Medical Alert Heart Tag
Premium polished stainless steel
with genuine Swarovski crystals
The Importance of Large Blood Pressure Cuffs

MedQuip Blood Pressure Cuff, Extra Large  
Medquip Model: BP-2000
Optional Cuff for patients with upper arm measurements of 12.5 inches to 17.75
inches. Can be used with Medquip BP-2400 and BP-2600.

MedQuip Automatic Blood Pressure Pump, Upper Arm
Medquip Model: BP-2400
Celeste Stein
Be My Heart
Adorable red tights covered
in hundreds of white hearts.
Hold ON to Hope for Heart Disease Awareness
T shirts, Water bottles, coffee mugs, tote bags, and more
44" x 30" Banner & More
Customize your shirt with the
honored person's Name...
The person with Heart disease.
Cross Section Heart
What does the human heart look
like? Can you name its parts?
How does it work?
Just open this realistic cross section
model to learn how to answer these
questions. Then read through the
included activity guide to learn more
interesting facts.
Model measures five inches in
Learning Highlights
Explains the complexities of the
human body through hands-on
The Scholastic Store
5" Diameter Cross Section
Heart Learning Model
Stethoscopes for a great price!

This is a series of 10
video clips
How to take Blood
made by expertvillage.
It is embedded here
from YouTube.
The series lasts about
25 minutes, I found it
very informative.
Feel free to "x" out pop
up ads.
We are not able to stop
them in our publishing
Take Care!
Eco-friendly Paper Straws - Red Hearts $5.99
These fashionable and biodegradable paper straws are the hottest addition to today’s
eco-friendly party.
Perfect for any valentine's day party, wedding shower, or reception.
This product is easily biodegradable.  For this reason it is a better alternative then
traditional plastic straws.
Length: 7 3/4"    Made in the USA.
Cholesterol Test Kits
Support the American Heart Association - Shop apparel accessories cookbooks and more at - Click Here!
Giant Cells! Shop stuffed toys modeled after human cells to benefit the mission of the American Heart Association - makes a great gift and learning tool. Click here to get yours!
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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iHealth Lab iHealth Blood
Pressure Dock for
iPod®/iPhone®/iPad® (BP3) -
White $99.99
The iHealth Blood Pressure
Dock is the first of its kind,
turning your iOS device into your
very own blood pressure monitor.
Simply plug your device into the
dock, and using our free iHealth
mobile app, measure and track
your systolic/diastolic numbers,
heart rate, pulse wave and
measurement time. You can
track your results across multiple
devices. The dock even doubles
as a charging station.

Measure and track your
systolic/diastolic numbers, heart
rate, pulse wave and
measurement time

Create visually dynamic charts to
track your progress. Compare
results against your historical
averages, as well as World
Health Organization (WHO)

Keep track of physical activities
and daily diet as part of your
overall health

Share results instantly with
friends, family, or your doctor .
MyVitals mobile app
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most
common abnormal heart rhythm.
It is a very fast, uncontrolled
heart rhythm that occurs when
the upper chambers (the atria) of
the heart try to beat so fast that
they only can quiver.
Treatment options, such as
electrical cardioversion, deliver
shocks to the heart, jolting it out
of atrial fibrillation. Another
treatment option, ablation,
involves cauterizing the hearts
tissue so that it can not sustain
the AFIB.

FA Ehlert, M.D.
St. Jude Medical

Explanation of Atrial fibrillation (AF) a.k.a. AFIB
FA Ehlert, M.D. St. Jude Medical

Heart Failure
FA Ehlert, M.D. St. Jude Medical

Dream and Sugar Tea Set
Heart Shaped tea cups and saucers

Thank your friends for being so lovely by gathering them around this
adorable teacup set for a gourmet fête! Garnished with golden trim
and matching metallic handles, this boxed set features six subtly
heart-shaped mugs that sit on sweetly matching saucers. Enveloping
today’s aromatic blend in hues of cranberry, lemon, orange, rose,
mint, and pale blueberry, this charmant collection invites you to
match each piece with the perfect companion. My, what a thoughtful
host you are!
•Cups measure approximately 2.75 inches in height, 3.75 inches in
Saucers measure approximately 5.5 x 6 inches.
•Hand wash recommended. Not microwave safe.
•Set of six cups and saucers in assorted colors.

Barbra Streisand's mission to end heart disease in women

Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff
that fits Standard and Large Arms (BP742N)
Walmart #:  552821258
The Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff helps
ensure consistent, precise readings. The model is quick and easy to use and
it has a few more features than the 3 Series Upper Arm. These include dual
settings for two users, memory storage space for up to 100 readings and a
wide range cuff that fits standard and large arms. When you trust your heart
to this Omron automatic blood pressure monitor, you will be empowered by
accuracy. It compares your levels to normal home blood pressure levels with
the BP Level Indicator. The cuff also alerts you instantly if your heartbeat is
irregular while measurements are taking place. The Omron 5 Series blood
pressure monitor is made with durability so that it holds up against use. It is
recommended by doctors and pharmacists so you can rest assured you are
getting a quality product.

Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff that fits
Standard and Large Arms (BP742N):, fits standard and large adult arm
circumferences from 9 to 17 inches
•No. 1 doctor-recommended and pharmacist-recommended home blood
pressure monitor
•Feel empowered by accuracy with technology that automatically displays the
average of your last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes
•Compares to normal home blood pressure levels with the BP Level Indicator
•The Omron automatic blood pressure monitor alerts you instantly if an
irregular heartbeat is detected while your blood pressure is being measured
Large Cuff for Panasonic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors
EW3901S from Panasonic
The EW3901S large cuff (sold separately) is for Panasonic upper arm blood
pressure monitor models EW-BU35W, EW-BU04W, EW3122S, EW3109W and
EW3106W. Fits upper arm sizes 13-3/4" to 17-1/3" (35cm - 44cm).  
Cuff rotates 360-degrees and is easy to use for both left and right handed users.

Upper Arm Monitor With Trend Graph EW-BU35W from Panasonic
Extra-wide LCD
Compact blood pressure monitor displays trends and patterns by week or month
Inflates comfortably on upper arm with the touch of a button
Graphic display confirms readings from normal to hypertension
Save and track your results with automatic 270-reading memory