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Walmart USA LLC 4% ls    Value of the Day     FREE SHIPPING    CLEARANCE        
AeroGarden Products        Air Purifiers and Heaters     Dehumidifiers
Hearing Aids MADE IN USA  by General Hearing Instruments
Azio KB505U Large Print Tri-Color Illuminated Keyboard
LED Lighted Tweezer
Shop School Uniforms for Less at!
Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-ray) (Widescreen)
Organic Agave Nectar, 24.7oz
Clif White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Energy Bars, 12ct
Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, 6ct
Nestle Coffee-mate Vanilla Caramel Sugar Free Powder Coffee Creamer 10.2 oz. $3.98

Health o meter Weight Tracking Scale, HDM691DQ-95
Deluxe Bath Mat, Clear   •Measures: 15.75" x 39.25"
InterDesign Pebblz Bath Mat* Measures: 13.75 x 1.78 x 26.5
Work Pro 5-in-1 LED Lighted Screwdriver
Vacuums and Floor Care
Ultimate Online Specials

Walter Drake 10% IR  Bargain bin
Calendar Towels
Encore Cassette Converter

Warner Brothers 7% cj   
Archive Collection Rare Movies, Shorts and TV now on DVD
Harry Potter iPhone Cases
Exclusive Scooby-Doo iPhone Cases
Hobbit merchandise
Custom Photo Gifts
limited edition DC collectible prints
Save 44% on the 35 films collection honoring Clint Eastwood from!  free shipping
Shop the new artistic calendars including Batman, The Big Bang Theory,
Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Vampire Diaries and more from

WatchZone It's how the Internet finds time 7%cj  a.k.a
Free Shipping on Select SEIKO watches
The Anne Klein collection at
Free Shipping on Hydrolix watches when you spend $50!
TAG Heuer Mastering Time
Disney Watches      Nike Watches

Water for Life USA 25% sas
Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer connect directly to your faucet or cold water line like a standard water ionizer or you can pour water
directly inside it!
WFLU - Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer
Prefilters for your Genesis Water Ionizer
Revelation Undersink Water Ionizer
E2 Home Cleaning Spray The E2 Spray is a revolutionary product that creates either a strong acidic disinfectant spray to clean
your vegetables, countertops, and other areas that may be contaminated with disease-causing agents, or a strong alkaline washing
spray that removes oily residue and acts as a mild detergent.
Replacement filters

Waterpik Store Due to the recent passage of tax laws regarding nexus involving online affiliate publishers in the state of Missouri
(legislation known as SB 23) we must terminate our relationship with any publishers residing in the state of Missouri. We sincerely
apologize for the abrupt interruption in our relationship and we hope to reinstate our valuable partnership in the future.

Wawak Sewing 7%ls  Monthly Specials          Closeouts and Overstocks
Dritz® Flat Button Head Pins Assorted - 50/Box
Home Machine Needles
Fiskars® Easy Action (tm) Bent Scissors 8"
Fons & Porter Tweezers with LED Light
20% off Fiskars Scissors
Make Up Masks - Disposable 25/Box

WeatherTech®  5% sas  MADE IN USA
WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors
WeatherTech® All-Weather Floor Mats
WeatherTech® Cargo-Trunk Liners
WeatherTech®FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

WeatherTech® TechFloor™ is the first modular floor tile system to offer TWO distinctly different
materials molded into ONE tile
Premium FlowThru with TractionSquares!
Based on our original TwoShot™ Solid tiles, our newest design adds 48 specially engineered FlowThru
slots which allow fluids to drain through the tiles

WebSite Tonight by Go Daddy  $4.99/month  $6.99 /month  $9.99/month
Finally, a website builder that's easy to use.
With WebSite Tonight, everything works just like you'd expect. Need to move a section? Just drag and drop it. Want to add
some text? Just click and type. Need help getting started? Choose from over 2,000 design and color combinations in our
template library, including 120 pre-built websites customized to fit your business or style – just replace the text and images
and you're ready to go!

Wee Can Too...  Art from the Start   15% ROIA  
Our products are all natural, and made from the safest ingredients without chemicals, preservatives, color
additives, and are made from food based ingredients
All Natural Finger Painting Set
Original Naturally Safe Finger Paint 5pc Set for Baby and Up
Veggie Creamy Paint (TEMPERA)
Natural and Organic Veggie Crayons
Organic Natural Veggie Dough
Veggie Egg Dyeing Kit- Natural Dyes
Veggie Sidewalk Chalk- The Original

Weemote X TV Remote Control - White $34.92
Weemote X TV Remote Control - Blue $34.92

West Paw Organic BumperBed
West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi

West Paw Zogoflex Tizzi Tangerine Dog Toy
West Paw Design Zogoflex Tux
West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc

