Super Lite Transport Chair
Drive's Super Lite Transport Wheelchair comes with a carry bag and only weighs 19 pounds,
which means it'll be no chore to store or move the Super Lite. Features include an aluminum
frame, composite wheels, a folding mechanism similar to folding chairs,
and tool free removable front casters.    
We Buy Used Stair Lifts
Used Stair Lifts
Factory Reconditioned AmeriGlide Stair Lift
Assistive Technology Reutilization Program
Assistive Technology Center
Wheelchair & Equipment Services
Paraquad Wheelchair Repair Services
314/289-4200 (Voice)
314/289-4252 (TTY)

Funding for the AT Reutilization Program is provided by Emerson and the U.S. Department of Education.

The Enabling Mobility Center (EMC) is a collaboration between the Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy
and the local Independent Living Center,
Paraquad. The EMC houses an internationally recognized mobility skills course and
provides the unique opportunity to perform community-based research and service unlike no other.
To contact the EMC directly, call Melissa Lyles at 314-289-4253 or email

Swap ‘n Shop Equipment Exchange Program
is designed to facilitate transactions between
Missouri residents, and does not profit from the sale of listed devices.

If you list an item, your first name, city, telephone number and/or email address will appear on the website.

If you are interested in listing equipment or have any questions,
please call David at (800) 647-8557 in Missouri or (816) 655-6703 or
email with the following information:
Contact person’s full name, address, phone number, and email;

Equipment description;
If you want to sell, donate or trade equipment;
If selling, the asking price.
Agreement to complete form when equipment is sold, donated, or traded.

For a full breakdown of services provided by Missouri Assistive Technology
NextStep for Life develops ability by providing supports that enable people with disabilities to pursue a life of
quality and dignity; offering a comprehensive range of integrated support services, and providing professional,
progressive programs and services. Jefferson County Missouri residents and families who have members with
developmental disabilities such as:
Cerebral Palsy
Congenital Disabilities
Down Syndrome
Epilepsy (and other seizure disorders)
Mental Retardation

are eligible for Residential, Community Supports and Leisure Services.

In-Home/Family Support Services became a part of NextStep with the June 30, 2011 merger between NextStep and Disability Support Systems (DSS).  
The job of providing care for a son, daughter, or other family member with a developmental disability 24/7 can be a daunting task that may continue through the entire
life of the loved one.  We know that by supporting family caregivers they are better equipped to face their challenges and this makes them more effective caregivers and
enables them to provide care longer.   
To support family caregivers NextStep offers a variety of services.
Contact Us:
In-Home/Family Supports
P.O. Box 97
3875 Plass Road
Mapaville MO 63065
(636) 282-1414 or (636)933-3764

KidStart Equipment Lending Library
Parents with young chilren who require special instruction or therapy have a special resource through the
Next Step for Life~KidStart Lending Library.  
Any parent or professional in Jefferson County can join KidStart for a small $5 membership fee each year.  
The library contains developmental materials, therapy/adapted equipment, sensory devises, books, and
developmental toys that can be checked out.  Sometimes children tire of a toy and need variety.  
These specialized materials can be very expensive and sometimes it is trial and error to
find just the right piece of equipment.  
Items can be borrowed to see if the child will benefit or tolerate before buying.  
Items can be borrowed while a new model is on order.  
Many patrons donate outgrown equipment to be added to our inventory.  KidStart saves money, resources, and the headache of
paying a lot of money for a piece of equipment that isn't right.  
It is also a great way to
recycle usable equipment.

Myrna Winchester, KidStart Specialist
Contact HELP~Office: 1640 Andrew Drive~St. Louis, MO 63122-1706

Warehouse: 9709 Dielman Rock Island Industrial Drive~Olivette, MO 63132-2152
Phone:   314-567-4700  ~  Email:

Who We HELP~Anyone! St. Louis HELP is available to all who have needs.  
Access to needed medical equipment is crucial.  AT devices are not luxury items but necessities.  These tools empower people to control their
lives and their futures.  St. Louis HELP’s equipment lending program has been developed to assist individuals who have a variety of needs:
  • Those who lack insurance
  • Those whose insurance does not cover their equipment needs
  • Individuals awaiting insurance company approval
  • Those temporarily disabled by injury, illness or surgery
  • Persons whose own equipment is in repair
  • Caretakers introducing friends or relatives to the use of equipment
  • Visitors to the area who cannot bring their own equipment
  • Terminally ill persons uncertain about their period of need
  • Those interested in trying equipment before purchasing
(816) 655-6700 (VOICE)
(816) 655-6711 (TTY)
5240 Oakland Avenue  ~ St. Louis, MO 63110
voice: 314/289-4200     fax: 314/289-4201
vp: 314/732-1468           tty: 314/289-4252
The Leg Hugger with Foot Hugger helps prevent feet from slipping off wheelchair
footrests or becoming entangled under chair. Removable foot pads raise footrests 2
inches to help improve posture and promote proper seating alignment.

