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I am  a family caregiver who maintains a single-family home.
I like alternative products. I searched for a driveway sealer available in a different color
than black. I have a large driveway with many hours of daylight.
I wanted a softer hue for better curb appeal.
With rising oil prices and environmental issues, I would prefer to use a product that
was not a petroleum based product.
I found this product which is available directly from the  manufacturer.
I will try it after labor day.
It is more expensive than readily available coal tar/asphalt products.
It is available in red, green, brown, gray, but black offers the best UV protection.
Family Caregivers are In Good Company will earn a 5%  advertising fee for this product
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Contact Thomas Stevens, President via e-mail:
or call 772-335-8255

WE do not warrant its performance. We are just sharing researched information.
We reprinted some information about the product from the manufacturer's website.
Please visit Enviroseal website for more information.
They are located in Port St. Lucie, Florida
custom vehicle license plate frame
personalized license plate cover
A personalized license frame is sure to be a great
surprise. Personalized with funny sayings,
business names, factory names, pet breeds, or
your own catch phrase!

Headlights & Lighting

ENVIROSEAL LAS-320™ asphalt sealer is not a petroleum based product. This high quality black asphalt
sealer is EPA approved with very low VOC's.
LAS-320™ was developed for today's ecological/green building
needs. This asphalt sealer was put through exhaustive weathering tests including successful freeze-thaw tests
by McGuire AFB in New Jersey. We have proven through these test applications that we can offer an
incredibly strong and environmentally friendly asphalt sealer. The acrylic in this sealer forms a chemical bond
to new or existing asphalt. Powerful UV blockers are added to increase the longevity of your existing asphalt.
UV and water are the two primary reasons for asphalt failure.

LAS-320™ is the ultimate in asphalt protection. The primary features of LAS-320™ are as follows:

VOC Rating less than 70 gpl
Environmentally safe, the safest on the market
Repels 100% of all liquids - eliminates destruction of asphalt caused by oil or gas.
Eliminates damage from ultra violet rays and water.
Non-toxic non-hazardous non-flammable.
Dries in minutes - not hours, can be striped within 45 minutes
Ease of application, can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray unit.
Coverage rate up to 80 to 100sq ft. per gallon, depending on the condition of surface.
Approved by EPA, DOT, FAA, DoD, USGBC and LEED agencies.
Exceeds all ASTM tests for asphalt emulsion products.
Last 3x longer than any other product.
100% 3-year product replacement WARRANTY.

Watch Manufacturer LAS-320 Marriott Cayman Island installation video!
Stars & Stripes Car Flag

Proud American Ribbon
Car Magnet
It's your country, and you're
proud of it: the land of the free,
the home of the brave.
Our flag car magnet shows
your true colors:
you're 100% red white & blue.
Made with pride right here in
the U.S.A.
Reads "Proud American"
8" H x 3.5" W (20.3 x 8.9 cm)
Made in the U.S.A.
bank checks with vintage  muscle cars
12V Dashmount Battery Indicator      Fits G4-G7200
The GC016 12V Dashmount Battery Indicator works with
NOCO Genius battery chargers and allows the battery chargers to
connect quickly to any battery from wherever the Dashmount Battery
Indicator is located. Built-in LEDs indicate the charge level of the
battery, for ongoing monitoring. The ultra-efficient LEDs flash, draining
almost no power from the battery. Replace a standard Eyelet Terminal
Connector or permanently mount one on your ATV, Motorcycle, Car,
Boat or any other vehicle for easy charging. The Quick Connect port
built directly into the Dashmount Battery Indicator makes connecting a
NOCO Genius Charger easy. The cable has Eyelet Terminals on the
end and allows the Dashmount Battery indicator to be located up to 80”
away from the battery for easy access and monitoring.

NOCO Genius G3500       6V & 12V Multi-Purpose Battery Charger
WICKED VERSATILITY, WICKED SMART!      List $74.95                     
Genius Battery Chargers
The G3500 is a smart, 8 Step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer.
The G3500 restores batteries to their original capacity, recovers slightly sulfated batteries,
charges batteries in cold climates, rescues drained batteries and
provides maintenance charging to increase battery life.
A versatile battery charger that provides charging modes for both large and small batteries from 1.2-120Ah, such as
Cars, RVs, Boats and Trucks, as well as for Motorcycles, ATVs, Jet Skis or Snowmobiles.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Theme Song
movie with Dick Van Dyke
visit today. Vehicle Interior Protection Made In America WeatherTech TechLiner pick-up bed liner Visit today.
WeatherTech® TechFloor™  from $2.99 a square foot. MADE IN USA by MacNeil Automotive Products Limited
                                                                                                    841 Remington Blvd          Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Easily assembled and disassembled by hand using a snap together loop & tab system (patent pending).  No professional installation or special
tools are required. Tile are available in a variety of colors, beveled edges available only in black. Use a single color or create custom patterns by
using multiple color and beveled edge options. Designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of virtually any floor:
Garage, Basement, Shop, Laundry Room, Deck / Patio, Kid's play area, Porch, Workout Room, Pool Area, Mud Room
WeatherTech® TechFloor™ is the first modular floor tile system to offer TWO distinctly different materials molded into ONE tile.
Our revolutionary TwoShot™ process (patent pending) produces an extremely rugged and low profile (slightly over ¼") polypropylene plastic tile
with attractive TractionSquares™ for wet-or-dry non-slip use. Soft touch underside offers incredible grip to virtually any floor. Each tile has 2 edges
with loops, and 2 edges with tabs. They quickly attach to each other by laying the tab of one tile over the loop of the next, and snapping them down
into place. Available in 6 tile sizes and 5 border options to allow fast wall-to-wall installation without the need to cut or trim
Introducing Premium FlowThru with TractionSquares!
Based on our original TwoShot™ Solid tiles, our newest design adds 48 specially engineered FlowThru slots which allow fluids to drain through the tiles.  
Add these tiles over a drain, or in any areas where you would like fluids to drain away.  Available in 12" x 12" size tiles only, and are fully compatible with
all of our other TechFloor™ tile styles, sizes and beveled edges.  Mix and match your TechFloor™ to create custom designs, and fit your needs perfectly.
How To Connect A Battery Charger Wicked smart....
NOCO Genius Battery charger

