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Cricut Expression® Machine       Cricut Expression® 2
Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter
Cuttlebug® Machine - New Design
Gypsy™ accessories hand held design studio
Birthday digital art and Cricut® Cake Art Cartridges
YourStory® Book Binder and Laminator
Yudu® Screen-Printing System
create and print your own stylish silkscreen designs on T-shirts or other apparel
memories  preserved.
To Our Children's Children: Preserving
Family Histories for Generations to Come
by Bob Greene , D. G. Fulford
Author offers series of questions to ask a person to
get the conversation started about their history.
A great guide to get to know
ANYONE's story...and record it
for the days to come.
Companion workbook
Whether you are diligently recording current events or
you unearthed a treasure trough full of vintage family
snapshots...gathering, displaying and sharing the the
story behind these captured moments is our history.
Our history, well told, fosters understanding of our
beginnings, what we contribute, and may shed some light
on why we act the way we act.
Or maybe it is just plain FUN!
Anyway, here are some tools for helping you create the
archives for future generations.
Discover, edit, and paste!
Shutterfly Photo Books
For more tips and products for taking photos, please visit our
Blue Moon Scrapbooking
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
Please support "Family Caregivers are In Good Company"
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Make Your Own Opoly Board Game

With Make Your Own Opoly, players can construct a custom made
Monopoly type board by using some scissors, a PC and virtually any
printer! This game contains everything you need to hand customize the
game board, cards, and play money for your very own property trading
game. After you're done, even the box itself will look like it was
manufactured just for you, your family, your town, your school or virtually
any special purpose. With a digital camera or scanner, you can even
put your own picture on the play money.
MAKE-YOUR-OWN-OPOLY contains award winning, easy to follow
drawing and cutting instructions and also software that will easily allow
even a first-timer to produce a quality one-of-a-kind board game.
For ages 13 and up. $24.99
Photo-opoly Game

Photo-opoly Game

Calling all PHOTOS! Come out and play! No one takes a picture of something they want to forget! Make a game that is unforgettable! Where are your photos anyway? Photo albums? Stored on the memory card of your digital camera? Stuffed in shoeboxes under the bed? Choose 22 favorite photos and create a game for: a birthday, a family reunion, a wedding, a party, a baby shower, an anniversary, ANY EVENT. You don't even really need an occasion! Maybe you've just always wanted to make your own game! Materials and instructions included for creating your game in many different ways. For 2 to 6 players. Ages 8 & Up.

Preserve your memories with your own custom built Monopoly game. Great  memory enhancer!
Prepare for  a big wedding, family reunion, alumni meeting or organization event.
Help a friend or family member with memory issues
remember significant events, places and faces using your own digital images.
Create a great learning aid for classroom.  
Great group project for History, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Music, Art  or Science
Get one FREE transfer. Promo code: SAS1FREE

Leather Hand embossed photo album
Photographs and Memories - Photographs & Memories - His Greatest Hits Jim Croce

Time In a Bottle - You Don't Mess Around With Jim Jim Croce
Shutterfly Photo Books 234x60
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