Karen Riley,
Director of Volunteer Services,Sunset Hills/Farmington Office
Trinity Hospice
Linda Wolf, Executive Director
Disability Support Systems,
and staff from other programs supporting people with developmental disabilities
Damian Tumminia with
BARTON Medical
and transfer systems that safely
and easily allow a single
caregiver to transfer non- or
limited-ambulatory patients

Webster Groves, MO.
Family Caregiver Workshop
is registered as an official

American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter
3880 Jeffco Boulevard
Arnold, MO. 63010
Tel: (636) 464-9150
Fax: (636) 464-7901

Caregiving information  and  Lifeline program.
clever cues &
from caregivers.
Here to
Grab bars,
gait belts
Healthy, ready to heat
meals...delivered to
your door.
no contract required
Meet Andrew & Anne
save time  see SAMPLES  
get answers
Each round table station session will begin with
a 7 to 11 minute presentation by the  "expert."
Then discussion will be opened to the group
seated around the table,
for questions,
answers and
sharing  practical experiences.
Ideal group size per table:
5 to 8  
Some stations may have
written information only,
or may be eliminated,
depending on
number of
A few
will have
tactile ,
A person may be able
to participate in as many as
four sessions
on the day of
the Family Caregivers
Feel like you
are always late?
No way you can "work-in" time for a
Have no fear!
Some of our stations will be
open to "walk-in" traffic,
so don't let the clock stop you from
coming by.
You may visit on
the spur of the moment...
The website will still be here after  
This is a time to take a break from
Sorry,Not suitable for
Small Children with
short attention spans.
*10:15 a.m. *11:15 a.m.    *12:15p.m.  *1:15 p.m.
*Sessions lead by guest speakers will begin at the
quarter after the hour.
You may attend anywhere from one to four sessions,
or just visit the demonstration stations.
The workshop is flexible enough for a person to come
during a lunch break, if necessary.
There will not be a
scheduled lunch for our

You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch, or pick
up something from
one of our many fast food restaurants.
Round table discussion topics and equipment demonstrations
Second Semi-Annual Family Caregiver Workshop - May 15, 2007
Mother Earth Pillows
natural solutions for chronic pain
Nationally Certified Massage Therapists
Natural Health Products
Karen Kowal,RN,NCMT, President
Will discuss self-care issues and
will demonstrate the comforting effects of the
warming pillow.

Nationally Ceritified Massage
will give participants
5 minute shoulder
massage demonstration.
Are there any insurance programs that help caregivers who are not spouses with income, during
their time spent full-time caregiving?
A long-term care insurance policy with a “cash” benefit allows the insured/person on claim to use
the “cash” however they see fit. They can use the cash to help pay for an “informal” caregiver
(usually a family member or friend). A reimbursement long-term care insurance policy will
provide for payment to “professional” caregivers.

Do you have a selection of Medicare supplemental and programs for medical insurance for
caregivers too young for Medicare?
Caregivers, and I’m assuming they are in good health, will not be eligible for Medicare prior to
age 65. There are individual health insurance policies available on the market. Yes, I can provide.

Do you offer a product that helps keep people in their own homes, with live-in care options and
respite for family caregivers, so people who are now doing the caregiving, can make long-term  
plans for when they need full-time care?
You have just described a tax-qualified long-term care insurance policy.
Yes, I represent several companies and plans.
Janet L Heitzig, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
a Senior Financial Representative with the Principal Financial
Group will lead a round table discussion, answering questions
like these...
Janet L Heitzig,CLU, ChFC, CLTC
Principal Financial Group
14755 N Outer 40-Ste 110
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Phone 636-449-0734
Fax 1-866-488-0903
Do you own a home in the City of Arnold,MO?
Is IT more than 40 years old?
Household income
less than $52,000?
Do you need a new roof, porch, or need to
repair or update your bathroom, or
make accessibility modifications?
you may be eligible for a special rate loan

between $2,500 - $15,000
monthly payment $50 to $150
City of Arnold Neighborhood Rebuilding Program
special rate loans available for other St. Louis Metro areas
for more information e-mail
mary.leopold-amberg@umb.com   or      
call  314-621-1000
Mary Leopold-Amberg of UMB bank
will talk about special rate home improvement loans.
Lisa Ackerman
will bring and
equipment to help
daily living and
save the date for our autumn
Family Caregiver Workshop
Friday, November 9, 2007
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Get $avvy helps “kids of all ages”
to create a budget and use it every day.
It also focuses on credit card debt and
offers some excellent tips that really work! …
well a friend told me it did…really…
But seriously, more people than will admit
find themselves in debt before they realize it.
JCBJ’s goal is to send some helpful advice that would
encourage success with money management,
regardless of age,
whether for home or
for your business.
Janet McMillian
Jefferson County Business Journal.
Janet McMillian,
Publisher of  Jefferson County Business Journal,
Will share key points from "Get Savvy"
A Debt Management Program
currently featured as a series of articles in JCBJ.
Tried and true techniques
shared by
family caregivers...
Here we need
YOU to share with
US what WORKS,
and what does
Are We
The importance of
humor &
leisure for ourselves,
our loved ones.

