Ultra Slick Transfer Board

Dramatically reduces the effort
required to transfer. $59.95  
Beasy Transfer
With the BeasyTrans™ Systems,
most users can achieve regular
access to an automobile. For some,
this may mean a greater quality of
life. The visiting of friends and
relatives may be resumed.
Educational and cultural
undertakings can be attended. The
systems may even allow the user to
live at home while receiving
outpatient care, rather than living in a
long term facility and even for
Save your back when moving your person
Posey Transport Belt  $51.95
The Posey Transport Belt is designed to provide additional leverage when transferring or moving a
patient, thereby reducing the chance of injury to the patient and/or caregiver. The belt is constructed of
durable nylon. The waist and thigh straps of the Posey Transport Belt can be adjusted to fit the patient

Straps are secured with quick-release buckles. Nylon handles on the waist strap provide the
caregivers with a firm grip during transfers and with ambulation assistance. Machine washable. One
size fits all. 300 lb weight limit
In-Step LaserCane

Provides a safe, obstacle-free
visual cue, to enable Parkinson’s

Walking can be smooth again with the
LaserCane! Simply take normal steps as
your LaserCane™ projects a bright red
line across your path. The laser beam
provides a safe, obstacle-free visual cue,
which can enable Parkinson’s patients
and others to break “freezing” episodes
and increase stride length.

The laser beam line appears when you
place the cane down and disappears
when you lift the cane.

The Laser Walking Cane is
useful for patients with:
Parkinson's disease, ALS,
abnormal gait patterns and
Stroke rehabilitation.
How To Finance a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Car Slide - $ 105.95
Helps individuals who have difficulty getting positioned on a car seat. Waterproof nylong top reduces friction and allows a person to smoothly turn and get into or out of a car. Non-slip surface on the bottom keeps it in place on the seat. Can also be used by a caregiver to move or reposition patients on chairs and beds. Generously sized hand loops on the edges made of strong 1 inch webbing.

Medium Safety Sure Sherpa Lined Belt - $ 58.95
Constructed of woven cotton fabric. Fix lock buckle allows belt to be tightened without opening. Quick release plastic buckle. Numerous hand grips. Measures 4 inches wide.Sherpa lined belt provides additional skin protection.Medium fits waist sizes 32 - 48 inches. 2 horizontal and 3 vertical hand grips.
The Walker Grip Wraps
are great covers for walker hand
grips! Put these on, use them for
awhile, and you'll wonder how
you ever did without! $14.95
Made of 93% Polyester, 7%
Acrylic Sheepskin-like Fleece,
exclusive of trim; lining 100%
cotton with Grip Dots
Versa Crutch

Roomy main zippered
compartment large
enough for personal
items. $21.95  
Couch Cane

Helps you get up
or stand up
from a couch.


Designed to act as a standing
aid to help you get up or stand
up from a couch, large chair or
recliner. The Couch Cane has
a wide grip, powder coat
finish, and adjustable shaft.
The Triple Loop Leg Lifter or
Quad leg Lifter  $12.95
features a pre-formed foot support with
a heavy gauge wire insert that can be
modified by bending it to the desired
shape. Three loops provide forearm-
assisted positioning.

Made with 1 inch heavy-duty webbing.
Reinforced webbing with metal rod will
extend the user’s reach to assist in
lifting one leg at a time. The loop is
placed around the foot or cast and can
be repositioned by the user. 40 in. long.
Barton Safe T Trans
Lateral transfer system
dowloadable  pdf
Product Media & Downloads
Medium Safety Sure Transfer Slide with Padding - $ 89.95
Dimensions: Length 27 x Width 37 inchesThickness: 1 inch with paddingWeight: 15 oz. ApplicationsSafetySure Transfer Slide is used primarily to:Move a patient up in bedTurn in bedTransfer between bed and wheelchairAdvantagesThe SST Slide is very useful for small transfers, repositionings and moving from bed to wheelchair. It is easy to put in place, remove and carry along.

INGRID Cane Holder :: Walking Cane Holder $14.95
Thanks to having both a hook and a prop, the holder lets you hang your
walking cane or crutch on chairs, shopping carts, tables, counter tops, etc.
Crocs, Inc.
Super Lite Transport Chair
Lightweight yet durable frame
Folds like a lawn chair
Included carry bag makes it great for
Padded, flip back armrests for
easy transfers and added comfort
Fold down footrest
Maintenance-free composite wheels
Attractive nylon upholstery
Super Light, Folding Transport Chair
with Carry Bag Specifications:

Overall weight: 18 lbs
Weight capacity: 250 lbs
Seat dimensions: 18"W x 15.5"D
Seat-to-floor height: 20"
Back height: 17"
Dimensions when folded in carry bag:
26"L x 23"W x 21"H
Features of this Karman S-Ergo Ultra
Light Ergonomic Transport Wheelchair:

