom dresses, shoulder pads, halters &
•Fixes gaping buttons and ripped-out seams and hems, too.
•Medical-grade tape will not leave residue on skin or clothing.
•Secures fabric to your body, or fabric to fabric. Whatever you need.
•A portion of sales from this tape go to support breast cancer awareness and
recovery organizations.

Easy carry-along mini dispenser is completely enclosed, and holds 10 feet of
double-sided tape. You can use just the amount you need to pull yourself, and
your clothes together--anytime, anywhere. Made in USA.
Braza Flash Tape
30 ft of double sided tape
Book & Travel Deluxe™
Natural Spectrum® Verilux
Computer & Reading Light
(Includes Natural Spectrum Cold
Cathode Light Bulb) $23.95
The design of the Kennedy Cup allows the
cup to be easily filled with up to 7 ounces of
warm or cooled liquid. Once the lid is
screwed on the liquid will not spill out even if
the Kennedy Cup is turned upside down.
This means an end to messy spills and a
new independence to those who have
difficulty using conventional cups!
Holds 7 oz. of hot or cold liquid.
Comes in Blue color only.
Can be used with any style straw!
Will not leak, even if turned upside down.
NO more messy spills.
BPA Free
To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Set with Recycled PET Carrycase
Cut down on plastic waste with these portable, eco-friendly utensils made with
100% bamboo - a highly durable & sustainable material. This compact set
includes flatware and chopsticks that are heat- and stain-resistant, safe to use
on non-stick surfaces and won't impart or absorb flavors. Utensils are hand
finished with natural, food-safe wood oil. The carrying case is made from
recycled plastic bottles (PET)and features a carabiner on the back. $12.97
Light My Fire Spork, Set of 4  $6.97
These sporks are a far cry from the disposables you've come to know.
Where the original version features a combined fork and spoon, neither of
which worked all that well, this smart spork has a full-sized spoon on one
side and a fully functional fork -
with a serrated cutting edge - on the other.
•Made in Sweden
humangear GoToob "Mini" Reusable Container, 3 fl. oz. set of 3  $25.95
We've looked long and hard to find a multi-purpose mini reusable container. Perfect for use
anywhere you need to transport a small amount of liquid, GoToobs are a smart way to
eliminate single-serve toiletries when you're traveling or packets of condiments when dining
out. Silicone construction and no-drip top make it easy (and mess-free) to dispense
whatever you're carrying. This set of 3 makes a perfect travel or picnic kit.
Eco-friendly Lunch boxes, bags and Water Bottles from
the Ultimate Green Store
Recycled PET Dually
Lunch Tote &
Backpacks ($18.95)
Airline Silk Blanket , Pillow , Eye shades Comfort Travel Set
by Yala Designs  $78.00

Great comfort for long hours sitting bedside watch at hospital or home.

Do you travel a lot on an airplanes but hate the idea of using one of those
standard-issue, scratchy airline blankets? Bring your own luxurious travel
blanket thanks to the
Airline Silk Blanket, Pillow, Eye Shades Comfort Travel
Set by Yala Designs. This plush silk set is available in three relaxing colors:
Midnight Blue, Surf, and Lilac. When you travel by car, are you always
cramped with a lack of room when you bring your bed size blanket from
home? This Silk Noil Blanket is the ideal size and thickness to keep you
warm all the way to your toes that can tuck into the 10" pocket. And the
blanket, along with a silk pillowcase, and silk eyeshades, come in a handy
12" roll bag to save space. You will appreciate that the entire set weighs less
than a pound when you are walking through the busy train station with your
luggage in tow.
Size = Blanket: 43" x 72" , Silk Pillowcase is 15" x 20"
Color = Midnight Blue, Surf, Lilac
Hand or machine wash gently in cool water, mild soap. Hang to dry.

Size = Blanket: 43" x 72" , Silk Pillowcase is 15" x 20"

Color = Midnight Blue, Surf, Lilac

Washability = Hand or machine wash gently in
cool water, mild soap. Hang to dry.
DreamSack®. 100% Silk
Snack and Stack Building Block Utensil Set
Portable utensil set with locking silicone handles.
Although it may appear that the Snack and Stack Utensil Set is designed
for young eaters, the silicone handles are sized for both children and adults
alike. This set of stackable utensils is perfect for the family-on-the-go.
You can toss them into a lunch box, take them on a picnic, or keep them in
a desk drawer or glove box.
•6" tall x 0.5" wide x 0.375" deep
•Stackable and portable utensil set
•Set includes one fork, knife, and spoon
•Dishwasher safe
Suspicious of hotel bedding? Pack your own silk DreamSack®.
Those hotel sheets may look clean, but you're wise to be wary.
Best bet: Pack a soft, luxurious DreamSack in your bag
(it stuffs into its own 8 x 4 x 1" pouch).
100% silk keeps you cool and dry in the summer, and warm when the
temperature drops. DreamSack has a built-in pocket for a pillow, and a side
opening that closes with tab fasteners.
DreamSack®. Extra Wide
Machine washable; quick drying.
(84" x 39")
Care Instructions:
Hand or machine wash - gentle cycle
Use mild soap
Hang to dry

•Clean sheets whenever you travel - never worry about cleanliness of hotel
bedding again
•Folds into a drawstring bag and tucks into a corner of your suitcase
Materials: 100% Silk
Travel compact lightweight silk sleep sack
Travel compact lightweight
silk sleep sack
Reinforce your
Door with
Security Bar -
Dual Function -
Master Lock
$ 18.51
The Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar provides your home
with an added dose of safety by reinforcing doors from outside
intruders. Built with Master Lock's world renowned durability, the Security Bar is
constructed of 20-gauge steel to withstand more than 350 pounds of force, helping
ensure that your doors remain securely shut.