Family Caregiver Workshop
An Inter-Active Sampling of Caregiving Resources
Equipment Demonstrations,
Professional Pointers, and
Practical Tips from Experienced Caregivers
overview of our past workshop,
which happened on
Tuesday, May 15, 2007  10 a.m. to 2:00 .p.m.
Fox C-6 Service Center - Wilde Conference Center
849 Jeffco Blvd.
Arnold, MO 63010

No admission fee. No formal registration.

so we can plan on a number of participants,
please e-mail us to let us know if you plan to come. Thank YOU!
Wilde Conference Center
Try weighted
and compare with
everyday place settings.
Feel how the right utensils can make a
realdifference with meal prep and  
eating with a tremor easier.
SSM Rehab
Shelley Waller,OTR
Occupational Therapist
10:15 &  11:15
The challenges of  managing meds, money, time, phone calls,
doctor visits, energy spent interpreting insurance,
the multiple tasks required  just making it through the day,
can weigh heavily on the health of the Family Caregiver.
Our Workshop offers strategies and tools to help you face the day,
and take better care of your own health.
Stephanie Rohlfs-Young, MSW, Outreach Director
for the Alzheimer's Association, St. Louis Chapter

will discuss the impact of caring for a person with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Topics
of discussion will include: dementia / Alzheimer symptoms, care and treatment as
well as resources that can help.
10:15, 11:15 & 12:15 sessions only.

·         Free Safe Return registration will be available for all attendees with a
previous diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Safe Return is an nationwide
program where the person with memory loss wears an identification bracelet or
necklace to help reunite them with family in the event of an incident. Registration for
the program is free, and people interested should bring a current photograph of
their loved one.
Stephanie Rohlfs-Young, MSW
Outreach Director,
Alzheimer's Association
St. Louis Chapter
9374 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132-3214
(314) 432-3422

24-hour Helpline
(800) 980-9080
will answer questions on
available local Jefferson County
resources and
how to access them. --
Linda S. Wolf,
Executive Director
Disability Support
P.O. Box 73
Mapaville, MO
636.931.6644 636.931.2144 fax
50 years

A Better Way
Home Care
15332 Manchester Road ~ Suite 201 ~
Ellisville ~ Missouri ~ 63011
Phone ~ 636.391.5353 Fax ~ 636.391.8051

I am so excited to spread the news about our
flourishing new company. We have been in business
since 2005 and we are sharing the news about the
great benefits of Home Care and how we help seniors
stay INDEPENDENT in their homes for as long as they
can. We have so many great services available,
ranging from skilled nursing to psychiatric nursing and
from physical therapy to speech therapy to home
health aides. We are Medicare and Medicaid certified
and we want to educate everyone on available
services. A Better Way Home Care is committed to
seniors and their families with a selfless passion for
excellence and compassion in patient care and
education. We feel home is the best healing
Cheryl Walker
Janeen Allies,

demonstrator, will creatively
caregivers who will be
constructing their own
visual prompts for
people struggling with
memory loss.
Trinity Hospice is a community-based organization that affirms the belief that it is important to
make every life as meaningful as possible, from the first days of life-limiting illness to the last.
We focus on quality of life for our patients and their families which reflect a living expression of
love, warmth and compassion.
Hospice Care is provided primarily in the home, nursing home, or in an assisted living facility. The
Hospice Team assists family members in caring for their loved one in the comfortable and familiar
surroundings of their own home whenever possible. Occasionally, short inpatient stays may
become necessary for symptom management or during a medical crisis. Trinity Hospice is
contracted with local skilled nursing facilities to provide that special care when needed.
Trinity Hospice not only focuses on the special needs of the patient, but also provides support to
the families. Our Hospice team consists of Medical Director, Hospice Nurse, Home Health Aide,
Social Worker, Chaplain, Bereavement Coordinator, Volunteers, Music Therapist and a Massage
Therapist, all medical professionals. Trinity Hospice strives to meet the physical, emotional,
social, and spiritual needs of both the family and the patient.
Trinity Hospice recognizes that everyone is a unique individual. With the expert guidance and
counseling of our Hospice Team, patients and families can make their own decisions about what
is important to them. Trinity Hospice respects the decisions of the family and helps to create an
atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.
10805 Sunset Office Drive
Suite 400 Sunset Hills, MO
Phone: (314) 821-8826  
Fax: (314) 821-2694
534 West Pine
Farmington, MO
Phone: (573) 747-0101  
Fax: (573) 747-0419
Find a
Trinity Hospice
near you
Tina Kuehl ,
A Better Way
Home Care
15332 Manchester Road
Suite 201
Ellisville, Mo. 63011
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