  • 17 pounds with footrests - the lightest
    transporter available!
  • Ergonomic seating
  • 14" rear polyurethane, high tread, flat
    free tires
  • Folding frame
  • Fixed armrests and fixed footrests
  • Folding backrest
  • Upholstery is removable and washable
  • AEGIS Microbe Shield coated
    upholstery for protection against stains
    and odors

Karman Ergonomic seating offers many
advantages over the standard manual
wheelchair seat. Not only is pressure
distributed more evenly across the legs and
rear, it also offers a more stable seating
surface and prevents forward slippage.
See more wheelchairs and accessories, as well as links to websites
with used equipment on our  "EQUIPMENT" page
The Scooter Store - Caregiver
Trekking Poles    Walking Staffs
Transfer Sling and Gait Belt $45.95
Combination of a transfer belt with a sling help make transferring more comfortable for the person helping
make the transfer. Gently supports behind back and under knees to form a sling, and will not slide upward.

The Transfer Sling and Gait Belt can be used as one or two person lift. More comfortable than standard transfer
belts because the belt will not slide up under arms. Appropriate for sit-pivot transfers. Supports up to 250 lbs.
SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling $54.95
The SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling provides caregivers with a secure hold and control during patient
transfers. The Mary's Aide transfer sling is made of woven nylon with hook and loop closures. Shaped like and
undergarment, it is worn over the patient's clothing. During the transfer, the Mary's Aide stays securely in place
without binding or riding up. It also has a hand grip on the back so that the transfer sling can be used during
ambulation as an alternative to a gait belt.

SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling Specifications:

Size: one size fits most adults.
Material: Latex free.
Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Laundry: machine wash and dry or wipe clean.
Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair -
Mobility Aids
If going to the beach or strolling along trails is
something that you've always wanted to do but
your wheelchair
won't roll over the terrain,
then we've got the perfect solution for you! The
Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair was designed
specifically to enable people who use
wheelchairs to come in
closer contact with nature.
The Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair
can roll easily over
sand, snow, and gravel.
Its soft plastic pneumatic tires absorb almost all
road shocks for a
remarkably comfortable ride.
For traveling by car, the Landeez All Terrain
Wheelchair can be disassembled and
placed in the trunk in seconds.
The entire frame utilizes quick release pins,
so tools are not necessary.
Whether it's a day at the beach, ocean side, or
lakeside, an outing to your favorite national
park, or
out on the town on snowy days,
the Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair is the ideal
way to enjoy access to
the wonders of nature.
Specifications for the Landeez All-Terrain
Weight Capacity:   425 lbs.
Frame Weight :37 lbs.
Seat widths:   16"
Seat height:   19"
Knee-to-floor measurements:   19"
Frame construction:   Folding and Quick Assemble
Frame type:   Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Armrest type:   Flip-Back
Warranty:   5 years frame, 1 year wheels
List Price: $4,595.00
Dune Buster Landeez add $400.00
Carrying Bag $265.50

Interchangeable Street Wheels $877.50

Lateral Support Belt $85.50

Umbrella Clamp $40.50
The optional town
and pool-entry
wheel kit retro-fits
in seconds
making your
Landeez even
more versatile.
Dune Buster
Juvo Travel Seat Cane
supports up-to 250-pounds
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Medical Supply Depot
Rollite Adult with 8" Wheels

Clever-Lite Walker with Seat and
Loop Locks - Adult 5" Casters

Rollite Rollator - Blue
Weight Capacity  300 lbs.  5" wheels
Call Now: 855-724-0586
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Glow and Go Folding Cane

Go and Glow Cane with glow in the dark handle and cane tip
from CWI   from Med Ex Supply    from Medical Supply Depot
Drive Glow in the Dark Cane Tip (¾" cane diameter) from MedEx Supply

These folding canes come in different patterns, and our Folding Canes with Silicone Gel Glow Grip Handle and Tip has a
Handle Height that adjusts from 33"-37". Manufactured with sturdy, 7/8" diameter anodized, extruded aluminum tubing.
Metal (lock nut) silencer.

Our Glow and Go Folding Cane by Drive is a perfect gift, and helps those in need of some glowing light with their cane!
•Handle and tip glow in the dark.
•Handle height adjusts from 33" to 37".
•Manufactured with sturdy, anodized, extruded aluminum tubing.
•Metal (lock nut) silencer.
•300 lb. Weight Capacity.

Available Patterns in Silver Mist (Figure C), Light blue (Figure D), Celebration (Figure E), Butterfly (Figure F),
Tie-Dye (Figure G), Wood (Figure H), Copper (Figure I), Paisley Black (Figure J), Leopard (Figure K).
Auto HandyBar Car Transfer Aid
Auto HandyBar Car Transfer Aid Specifications:
•Fits: U-type striker plate of a car.
•Weighs: 0.7 lb.
•Measures: 9 inches long.
•Weight limit: 350 lbs.
The Car Caddie is a strap
with a cushion grip that
provides a handle to assist in
getting out of a car. This unique
product offers a helping hand
for transferring into or out of a
car, van, or truck.