A little proper light added to "the subject" can make all the difference
in  completing a task,
traveling in the dark,
and easing discomfort.
Use your imagination to adapt what is currently on the market to a
current challenging  situation.
Solar Floodlight with Heat & Motion Sensor icon
Solar Powered Floodlight icon
There's no electricity needed to power
the Solar-Powered Floodlight. With no
wires to run, you can install this solar
light in minutes. A 14-foot cable
between the solar panel and the light
lets you place the security light where
you need it while allowing the solar
panel to be installed facing the sun.
This solar light will even work in cloudy
weather, up to two weeks without any
Solar Lighted Post Caps
Comes with two long-life AA rechargeable
Fits over any standard vinyl or wood post.
Manufactured from UV-stable PVC
guaranteed not to fade, yellow or rust.
5" x 5" post cap adapter sold separately to
accommodate 5" post; works with either 4"
post caps.
Beautiful high end Table Lamps and Floor Lamps, only at OneWayFurniture - Click Here!
In-Step LaserCane

Provides a safe, obstacle-free visual cue, to
enable Parkinson’s patients.$224.95  

Walking can be smooth again with the
LaserCane! Simply take normal steps as your
LaserCane™ projects a bright red line across
your path. The laser beam provides a safe,
obstacle-free visual cue, which can enable
Parkinson’s patients and others to break
“freezing” episodes and increase stride length.

The laser beam line appears when you place
the cane down and disappears when you lift the

The Laser Walking Cane is useful for patients
with: Parkinson's disease, ALS, abnormal gait
patterns and Stroke rehabilitation.
Natural Lighting at Better Health Innovations

FREE Shipping on select DLP Light Therapy Systems at BetterHealthInnovations.com!
Verilux TwiLight
Mini Blue Light
Therapy Sleep
The Verilux Clearwave
Light Therapy Skincare
System is a a safe and
natural way to improve
your complexion using
light therapy.
Solar Illuminator $39.95 iconicon
oval plaque
$89.00- $109.00
Tamper Resistant Outlet/Nightlight-IvoryThis combination hallway light and tamper-resistant outlet is specially designed for increased protection of children in their homes
24 Pack Duracell AA Batteries $9.95

Free Shipping 2
Aids wound healing and pain
relief for sore,
aching joints.


LED Technologies DPL, Deep
Penetrating LED Light
Therapy System, provides a
proprietary light wave design
that penetrates deep into the
skin to erase the appearance
of aging, fine lines, wrinkles,
enlarged pores, and crow's
The DPL System may aid
wound healing and pain relief
for sore, aching joints. Deep
Penetrating Light may
Efficiently treat minor muscle
and joint aches, minor sprains,
minor back pain, muscle
spasms and minor pain and
stiffness associated with
Radiant Led Light Dozen

Radiant Led Light Dozen

The Radiant LED Balloon Lights are a must have for any party or event. These 1 inch white LED balloon lights are easy - just activate, insert and inflate. The Radiant LED Balloon Lights will stay lit approximately 4 hours (activation time may vary) and includes batteries. The LED balloon lights can be purchased individually or in packages of 12. $9.99

Radiant Led Light White 99 cents Each
Set/2 Fleur Di Li Table Lamps
With Cream Shades 39"
For more lamps, see our "INTERIORS" page.
ReadyLight™ Natural
Spectrum® Rechargeable
LED Verilux Lantern
Verilux® EasyFlex
Full Spectrum
Floor Lamp
Heritage™ Deluxe Floor Lamp Specifications:
Multi-directional lamp shaft swivels 360°, while the lamp
head turns up and down 180º.
Lamp height ranges 39” – 53”.
Base diameter 10.5”, and head dimensions 10.5”L x 5.4”
W x 2.6”H.
Optix® Glare Control Filter: virtually eliminates the
reflective and peripheral glare that causes eyestrain and
With timeless design, all-metal construction, hand-
polished antiqued brushed nickel or brass finishes, and
microprocessor controlled power adapter, Heritage™
lamps are built to last generations – Guaranteed! Backed
by 50 years of research, Heritage™ scientifically tunes
exclusive Full spectrum® indoor sunlight for readers’ eyes
– it’s all the benefits of full spectrum daylight, without any of
the harmful UV and glare. Plus, exclusive Verilux®
technologies optimize black-white contrast and reduce
harmful flicker and glare to eliminate eyestrain and
enhance vision.
Verilux® EasyFlex Full Spectrum Floor Lamp:
Gooseneck design stays put in any position.
EasyLatch height adjustment provides infinite lamp
heights from 38.5" - 54".
Base measures 10.5”L x 9”W, head measures 10.375"
x 8.75".
Weight - 13lbs.
Every lamp includes an energy-saving Verilux® 27 W Global
Cooling™ bulb with two-way brightness levels equivalent to an
incandescent 100 W or 150 W bulb. Each bulb lasts 10X
longer, too (10,000 hours). Unlike cheap imitations, your
Verilux® EasyFlex Full Spectrum Floor Lamp comes with a 3-
year limited warranty and our famous 30-day Risk-Free
Guarantee. Oh, and there’s one more thing you’ll receive with
your lamp that others don’t include – a matching utility tray. The
tray attaches to your lamp without tools and has a non-skid pad
for small items and slots for reading glasses, pens or other
Olde Brooklyn Lantern
Free Shipping on Orders over $49 Don't Get Left in the Dark - Upgrade to LED Save Time & Money with Cree's BR30 LED Floodlight Today
LED Super Finger Flashlights Set $14.98 - $34.98
Double the fun! Now our customer favorite has optional fiber optic attachments!
With just a wave of their hands, kids can light up a room with this Set of Super Finger Flashlights!