With a versatile and adjustable design, the bar fits most hinged and sliding doors.
Removable pin releases the yoke end to allow firm seating between the door and
jam in sliding door applications
Adjusts to fit most standard doors
Rugged 20 gauge steel construction
Pivoting ball joint & padded foot assures full floor contact without scratching  
29"H x 3.75"W x 2.5" D  (Adjustable)
Do not use on loose rugs or floor mats
Hanes Wash & Dry Bag
Our Price:  $7.99
Toss your pantyhose, tights and
other delicates right in the wash
cycle. Giving you more time to
focus on other things.

Open-weave mesh protects
delicate garments.
Patented locking device helps
prevent snags and runs.
Bag also works well as a travel or
drawer organizer for delicates.
Best when used with a gentle cycle.
Bag is 18 x 21” with zipper closure.
The Flexo-line holds up to 12 lb of wet clothes, thanks to its
surgical-quality, natural latex rubber tubing which is woven in
THREE braids (not the usual two). Just loop its ends around a
doorknob, hook, shower head, or rod (it stretches to seven feet),
then poke a corner of your wet garment in the tight braid to dry.
No clothespins needed. 1 oz. MADE IN USA
travel portable toilet  disposable travel toilet
Restop 1 for urine MADE IN USA  Restop 2 for both
Restop 1 and 2 are the world's most portable toilets. Great
insurance for those "can't wait" emergencies, their biodegradable
blend of polymers breaks down waste in its sturdy zip top bag and
turns it into a gel. Restop 1 (for urine) is splash- proof and
spill-resistant. Safe to dispose of in any trash container. Includes
instructions, tissues and antiseptic wipes. Four per order.
Restop 1 and 2 are the world's most portable toilets.
Product Features:
"Bag-Within-a-Bag" design to safely contain & neutralize human
Includes ample toilet paper & a moist antiseptic towelette
Handles both liquids & solids
Patented valve design prevents leakage and fully contains waste,
even if the bag is dropped
Can be disposed of in any trash receptacle (no special dumping
Made in the USA
Instructions included
Designed for single use
Compression Socks
Light My Fire Kids Spork, Set of 3  $6.95
A re-design of the innovative Light My Fire spork, this kids spork
features a thicker silhouette and rounded edges for ease of use
and safety. These smart sporks are a far cry from the disposables
you've come to know. Great for waste-free lunches!
Perfect for infants, small children or anyone with smaller hands.
•Made in Sweden
Therma-Kool® First Aid Kit with
InstaKool Instant Cold Pack
Therma-Kool® First Aid Kit with InstaKool Instant
Cold Pack is great for Automobiles, Athletics,
Sports Teams and Home Use. This Mini First Aid
Kit features an Ammonium Nitrate Free Cold Pack.

Therma-Kool® First Aid Kit contains:
- 1 InstaKool?Instant Cold Pack: Ammonium
Nitrate Free!
- 2 Antiseptic Towelettes
- 7 Adhesive Bandages
- 2 Antibiotic Ointments
- 3 Non-Aspirin Tablets
Kelley AntiMonkey Butt Safari Towels  $3.95
Each towel measures 14" x 24" and each pouch
comes with 3 towels inside.
The Storm Logic Collection
ExOfficio Storm Logic™ Jacket

The Storm Logic Collection
The Storm Logic Collection
From jacket to pillow before take-off. The award-winning Storm Logic® outerwear not only keeps you cozy in bad weather, it transforms into
an adjustable travel pillow using a built-in stuff pocket. The pillow is adjustable and can be used around the neck or as lumbar support.
Whether you're out in the elements or up in an airplane, the Storm Logic has your comfort in mind.
Pocket System
The Travel Pocket System makes going through airport security a breeze by keeping all your essentials safe, organized, and easily found
with icons on each pocket. Jackets and Coats have eight pockets, Vest has five.
Traveling with Trunki will make family vacations and neighborhood sleepovers more of an adventure!
The perfect size, this suitcase is packed with features and has room for lots of travel-friendly activities.
Trunki will become your child's favorite ride-on travel companion
Let Trunki help reduce the stress and anxiety of travel for the whole family. Children will find comfort in
decorating, packing, and then being responsible for pulling along their cherished items when going away.
This kids' suitcase also doubles as a ride-on toy--priceless when making your way through busy airports!
Travel tip: Allow children to pack one or two meaningful items, such as a special stuffed toy or bedtime
book, to bring a "little bit of home" with them and ease the transition of being away
Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

