FRIEND or FOE? Talk about a classic love-hate
Whether we like it or not, money... currency....
consideration... CASH...
is a tool that can bring the
burden of caregiving to the ledger,
and more often that not,
the buck stops here.
Here...With the caregiver.

Keep it simple. Keep track.
Write it down. Look it over.
Make a plan.
On this page we include links to
gadgets, payment calculators,
pen and paper solutions,
management gurus,
software and resource websites that
may help you make sense of
all the dollars.... in addition to
strategies we use ourselves.

Consider maintaining a specified bank account
for caregiving activities.
Set up payment for utility "budget billing" payments
and insurance premiums as automatic payments.
If you are sharing financial responsibilities with
a number of individuals, you may find maintaining
PayPal account a simpler way to
collect and disperse funds to cover expenses.

Commerce Bank offers The mySpending Card.™
The mySpending Card™ is a reloadable prepaid Visa® card that helps you
manage your money. Load it with the amount you need, then use it for
everyday expenses, holiday spending, or to keep your spending money
separate from your primary checking account. Get more information
by using this link:



Checks on Sale
TurboTax® Online Federal Free Edition lets you file federal taxes online - FREE
Announcements from Turbo Tax:
While IRS is not accepting electronically filed returns until January 30, 2013,
not to worry, TurboTax has it covered. TurboTax is accepting e-file returns now and will
file them with the IRS when the IRS e-file opens.

TaxCaster 2012: Free Tax Calculator
TurboTax - Tax Preparation Checklist
Video: When to Use Tax Form 1040EZ
Tax Tips After January 1, 2013

Knowing when and what you have to file can save you a lot of headaches at tax time.
To avoid paying penalties, mark your calendar with the following key dates.
Important Tax Dates Updated for Tax Year: 2012
Life Events Advisor: Free Tax Calculator
Got married? Had a baby? Bought a house? See how these big life events can impact
your tax refund. Estimate the tax impact of life events.

The 10 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions
Most Bizarre Taxes
Missouri Income Tax Reference Guide 2013

LIST of Tax Forms for Missouri State Income 2013 with links to forms to print out.
(NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and
Adobe Reader for PDF viewer.)

If Missouri taxable income from Form MO-1040, Line 24, is less than $9,000,
use the table to figure tax;
if more than $9,000, use worksheet below or use the online tax calculator at
2013 FORM MO-1040ES
2012 Missouri Individual Income Tax and PTC Booklets are Available
Individual Income Tax Calculator
2012 Tax Table pdf

Single/Married with One Income Tax Return -Fillable and Calculating Form INSTRUCTIONS


Worksheet for Calculating Health Insurance Premium Subtraction and
Long-Term Care Insurance Deduction 2013

Property Tax Credit Claim/Pension Exemption - 2013 Fillable and Calculating Form
Property Tax Credit Claim/Pension Exemption - Fillable and Calculating Form
RENTERS / PART-YEAR OWNERS -- If single, is your total household income $27,500 or less? If married filing combined, is
your total household income $29,500 or less? If you are a 100 percent service connected disabled veteran, do not include VA
OWNED AND OCCUPIED YOUR HOME THE ENTIRE YEAR -- If single, is your total household income
$30,000 or less? If married filing combined, is your total household income $34,000 or less? If you are a
100 percent service connected disabled veteran, do not include VA payments.
The maximum credit for residents who  own and occupy their home is $1,100.
If you rent the maximum credit is $750.
If you rent from a facility that does not pay property taxes, you are not eligible for a Property Tax Credit

Find more tax information and tracking devices on our TAXES page.
Coin Mini Dot Stickers

600 stickers per unit
7/8 inch dots
These are great for practicing
money skills. They look like
the real thing! Stickers come
6 per sheet, 100 sheets .

CASH Shirt $2.99

Transform ordinary cash into a
priceless gift, guaranteed to
please! Simply choose any six bills
(crisp ones work best), fold them in
half and insert into this plastic
form. Includes gift bag, tag and
instructions. 7"L x 3 1/4"W.
Carousel Checks:

Extra Value Checks:

Checks on Sale:

Business Checks:
Simplify record keeping with a dedicated checking account.
Use top Stub Checks for immediate and simple account balancing.
Balance Forward
This Payment
Other Transaction
Balance Forward

All present in front of your
very eyes...keeping accountable
and reducing stress.

I learned of these checks in a
Consumer math class I took
in high school decades ago and
I have used them ever since!
Available from many on-line companies, (we earn an ad fee on the ones with links on
this page) featuring special causes, hobbies and interests.
They are less expensive than going through your bank, and arrive in your mailbox.  
Sometimes what was old is new again.
Debit cards can be tough to monitor. Perhaps it is time to go back to the checkbook.
Great way to teach your children and your parents how to keep track of spending.