Wheatgrass   PayPal   10%eean   We proudly provide the most complete selection of growing kits, juicers and supplies
to grow wheat grass, barley grass, herbs, sprouts, greens and edible mushrooms. We also carry soy milk kits, composting supplies,
books and a line of Ezekiel bread making kits, oat rolling kits, cereal flaking kits, flax grinding kits and manual grain mills.
Basic Organic Ezekiel Bread Making Kit provides enough grains to make 6 hearty loaves. a.k.a. Bible Bread.
Organic Bulk Grains
Flax Seeds: Brown - Organic
Quinoa Grain Seeds - Organic  16 oz bag,  2.5 lb. bag, 5 lb. can, 35 lb. bucket
Organic Maitake Mushroom Growing Kit $29.00
more Organic Indoor Mushroom Growing Kits
Organic Black Soybeans
Soyabella Soymilk & Tofu Making Kit with 5 Lbs Soybeans Certified Organic.
Manual Hand Crank Wheatgrass Juicers
Takara detox foot patches      Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath
Wheat: Hard White - Organic
Wheat Seed (for Wheatgrass): Hard Red - Organic

Wholesale Costume Club 10% ls

Wholesale Halloween Costumes 6% ls   SALE AND CLEARANCE


Wickers Underwear for Anywear Made in USA 7% cj   
FREE Shipping on orders over $50. Use Code: Ship50
10% OFF All Products! Use code: Wear10.
FLAME RETARDANT (FR) Special offer for Firefighters...
20% Off entire order of Wickers Flame Retardant clothing
Mens Flame Resistant Mositure Wicking Wool/Viscose Glove Liner
Get Relief From Hot Flashes & Night Sweats with Wickers Moisture Wicking Garments!


Wildfox Rocks at Boutique to You! Pre-order the hottest styles fresh from the designer

Willow Tree® Collectibles from Current Catalog

Willygoat Playground Equipment  6% cj
As the holidays are not too far away - WillyGoat is the only online company in the US that can ship swing
sets guaranteed for Christmas up to December 20th. WillyGoat is at present one of the only companies to
metal swing sets in stock. We ship these out same day! WillyGoat has 36 wooden swing sets in stock!
These are very popular all year long.
We carry a full line of
commercial play equipment which is higher dollar values and are becoming more and
more popular to be ordered online.
Same Day Swing Set  Shipping ~
Wood and Metal Swing sets in STOCK!
Commercial Playground Equipment
Indoor Foldaway Swing Frame $234.99      Single Swing Frame $275.99
Radio Flyer Wagons and tricycles        Trampolines
Battery Powered Rideons~Peg Perego Riding Vehicles
Pinnacle Soft Bounce Rubber Mulch - Size To Fit

Rubber Safety Mat Green 4 Foot x 2 Foot $59.99
For residential use. Piece is 4'x2'x1". Can be combined with many pieces to form a large coverage area..
Game Tables~ Foosball,  Air Hockey, Stick Hockey, Billiards,Jukeboxes

Doll houses and doll house accessories

Picnic Tables

Wind Turbines Air-X Land Residential Wind Turbines  from EarthTech

Window Alert Decals ~ Now You Can Protect Wild Birds From Striking Windows cj

Windy City Novelties 17.5% cj
Custom Imprints
Baby & Toddler Costumes        
Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah party supplies
Kids Costumes
Birthday Party Supplies
Themed Party Ideas, Supplies and Free Shipping
Glow Party Supplies
LED Floating Lotus Flower
LED PARTY FUN - Gigantic Selection
Lumi-Loon Light up Balloons
Mascot Costumes
Night Time Golf Supplies Free Shipping
Novelties & Toys
Party Supply Banners
Pet Costumes
Plus Size Costumes Full-figured guys and gals

Wise Food Storage Gourmet Emergency Meals 12% cj    WISE FIRE 15 pouches
WiseFire 1 Gallon 60 Cup Fuel Source

Wise Company Five Day Emergency Survival Kit for Four People -

Easy: Cooks in the Pouch.  Outdoor Gourmet Meals
Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini with Chicken one pkg.

120 Serving Freeze Dried Fruit and Snack Combo Pack

Wise Food Storage 60 Serving Gourmet Freeze Dried Meat

72 Hour Emergency Food Kit
Wise Food Storage 2 Person Elite Survival Kit

7 Day Emergency Food Kit

Deluxe Survival Kit
Ultimate Kit

Woman Within 5%cj   CLEARANCE
Coats & Jackets
Order a comfortable plus size parka, trench, duster, hoodie, anorak or raincoat with a generous fit
that layers with ease.  
Dresses and Skirts           Jackets & Blazers
Knit Tops and Tee Shirts
Wide Calf Boots

Womens Winter Weight Adaptive Wheelchair Pants - Disabled (Winter Weight Knit Open Back Pants

WonderGel Seat Cushions  10%cj
All our cushions are environmentally friendly and proudly made in the USA.
WonderGel Multi-Purpose Sof-Pillow
WonderGel Roll n' Go Seat Cushion
WonderGel Original Seat Cushion  16" x 18" x 1.25"
WonderGel DoubleGel Seat Cushion 16" x 18" x 2.5"
Travel Pillows

Woolite Packets (10 Pack) MADE IN USA

World Book Store  

Worx Eco - Leaf Mulcher (13 Amp)