NOCO Genius Smart Battery Chargers for Cars, Boats, Motorcycles and more.

NOCO Genius Boost 12V Lithium Jump Starter
Shop for Car Accessories at bargain prices plus Worldwide Free Shipping! Bongo6
Diamond Plate Leather Checkbook Cover
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
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God Bless America Car Magnet
VETERAN Car Magnet
stars and Stripes Car Flag
War Dogs Car Magnet
Until All the Pieces Fit  Autism license plate cover
Hope to the Rescue Autism Car Magnet
Embrace the Amazing Autism Dashboard Caddy
embracing the amazing autism car magnet
Autism Speaks Car Magnet
Light Up Blue Autism Car magnet
Bark to Find a Cure Breast Cancer Awareness car magnet
Just Believe Dragonfly Windshield Sun Shade
Paws in my Heart Sun Shade
Purr to Find a Cure Car Magnet
Pink Ribbon Windshield Sun Shade
Auto Detailing Supplies Inc

New Car Scent & Leather Scent Combo Pack

Black Optical Select Car Care Kit

Auto Detailing Supplies Inc

EcoSmart-RU (Ready to Use) Waterless Car Wash & Wax

Hose Free ECOwash

All Clean+ Citrus Based All Purpose Super Cleaner

Auto Detailing Supplies Inc

Lightning Fast Carpet & Upholstery Stain Extractor

So Fast Premium Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator, Green Apple Scent

Citrus Splash Scent Air Freshener

Kwazar Mercury Pro + .5 Liter Spray Bottle (17 oz.)

Auto Detailing Supplies Inc

Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towel, 16

Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel, 25

XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax

5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax

Auto Detailing Supplies Inc

Chemical Guys New Products Chemical Guys Coupons Chemical Guys Clearance Products

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12V Dashmount
Battery Indicator
The Vehicle. Wheels. Our independent mode of transportation.
The American Love Affair with... our car.
It  gets us where we are going. And sometimes, it doesn't.

We want to take this opportunity to share some products and ideas that will help prolong the
life of your car, van, motorcycle.  Sometimes we do not use the vehicle for a number of days.
Perhaps the primary driver of one car is unable to drive due to injury or surgery and the car just sits in
the garage. Or you are just too involved  with intensive in-house caregiving...
If this is the case, you may want to consider investing in a trickle battery charger to help maintain the
battery. We actually use the NOCO battery charger below. It works well keeping our vintage vehicles
powered up. If you choose to invest in one, and buy one through our links, we earn an advertising fee.
No matter how few miles you drive it, remember to take it in for an oil change every 6 months.

Scroll down and view many other interesting products we found for auto and garage.
Windshield shades to keep the sun's heat out in summer, car magnets with caregiver messages,
Car mats and pickup truck bedliners made  in the USA, traction floor tiles to prevent falls on
slick surfaces, also made in the USA,
sources to find replacement parts, earth-friendly car detailing products and asphalt sealer.
12V Plug

Fits G750-G3500
The GC003 12V Plug
Connector works with
NOCO Genius battery
chargers and allows the
battery chargers to charge
and maintain your vehicle's
battery by simply plugging
into the 12V auxiliary
plug/cigarette lighter.
The Quick Connect cable
makes connecting the
12V Plug Connector
simple. Ideal for
motorcycles where the
battery compartment is
difficult to access.
The Buckle Bopper Seat Belt Release Aid is a seat belt buckle tool with a small shaft in the center that works as an extra
thumb, allowing the force of the user's palm and larger arm muscles to depress the buckle. This a small lightweight, seat belt
buckle tool fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to easily unbuckle a seat belt buckle. It is ideal for individuals with
temporary or chronic hand pain, arthritis, hand weakness, or thumb or hand injuries.

This unique ergonomic hand-held tool is soft and pliable in the palm of your hand. The hard shaft is capped with a soft rubber tip
which comes into contact with the buckle surface. The Buckle Bopper works with most activator-type buckles. To use the Buckle
Bopper, place one hand behind the buckle, hold the Buckle Bopper in the palm of your other hand and press the tip into the
buckle surface to release the buckle.

Each Buckle Bopper comes with a holster. The clip allows the holster to hold firmly to almost any surface without scuffing or
scratching. Attach it to seat belts, seat back pockets, door storage, behind the car seat...almost anywhere in your car.
Buckle Bopper Specifications:
•Measures: 3-1/2 inches wide, 3 inches high.
•Post measures: 1 inch.
•Color: White and green.
•Includes: One Buckle Bopper and holster.