Secures to an 18-20" wheelchair with quick-release straps. Cushioned foam is
covered in wipe-clean vinyl
With the familiar shape of a shopping cart handle,
The Casbar makes most any wheelchair easier to push and handle.  
The ergonomically designed metal Casbar bar slides over the handgrips on a
wheelchair and is easily attached or removed using the thumbscrews.
The Casbars unique design allows a caregiver to push a wheelchair with only one
hand, provides increased control, and better positions the caregiver’s arm to
reduce wrist and arm fatigue.
Measure back of wheelchair between handgrips for correct size.
Choose from 16 or 20 inch width.
Awesome Grip Hand Rim Covers are removable, changeable
covers fit the push wheels of manual wheelchairs. Closed cell foam
base with fabric cover. The Awesome Grip Hand Rim Covers will not
slip on the rims or in the hands. Provides a larger softer gripping
surface. Fabric covers are washable and reversible  
The Wheelchair Weather Chaps keep you drier than a poncho because it
fits snugly around your lower body, instead of draping over it. Slip your feet into
the bottom pocket, then pull it over your legs and lap for waterproof protection.
Bottom is contoured so nothing gets caught in your wheels and there's no need
to leave your seat to put it on. Removable fleece lining provides extra warmth,
great for ball games and getting around!

Available in pediatric size for children and small adults, adult, and extra wide.
Wheelchair Weather Chaps
Removable fleece lining provides extra warmth.
Fits snugly around your lower body.
The "See-Through" Clear Wheelchair Work Tray is made of strong ¼ inch thick
break-resistant polycarbonate. Clear plastic makes this tray more attractive and discreet than
traditional lap trays.

Attaches easily to all types of wheelchairs with hook and loop straps. The aluminum trim acts as a
lip to keep items from falling off. This durable work tray measures 19 x 23-1/2 in. Abdominal cutout
measures 15 in. wide.
Clear Wheelchair Work Tray Specifications:
Tray measures: 19 x 23-1/2 in.
Abdominal cutout measures: 15 in. wide.
For more Transfer  aids, new wheelchairs, ramps and car accessories, please visit our
"Here to There" page.
As a host of many-a-home-improvement show will state,
"Having the right tools makes all the difference!"
Using the right equipment to navigate the day improves the life of a
family caregiver in ways you cannot even imagine.

Navigating the hurdles and hoops to insurance paid medical equipment
takes research and careful planning.
Sometimes a doctor may be reluctant to wright a prescription for a wheelchair,
because they fear the patient will "give up" and not continue to walk.
Medicare RENTS most equipment for 12 months, then there is a buy-out if the
patient needs continued use. You can pay an upgrade fee on the rental if you
desire a more expensive model wheelchair or walker. The allowed amount for
the cost of a wheelchair is minimal, and by purchasing your own, you can choose
the features you want.
If you have the means, it is just better to buy the equipment you want.
A transport chair comes in VERY handy if you want  to go to the Botanical Gardens or
go  shopping at the hardware store or visit a relative.
It is easier to get the person in the wheelchair, out of the chair, into the car and
back out of the car without the big bulky metal armrests in the way.

You can ask your church or community organization if they have
equipment to borrow. Below find organizations that list used equipment for
sale at a reduced price, or have some to borrow or rent.
We also have companies that sell NEW equipment and accessories listed.
Family Caregivers are In Good Company earns an advertising fee on new
merchandise purchased through text and photo links on our website.

AbleData provides objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from
domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and
caregivers within the United States.
We serve the nation's disability, rehabilitation, and senior communities.
AbleData does not sell products.
Please come back to Family Caregivers are In Good Company to purchase products.
The Stair Climber's motorized electronic traction control system grips the floor at a steady speed
that ensures safe travel each and every time. The Stair Climber is ideal to have on hand for
emergency evacuation of public and commercial buildings and it can be used where no elevator
or lift is installed or no elevator or lift could be installed. Video on product page.
AmeriGlide Wheelchair Stair Climber
$3,595.00   Plus Shipping
Stair Climber!
Super Lite
Transport Chair
Flashlight Univ Attachable for Walkers $24.99
Flashlight For Canes,Walkers,Rolling Walkers,Transport,Wheelchairs
You don't have to be afraid of the dark. The WalkSafe Flashlight and Attachment is the perfect
addition to any mobility product adding extra light and safety in dark places. It attaches securely to
any tube product with a 7/8” – 1” diameter such as walkers, canes, wheelchairs, bicycles and baby
strollers. The flashlight can be removed from the clip for hand use and comes with a convenient wrist
strap. The unique clip that holds the flashlight pivots 360 degrees to change the direction of the light.
It is simple and easy to remove and re-attach the flashlight to the clip. No tools are required for
attachment to the tube of the product. Requires 3 AAA Batteries – Not Included., LLC, LLC
With the Easy Wheelchair Push Bar a wheelchair can be pushed with one hand. The ergonomic design
allows the person pushing to place their hands in a variety of positions. When using both hands, the Easy
Wheelchair Push Bar transfers power directly to the chair with less effort. This helps to make maneuvering
steep ramps, inclines, uneven surfaces, soft ground, or carpets much easier.