Baseball Top Stub Personal Checks   Basketball Top Stub      Football Top Stub
Personal Checks
More Sports Check Choices    Fishing Checks
Money Top Stub Personal Checks
Pink Ribbon Top Stub Personal Checks
Blue Vinyl Top Stub Checkbook Cover (more colors and leather available)
Top Stub Checkbook Covers from 4 Checks

YOUR Custom  Photo Debit Wallet
Photo ID Debit Wallet
This handy compact debit wallet is made from genuine
Leather. $14.99
Each order includes:
• 4 debit registers - enough for 650 transactions
• Free miniature pen
• Protective outer slot for your I.D.
• Interior slots for multiple credit cards

VIEW ALL Debit Wallets from 4 CHECKS
Don’t run out of registers or be without a pen.
Debit Wallet Refill includes
6 transaction registers and a pen.
Introduction to QuickBooks 2013
In 12 lessons, you'll master the tools you'll need to set up a chart of accounts; reconcile your checking account; create and print invoices, receipts, and statements; track your payables, inventory, and receivables; create estimates; and generate reports.

Get REAL DEBT HELP: Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Plan
Think about the myths that are everywhere in our society: "You have to build your credit score."
"It's just easier to file bankrupty."         "Debt management companies will really help you."
However,      Dave shines the light on the truth.
This list of content is a great starting point for people who are new to  
Dave Ramsey's myth-buster message:

The Truth About...
•Bankruptcy        •Budgeting        •Car Payments        •Credit Card Debt        •Credit Score
•Debt                •Debt Collectors        •Debt Consolidation        •Debt Help
•Debt Management        •Debt Reduction        •Debt and Relationships        •How to Get Out of Debt
Health Insurance
•Investments        •Life Insurance        •Money and Relationships        
•Mortgages                •Real Estate        •Real Estate Agents
•Retirement                •Taxes                •Timeshares
Customer Care    888.22.PEACE
Email: info.general @daveramsey.com
The Lampo Group
1749 Mallory Lane
Brentwood , TN 37027
Family Caregivers are In Good Company
does not collect ad fee for Dave Ramsey products.
One of our caregivers found his insight helpful, so we are posting links to his website.
Please remember, this information is to help YOU learn, to make YOUR informed decision.
You do not have to accept it all as Gospel.
Suze Orman Money Management Expert
Suze Orman's Must Have Documents
Protection Portfolio Silver Box by Suze Orman   Hay House, Inc September 2010
Financial Freedom by Suze Orman Hay House, Inc. March 2002

Family Caregivers are In good Company receives an ad fee for Suze Orman products.
Simple Planning offers a
more complete
Mortgage Calculator and
Planner  for $9.95
Includes 6 separate
Excel-friendly spreadsheets:
Mortgage Calculator,
Loan Optimizer,
Down Payment Savings
Affordibility Calculator,
Refinancing Calculator,
Amortization Table
Neat Desk Portable Scanner for PC
NeatDesk for Mac
NeatDesk will scan in your receipts, business cards, or documents
at a speedy 24 pages per minute. Scan up to 50 pages at once –
1 or 2-sided, color or B&W, single or multi-page

Neat Receipts Portable Scanner for PC  Neat Receipts
Portable Scanner for Mac

At home or on the go, Neat turns paper piles to organized digital
Neat reads and extracts the information from whatever you scan.
Receipts become digital records with vendors and amounts,
business cards become digital contacts, and documents become
fully keyword searchable.

Create tax or expense reports with your receipt data, or export to
Quicken, or TurboTax.
Sync your contacts with Outlook or Address Book. Find what you
need with a keyword, and organize it however you like.

Simple Planning ~ Personal Finance for Everyone     accepts PayPal
Easy to Use Excel Spreadsheets.
· No new software to load or set up - start planning in seconds!
· Works online or offline
· Excel based spreadsheets (works with all versions of MS Excel)
Click on chart image to see larger view.   

Budget Planner  Works with all versions of MS Excel, Access your Budget Planner
from Anywhere, Dynamic Charts Illustrate Spending Habits,
Budget vs Actual Spending Comparison, Spending Alerts,
Track Spending on Monthly or Daily basis, Quick Budget or Budget by Month
Buy our Budget Planner for one payment of $15.95 and use it for as many years as you like!
Free updates included.

2012 Tax Calculator and Planner for 2013 filing $9.95   
At Simpleplanning.com we take the headache out of tax planning and filing with our easy to use and
easy to understand Income Tax Calculator spreadsheet that work right in Microsoft Excel. Includes tax estimator,
detailed tax calculator, deduction calculator, Form 1040 spreadsheet.

Business Planner $59.95 Use our Business Planner Online or Offline, Runs on MS Excel Spreadsheets,
Document your Financial Plan, It is a Simple Way to Plan!
Complete list of templates and tools provided in the Business Planner:
Financial Dashboard, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Sales Forecast
Profit & Loss - Current Year Plan,   Profit & Loss - Current Year Actuals,   
Profit & Loss - Prior Year Actuals,   Profit & Loss - Comparison (YTY & vs Plan)
Invoice Template, Purchase Order Template, Payroll Calculator, Time Sheet,
Inventory Sheet, Expense Report,
Loan Amortization Schedule, Sales Record, Spending Record

Business Suite $39.95  All planners are MS Excel based spreadsheets
Profit & Loss Planner, Invoice Template, Net Worth Summary, Budget Planner, Calendar Planner