Wrangler  4% pjn/ee  SALE
New from Wrangler! Advanced Comfort - the most comfortable jeans you'll ever wear
Infant and Toddler Boys      Infant and Toddler Girls
Rugged Wear - Big & Tall
Men's Jean Jackets       Women's Jean Jackets
George Strait Cowboy Cut® Wrangler Jeans
Wrangler Premium Patch® with Booty Up™ Technology
Wrangler Retro® Straight Leg Jean
Booty Up™ Technology
Rock 47™ Collection

RIGGS WORKWEAR® by Wrangler®       RIGGS WORKWEAR® Flame Resistant

the Wright Stuff 10% sas Home Health Care Products and Adaptive Equipment
Large Safety Sure Padded Transfer Belt
Mary's Aide Transfer Sling    Posey Transport Belt
Sliding Transfer Bench with Padded Swivel Seat and Back
Laser Walking Cane  Auto HandyBar Car Transfer Aid  Wheelchair Weather Chaps
D Size Oxygen Holder for Walkers
Thomas Steady Arm is a writing aid and arm support designed for use by children and adults with disabilities causing arm and hand
tremors. The user's right or left arm is placed in the trough-style arm holder, the straps secured, and the tension adjuster set to counter
the tremors, thus enabling the user to feed him or herself, write, turn pages, etc. The unit clamps to a tabletop or to a wheelchair.
Mattress Overlay 27 x 80 x 5/8 inch
BackMax Foam Wedge
The TelAgenda Digital Calendar and Photo Display Frame connects by phone line to keep forgetful seniors "on track" by
displaying Appointments, Occasions, Medication Schedules and Text Messages on the day of their occurrence.This information is
entered by their loved ones on our password-protected website. This is a quick and convenient way for family and friends to convey
important information to your loved one from anywhere in the world! The TelAgenda Frame even has its own email address so anyone
can email photos directly to the frame.
The Educated Caregiver DVD Video Series
The Family Guide to Alzheimer's Disease DVD Video Series
Chair Aerobics for Everyone - Bed Exercises DVD
Chair Aerobics for Everyone - Chair Yoga DVD
Chair Aerobics for Everyone - Chair Tai Chi DVD
Chair Aerobics for Everyone DVD

Easy Wheelchair Push Bar

MediBeads Sinus Wrap  MediBeads Carpal Cuff
Burn Resistant Smokers Apron    Under Counter Zim Jar Opener
SoloGrip One-Handed Jar Opener    Wall Mount Zim Jar Opener
Quadriplegic Palmer Clip with Pocket     Hole-in-One Eating Utensils
Single Knork    Knork 4 Pack        Gloss 5 piece Knork Set   
Amefa Left Hand Fork   Amefa Left Hand Spoon    Amefa L Knife
U-Bend-It Bendable Fork and Spoon
PROVALE® Cup    Dysphagia Cup    Wedge Cup   One-Way Drinking Straws
Independence 2 Handled Nosey Cup  Independence Two Handle Clear Mug
Independence Replacement Lids   Independence Vacuum Lid
Nosey Glass   Nosey Cups    Independence Nosey Lid
Dycem Red 8 inch Round Non-slip Mat
SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer
Toothbrush Sanitizer 7%cj  Free Shipping on all orders over $50
Anne Klein collection
SEIKO watches

Wysong  16% pjn natural healthy pet foods and holistic pet health care & nutrition
Check out the Wysong Featured Product and get Free Shipping!
Dentatreat, a tasty and effective treat for dogs and cats

Grooming, Cat and Dog Care Wysong offers a variety of cat and dog care products including estrus strips, natural
shampoos and soaps.

Natural Cat Food and Supplements at
Natural Dog Food and Supplements at
Shop for Ferret food and treats at
Horse feed and supplements at
Radio Flyer products by
Air-X Land Residential Wind Turbines $809
The future of affordable, renewable residential energy is wind. You’ll be amazed by the wind power
you can harness with wind generators and turbines. Wind is the future of tomorrow!

With 400 Watts of power at 28 mph winds, the powering possibilites are endless!
The Air-X builds upon what has made AIR the world's #1 selling small wind turbine. The new
technology used in the Air-X was only previously found in mega-watt-class wind turbines.

The AIR-X is an ideal product for the person that needs a little power for basic appliances such as
TV, radio and a few lights.

Our customers found this item to be most useful for applications such as alternate power for remote
cabins, remote monitoring stations, telecommunication towers, and many more applications. The
alternate power applications are endless. The AIR-X uses a new microprocessor based technology
that results in an increase in performance, battery charging capability, and reliability. Additionally,
"flutter" noise from the machine has been reduced.

The controller allows for peak-power tracking of the wind by optimizing the alternator's output on all
points of the cubic curve and efficiently delivers the energy to the battery. The turbine's smart
controller allows it to actually control blade rotation speed thus eliminating the buzzing noise
commonly found with most small wind turbines.
Seat Cushion
Shop and Save!
Shop Doctor Who Gifts
SHOP Waterford Crystal Stemware, China, Collectibles, Gifts, Lamps & More.

SHOP Wedgwood Fine China, Home Decor, Collectibles & Vera Wang Wedgwood The Leader In Vehicle Protection, WeatherTech
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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