• LED lights feature 3 lights and fiber optic attachments
• Additional fiber-optic adaptors can be added for greater effect
• Lights can be seen up to a mile away
• Set of 8 and 24 includes four colors (green, blue, red, and white)
• Replaceable batteries (included)

For ages 4 and up.


Buy 2 or more Sets of 8 at $12.98 each
Book & Travel Deluxe™
Natural Spectrum® Verilux
Computer & Reading Light
(Includes Natural Spectrum Cold
Cathode Light Bulb) $23.95
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Crestone Solar Light Bulb (N200)
The Nokero Crestone is the most economical solar light on the
market, striking a perfect balance between quality and
affordability. The Crestone is ideal for indoor and outdoor
lighting, including cooking, reading, camping and emergency

Also, in many off-grid regions, the Nokero Crestone pays for
itself in 15 days to 2 months by eliminating the need for
expensive candles or kerosene.

•Rechargeable battery lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 years
•Hangs outdoors for charging
•Simple to use
•One state-of-the-art, high quality solar panel
•Four wide-angle, light emitting diodes
•AA-sized recyclable battery
•Automatically switches off in bright light to save charge
•Brightness: 13 lumens (High), 5 lumens (Low)
•Run time: Up to 8 hours
•Number of LEDs: Four (4)
•LED Current Draw: 50/150mA
•Battery Capacity (max): 800 mAh
•Battery operating temperature max: 55 degrees C
•Battery operating temperature min: -20 degrees C
•Housing material: ABS
•Globe plastic: Polycarbonate
•Hangar material: Stainless steel
•Product dimensions: Length-8.5cm, Width-7.3cm, Height-17cm
•Box dimensions: Length-9cm, Width-7.8cm, Height-10.3cm
•Product weight: 130 grams
•Switch type: 3-way Hi-Off-Low
LUMI-LOON Light up Balloons

Light Up Balloons 120% Low Price Guarantee
plus FREE Shipping with a $49 Purchase at
Windy City Novelties...click here!
24 Pack Duracell AA Batteries $9.95
Unger BEBEO Broken Light Bulb Remover
Broken light bulbs can be difficult to
remove from the socket when the light is located in a
high ceiling. This Unger broken bulb changer, make the
process easier.
Fitting only, does not include the pole.

Unger 92132 Flood Bulb Changer Designed for Flood

Unger 92131 Incandescent Bulb Changer

Unger 961330 Cfl 48 Changer

Unger 961880 Aluminum 3 Stage Telescoping Handle
16-feet aluminum

The LED lighted tweezers make the
finest hair easy to spot with a bright
light for clear view. The LED tweezers
are ergonomically designed with non
skid grips and slanted tips to allow for
precision tweezing and easy use.

Work Pro 5-In-1 LED Lighted
Aluminum Screwdriver

The workpro 5-in-1 LED lighted
aluminum screwdriver has an anodized
aluminum handles.It is comfortable to
hold with a soft grip,which also gives
you a firm handle on the tool as you use
it.It comes with 2 double end
screwdriver bits(PH2X1/4".PH1X3/16")
for common use.Shine the light as you
work in dark spaces to make it easier to
see what needs to be fixed and get the
job done quickly any time of day.3-AAA
batteries also included
5-in-1 LED Aluminum Screwdriver
3AAA Batteries included
Azio KB505U Large Print Tri-Color Illuminated
Universal Flashlight Mount  
Fits most flashlights & handlebars
•Simply slide a handheld flashlight
into the flexible Gear Tie
Reusable Rubber Twist Ties on
the Lite Ride GT, secure onto any
handlebar and twist tight.
•Easy to attach and remove, no
tools required
•Remove and prop or hang Gear
Ties for hands free lighting to
assist in roadside repairs or as a
signal light

2-Gang Toggle and Rocker Plate White
National Geographic
Explorers Torch $19.99
Requires 2 AA batteries (not
•Lights a safe path in the dark!
•Realistic flickering flame
•Wall mount
•Explorer Activity Guide
High Power LED replacement lamp/lightbulb
Upgrade Kit
For Most C or D Cell Flashlights

3-in-1 LED FlashStick™
Rayovac KFL Handheld Floating Lantern
3.325 Watt, 6 Volt, 0.7 Amp, Sealed Lens, SC
Miniature Flanged Base, 75 Lumens, 4187 CD, 11
Hour, Length: 7.5 Inches,  
Made in USA
4, D Alkaline Spring (Not Included) Batteries,  
B3.5 SC Miniature Flanged Base K13 Krypton bulb

With key features such as chemical, water and
impact resistance, these lights are sure to get the
job done; Hands free stand 45 DEG swivel; Floats
on water; Spare bulb holder; Toolbox tough
lantern; Comfort-grip handle; Water resistant;
Spring type battery.

Designers Edge L1215 Rechargeable
Task Light with Magnet and Hang Hook;
125 Volt
36 LED Rechargeable Trouble Light
with Magnet and Hang Hook

Sizes are 4", 5" and 6" H.
8 piece Tea Lights with
5 hour auto shut-off/timer
1 1/2" diameter.
Crestone Pro
Light Bulb
Shavano Solar
Light Bulb (N220)
Lumabase Products from Target
Set of 6 Lumabase Flameless Candles for luminaras
LED submersible lights 12 ct.
Floating LED Lights 12 ct.
Flickering LED Tealights- 12 Pack
Lotus Floating Paper Lanterns 6 count