Children and the elderly will find that a wheelchair equipped with the Easy Wheelchair Push Bar is much easier to push and
control. Very tall people and people with lower back pain will be able to stand straighter when pushing a wheelchair with the
Easy Push Bar.

The Easy Wheelchair Push Bar is available in two sizes to fit wheelchairs with handlebars from 12 to 19 inches or 17 to 26
inches apart. The kit consists of 2 L-shaped elbows and an adjustable center bar. The L-shaped elbows attach permanently to
the handles of a manual wheelchair. The expandable center bar slips over the upright portion of the L-shaped elbow and is
secured with a push pin. The center bar is quickly and easily removed from the L-shaped handles to allow the wheelchair to be
stored or transported.
Push Bar for Wheelchairs Specifications:
Includes: 2 L-shaped elbows with attaching bolts and nuts, adjustable
center bar with foam handgrip, foam handgrip for inner tube.
Kit 1 Fits: Wheelchairs with handgrips 12 to 19 inches apart.
Kit 2 Fits: Wheelchairs with handgrips 17 to 26 inches apart.
Made In: USA.
120x600 Discount Medical Supplies
3M™ Littmann®
Master Cardiology™
The Littmann brand name is
your assurance of precision,
acoustical superiority,
innovative design and
exceptional performance. The
Master Cardiology
stethoscope is designed for
cardiology/high performance
use. The chestpiece is
constructed of polished
stainless steel with a single-
sided diaphragm. 27" length
with extra soft-sealing eartips.
7 year warranty
Personalize this scope with
TUBE and/or HEAD
Tube engraving is on the body
side of the scope and not
visible when worn.
Medical Supply Depot Medical Supply Depot
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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KD Smart Chair
for Puchasing information click on SmartChair logo below.
Foldable electric wheelchair
Standard KD Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair50/265         Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair 59/395
The Standard model of KD Smart Chair is an FDA cleared mobility device and was designed to be the most convenient electric
wheelchair on the market today. It is made of strong aluminum alloy, which gives the chair a total weight of only 50 pounds and can
support passengers weighing up to 265 pounds! It can be easily folded in seconds and transported in your car, SUV or truck. It is also
ideal for travel due to it’s compact size and can fit virtually anywhere. Now you can bring your wheelchair on the cruise ship, airplane,
bus or train.

Our wheelchair is built for durability, safety and reliability for people with mobility issues. It is also more stable than the wobbly 3 wheel

KD Smart Chair's Standard model comes with a tight turning radius of 31.5 inches, which makes it ideal even in the smallest areas to
help you maneuver with ease. You can even travel through tough outdoor terrains with its 6” front and rear wheel tires that will make
your ride smooth and enjoyable. You no longer have to be stuck indoors. Make outdoor activities much more pleasant with family and
friends. We know you will love our KD Smart Chair since we put it through rigorous testing and experiments to make sure it is safe, sure
and reliable.

Weighs 50 pounds and supports passengers weighing up to 265 pounds
Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet
Lithium Ion battery can travel up to 15 miles
FDA cleared medical device
More compact in size than traditional wheelchairs
Removable seat and seat cover for easy cleaning
Adjustable arm rests that can be raised for easy side access
Joystick can be mounted on left or right side arm rest
Our powered wheelchair costs less than any of its competitors
Comes with a 5 year warranty
Requires almost no maintenance
More stable and durable than the wobbly 3 wheel scooters
Free Shipping Within USA
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance.
Standard KD Smart Chair
Electric Wheelchair
for Purchase
Travel Luggage Case for
KD Smart Chair
Smart Chair Batteries

Lithium Ion Battery
Power Charger
KD Healthcare Flashlight for wheelchair    $29.95

See more clearer in the dark with our flashlight. Simply mount our
flashlight kit and see exactly where you are going when traveling at
night. You can mount your flashlight to your armrest or anywhere on
your KD Smart Chair to help you better see in the dark.
Don't be left out without any lights.
Purchase this necessary and see exactly where you are going.