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Qigong Beginning Practice DVD with Francesco & Daisy Lee-Garripoli $19.98
Qigong for Detox DVD with Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee $14.98
Qigong For Stress Relief DVD with Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee-Garripoli

Qosmio Laptop Computers

QR Tats can carry up to 90 characters of customer-specified information--all instantly
scannable using a smart phone with a QR app. In addition, the easy-to-read temporary tattoo
and reads, "EMERGENCY CONTACT" and displays a parent's mobile phone number.

Plus, QR Tats are made with proprietary Tateck® II tattoo material, with stylish designs and kid-
friendly colors that every child likes to wear. Easy to apply, the peel-and-stick tattoos cannot be
readily removed, peeled or smeared. Quick Stick QR Tattoos will last 1-3 days. Just be sure not
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SafetyTat QR $10.99

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QuikEnergy™ V-Neck Aquatard Sleeveless, v-neck one-piece with thigh coverage to knees,
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QuikWik® Collection Made in USA   Our exclusive QuikWik® fabric is endlessly soft and stretchy,
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Quinceanera dresses
Quinceanera Dresses form Amor Moda

Quinoa Quinoa is a psuedo grain with many uses: sprouting, grinding into gluten free flour, cooked into a porridge or
pilaf, toasted & more. Available in several sizes from small to bulk in resealable packaging. Will germinate, but lower rate.

Alter Eco Grains Quinoa, Rainbow, Organic, Fair Trade 14 oz
Alter Eco Grains Quinoa, Red, Organics, Fair Trade, 16 oz
Alter Eco Grains Quinoa, White, Organic, Fair Trade, 16 oz
Arrowhead Mills Quinoa 14 oz

Nature's Path Organic Heritage O's Heirloom Whole Grains Cereal, Ancient Grains Kamut,
Spelt & Quinoa, 32 oz

Bob's Red Mill  Quinoa, Organic Kosher 26 oz (Pack of 4) from Walmart online
Eden Red  Quinoa, Organic 16 oz (Pack of 6) from Walmart online
Nature's Earthly Choice Premium Whole Grain Quinoa, 14 oz (Pack of 6) Walmart online
Village Harvest Premium Whole Grain Quinoa, 16 oz (Pack of 6) Walmart online

How to Grow Quinoa [NOOK Book]

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Quicken Loans
Qigong for Detox DVD
with Francesco Garripoli
and Daisy Lee  $14.98

Cleanse your entire body using
the Qigong for Detox DVD, a
gentle yet powerful combination of
slow stretches and breathing
exercises very similar to tai chi.
Together with Qigong experts
Francesco Garripoli and Daisy
Lee, you'll move through 13
healing moves that gently flush
out toxins while strengthening
your cells and organs. This
therapeutic blend of focused
movements, deep breathing and
creative visualization will circulate
Qi, or energy, to detoxify, soothe
your nerves and restore mental
clarity. This gentle whole-body
Qigong program unblocks
meridians and restores
whole-body health. 45 minutes
Qigong Beginning Practice
DVD with
Francesco & Daisy Lee-
Garripoli  $19.98
2-DVD set includes artful, expert
instruction in Qigong

•Basic Principles, introducing you to
stance, hand movements and your
energy center
•Workouts you can do in any
sequence, including:
•Wuji Qigong to ease ailments and
boost resilience
•Swimming Dragon to loosen joints
•Dragon Pearl to increase lung
capacity and core strength
•Bagua Xun Dao Gong to stretch
and strengthen legs
•Bonus PBS documentary Qigong:
Ancient Chinese Healing for the
21st Century, which reveals
Qigong's fascinating origins and
ideology and scientific evidence of
its healing effects

These easy-to-learn "moving
meditations" will help you boost
your immunity and live healthier
and longer. Qigong’s gentle,
flowing poses, deep breathing
rhythms and visualization
techniques enhance the flow of Qi
(energy) that fuels your
movements, thoughts and
emotions. Used to prevent and cure
diseases from hypertension to
cancer, Qigong (pronounced "chee-
gung") can bring you many other
benefits including aerobic
endurance, a healthier heart and
greater resistance to stress. 2-DVD
set. 130 minutes. USA.
Qigong For Stress Relief
DVD  $14.98

Qigong ("chee gung") is an ancient
Eastern practice widely used in
China as a healing tool. More and
more Americans are begining to
search for natural ways to release
stress and tension and to promote

Gaiam's Qigong for Stress Relief,
taught by internationally renowned
instructors Francesco Garripoli
and Daisy Lee-Garripoli, is a
30-minute Qigong exercise
program featuring the 10 best
exercises for reducing stress. It is
specifically designed to promote
relaxation. Meditative movements,
focused breathing and visualization
techniques relieve stress
symptoms and boost resilience
quickly and effectively.

Suitable for all fitness levels,
practicing Qigong can help melt
away physical tension, energize
the body and build the immune