•Select several differently sized items (small to very large) and ask the child which will fit inside Trunki.
Then ask the child to test his/her answer by trying to place those items inside.
•Have your child use Trunki around the house to "pack" up toys that are out of place. Then, have him/her
transport the items to their correct location to be put away.
•Set up a Trunki obstacle course! In an open space place obstacles (cones or boxes) that the child has to
scoot around on his/her Trunki in order to get to the finish line!
•Send the child on a Trunki scavenger hunt. Have the child ride or pull his/her Trunki to several
destinations (indoors or outdoors) to find the items on the list, place them in the Trunki, and then continue
toward the final destination.
(A hug from Mom or Dad or a new sticker for Trunki!
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Juvo Travel Seat Cane
supports up-to 250-pounds
Luggage Combo   Luggage strap/tag   $26.95
Personalized Luggage straps
protect your Luggage and
make it easy to spot, so you can grab and go.
Straps are Reflective with your information
engraved right in.
Available in bright Orange, Blue, or Pink.
Comes with 1 Luggage Tag engraved with
up to 4 lines of your personal data.
Choose from 7 different Colors in
Anodized Aluminum, or Steel.
An incredible sale for the Holiday Traveler -
Don't miss out!
Free shipping. Our Low Price:
Hem-Eze™ No Sew Hem Tape
Gyro Bowl  $12.95
Gyro Bowl the kid-proof, spill-proof bowl! The secret is the inner bowl that rotates 360
degrees and stays open side up no matter what so food may spin and spin but won't
spill. Keeps snacks inside no spills, no mess. Virtually indestructible. Great for kids on
the go!

BPH free. Dishwasher safe. Lid included. Ages 2 and up. Includes: Gyro Bowl and Lid
Kennedy Cup

Sip By Sip Traveler's Tea Press
12 oz.  from Shop PBS $14.95

Our exclusive BPA-free double wall acrylic
travel press features our iconic mantra - Sip
by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp. Simply
add two round tea bags or two teaspoons of
full-leaf loose tea to the press, hot water and
sip on the go. Silicone sleeve provides
comfort and slip free grip.

Country Of Origin : United States

Product Dimensions Width: 3½", Length:
2¾", Height: 6¾", Weight: 240 grams
-Materials: BPA-Free Plastic
Care instructions: Hand Wash
The HandleBand is a
universal smartphone bar
mount that provides a secure
attachment and instant access
to almost any device on almost
any sized handle bar.
Cherry Almond and Blueberry Oat
Non-GMO • Gluten-Free • Vegan

These unique new additions to Dr. Fuhrman’s line of Date-Nut Bars are not only delicious, they’re super nutritious.
They are enhanced with a special G-BOMBS® blend of vegetables, fruit, beans and mushrooms
to help you power through the day.
Dr. Fuhrman’s Blueberry Oat and Cherry Almond G-BOMBS Bars start with a base of oats, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds,
organic dates and Dr. Fuhrman’s special G-BOMBS blend. Blueberry Oat features sweet and tangy, immunity-supporting
blueberries while Cherry Almond showcases the wonderful flavor of cherries.
They contain no corn, cane or rice syrups, isolated soy protein, refined oils, artificial additives or salt.

Dr. Fuhrman's
Date-Nut Bars
Original, Chocolate Brownie, and Apple-Cinnamon    
Non-GMO • Gluten-Free • Vegan • Kosher

Dr. Fuhrman's delicious Date-Nut Pop'ems are now available as individually, foil-wrapped bars—
perfectly packaged to pack and travel with you wherever you go!

Combine them with a smoothie for a quick breakfast, pair them with a salad for an easy lunch or enjoy them as a nutrient-rich
dessert. These delicious bars are packed with nuts and seeds, nature’s best source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Date-Nut Bars are available in three different recipes: Original, Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Brownie.
They are made by combining organic dates with raw cashews, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and chia seeds.
Original delivers sweet and simple nutty goodness while Apple-Cinnamon Date-Nut Bars contain apples and just the right
amount of cinnamon. The chocolaty, sinfully delicious Chocolate Brownie Bars are made with all natural,
antioxidant-packed cocoa powder and pure vanilla.
They contain no corn, cane or rice syrups, isolated soy protein, refined oils, artificial additives or salt.

The results are naturally satisfying treats that you can feel good about your entire family eating.
Dr. Fuhrman says, “Nuts and seeds are some of nature’s most ideal foods.
They contain beneficial fats and a wide spectrum of micronutrients including phytosterols and antioxidants.

Note: Upon receipt of product, keep refrigerated to maintain freshness
Nature's Call Toilet
Deodorizer Spray
Just a couple of sprays in your
toilet prior to doing your
"business" will obliterate all
smelly odors. This truly
revolutionary, plant-extract
derived solution created by
Rozge Labs doesn't just cover
up your funky fumes -- it
eradicates them with extreme
prejudice. Formula works by
blocking fumes from escaping
the toilet by creating a super
strong seal directly on the water
surface that blocks smells from
rising up and into the air.
Bye, bye courtesy flush.