I am  a family caregiver who maintains a single-family home.
I like alternative products. I searched for a driveway sealer available in a different color
than black. I have a large driveway with many hours of daylight. I wanted a softer hue
for better curb appeal.
With rising oil prices and environmental issues, I would prefer to use a product that
was not a petroleum based product.
I found this product which is available directly from the  manufacturer.
I will try it after labor day.
It is more expensive than readily available coal tar/asphalt products.
It is available in red, green, brown, gray, but black offers the best UV protection.
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Contact Thomas Stevens, Enviroseal President, via e-mail:
or call 772-335-825
Enviroseal Factory Pricing May 2010

WE do not warrant its performance. We are just sharing researched information.
We reprinted some information about the product from the manufacturer's website.
Please visit Enviroseal website for more information.
They are located in Port St. Lucie, Florida

ENVIROSEAL LAS-320™ asphalt sealer is not a petroleum based product. This high quality black asphalt
sealer is EPA approved with very low VOC's. LAS-320™ was developed for today's ecological/green building
needs. This asphalt sealer was put through exhaustive weathering tests including successful freeze-thaw tests
by McGuire AFB in New Jersey. We have proven through these test applications that we can offer an
incredibly strong and environmentally friendly asphalt sealer. The acrylic in this sealer forms a chemical bond
to new or existing asphalt. Powerful UV blockers are added to increase the longevity of your existing asphalt.
UV and water are the two primary reasons for asphalt failure.

LAS-320™ is the ultimate in asphalt protection. The primary features of LAS-320™ are as follows:

VOC Rating less than 70 gpl
Environmentally safe, the safest on the market
Repels 100% of all liquids - eliminates destruction of asphalt caused by oil or gas.
Eliminates damage from ultra violet rays and water.
Non-toxic non-hazardous non-flammable.
Dries in minutes - not hours, can be striped within 45 minutes
Ease of application, can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray unit.
Coverage rate up to 80 to 100sq ft. per gallon, depending on the condition of surface.
Approved by EPA, DOT, FAA, DoD, USGBC and LEED agencies.
Exceeds all ASTM tests for asphalt emulsion products.
Last 3x longer than any other product.
100% 3-year product replacement WARRANTY.

Watch Manufacturer LAS-320 Marriott Cayman Island installation video!
Asphalt Sealer Enviroseal LAS-320™
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map
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Green Mountain Coffee 10 oz eco-friendly paper hot cups.
$84.95 per Case of 1000  

Green Mountain Coffee 12 oz eco-friendly paper hot cups.   
$94.95 per case of 1000
While most paper cups are lined with petroleum products to make them
our eco-friendly cups use a resin made from plants -
a 100% natural and annually renewable resource.
They're a great way to differentiate yourself and appeal to the growing
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Wood Burning Stoves and Furnaces

Alternative Fuel Equipment

NWR Alternative Fuels Biodiesel Processor — 80-Gallon, Model# Independence

Independence 80 gallon
Compact NWR Alternative Fuels Independence 80-gallon unit easily converts vegetable oil
into biodiesel fuel that can be run in any diesel engine with little or no modifications.
Features all steel piping, digital controlled timing system and quality components. U.S.A.
Capacity (gal.) 80
Oil Type New or waste vegetable oil
Oil Reservoir (gal.) 110
Methanol (gal.) 30
Catalyst/Chemicals KOH or NaOH
Power Requirements Two 15 Amp/ 110 Volt or One 220 Volt
Pump 1 HP, 720 GPM
Additional Specs
Digitally controlled timing system
Inline heating system prevents overheating
Has water wash with timer
Dry wash capable
Uses two 15 Amp 110V power supplies
Hand pump safely mixes methanol and catalyst with no sparks
TECF 720 GPH processor pump mixes methaloxide and oil
Typically requires less than 2 hours of hands-on time per batch
Black iron piping
Braided urebrade tubing
Brass valves
MDPE plastic tanks
Includes complete titration kit to test oil before conversion to biodiesel, quick start guide and
users manual
Titration kit includes scale, beakers, pipet and pump, funnels, stirs, syringes, 200g of KOH
and 355ml of methanol and alcohol (for test patches), gloves, apron, goggles, respirator, PH
indicator and instructions