Calendar Planner $9.95
Create personalized calendars (color, font, etc.)     Easy to use calendar event tool
Reminders when Excel workbook is opened.     Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly view of calendar and events

Complete Planner includes all 8 calculators & planners. $39.95 save $36!
Budget Planner, Net Worth Summary, Tax Calculator, Investment Calculator, Retirement Planner,
Calendar Planner, Mortgage Calculator, 401k Calculator

Investment Calculator and Planner $9.95
Savings & Contributions, Asset Allocation,   Investment Detail,   Investment Scenario Calculator,
Investment Tracker

Invoice Template $9.95

Mortgage Calculator and Planner $9.95
Mortgage Calculator, Loan Optimizer, Down Payment Savings Calendar, Affordability Calculator,
Refinancing Calculator, Amortization Table

Net Worth Calculator $9.95
How much are you worth?   Does your debt outway your assets?   Can you afford that new loan?
Net  Worth Summary, Asset Detail Worksheet, Liability Detail Worksheet, Net Worth Summary Charts

Profit & Loss Planner $15.95  Track Small Business Income, Cost and Expenses
Easy to use and customize (there's no need for additional software)Money back guarantee.
Profit & Loss Statement, Profit & Loss Planner, Profit & Loss Summary (Monthly View),
Profit & Loss Summary (Quarterly View)

Retirement Planner $9.95  Are you investing enough time into your retirement plan?
Have you run the numbers on multiple retirement scenarios?
Will your retirement funds last if you live to 85?  95?   How much will inflation affect your retirement spending?
Start planning properly now. Includes Savings & Contributions Planner, Asset Allocation,
Retirement Income & Spending Planner, Investment Detail Planner, Retirement Cash Flow,
See how all your variables/ assumptions from the above pages come together.

Excel 2010 from the MIcrosoft Store

Excel compatible software program is also available for free through
Apache Open Office TMThe Free and Open Productivity Suite.
Download Apache OpenOffice here
TurboTax - Tax Preparation Checklist
Video: When to Use Tax Form 1040EZ
Important Tax Dates
April 15, 2014 ~ Individual Tax Returns Due for Tax Year 2013
April 15, 2014
Individual Tax Return Extension Form Due for Tax Year 2013
April 15, 2014 ~ 1st Quarter 2014 Estimated Tax Payment Due
June 16, 2014 ~ 2nd Quarter 2014 Estimated Tax Payment Due
September 15, 2014   ~ 3rd Quarter 2014 Estimated Tax Payment Due
October 15, 2014  ~ Extended Individual Tax Returns Due
January 15, 2015 ~ 4th Quarter 2014 Estimated Tax Payment Due

Get Your Credit Scores & Reports From All 3 Credit Bureaus.

Money and Banking: What Everyone Should Know
Money and Banking: What Everyone Should Know
Imagine all of your important files, always in
your pocket. Whether it’s a contract you
scanned in at home, an e-receipt you
forwarded, or a restaurant bill you snapped
with your phone – with NeatCloud,
it’s all together, always in sync,
and always available.

A 30-day free trial is included with
NeatDesk or NeatReceipts.
In Money and Banking: What Everyone Should Know,
economist and award-winning Professor Michael K. Salemi of The University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill leads you in a panoramic exploration of our
monetary and financial systems, their inner workings, and their crucial role
and presence in your world. In 36 incisive and detailed lectures, he gives you a
penetrating look at the financial institutions that are fundamental to your life
and well-being. Beginning with the colorful history of money, including the
monetary history of the United States, you investigate pivotal topics, including
the crucial role of public confidence in the stability of our financial system;
how money is created by commercial and central banks;
how "Wall Street" and "Main Street" are inextricably intertwined, each requiring
the success of the other.  ON-LINE COURSE BY "the Great Courses"
Island Paradise Mini Clutch
Dollarocracy: How the Money
and Media Election Complex is
Destroying America
John Nichols,
Robert W. McChesney
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Most People Spend 10% More Than They Make!
You probably know how much money you made last month, but do you know how much money you spent? Or do you know how much money you have left to spend this month? If you don't you're not alone, most people have no idea. The fact is most of us spend 10% more per month than we make. That comes out to $431 per month based on the average American income. No wonder the average credit card debt is now at $8,500!
A New Way To Manage Your Money
Traditionally, many people managed their money by dividing their cash into several paper envelopes. An envelope for food, entertainment, utilities etc. They then spent their money from these envelopes. They always knew how much money they had left, and how long it had to last. A new breakthrough in budgeting and spending management modernizes this same envelope concept using advanced computer technology.
Neat Tax Season 300x250
Personal Finance 101: How to Manage Your Money - Universal Class Online Course
Peer-to-Peer Lending Means Everyone Prospers

Prosper is the market leader in peer-to-peer lending—a popular alternative to
traditional loans and investing options.
We cut out the middleman to connect people who need money with those who have money to invest...
so everyone prospers!

Here's how it works:
Borrowers choose a loan amount, purpose and post a loan listing.
Investors review loan listings and invest in listings that meet their criteria.
Once the process is complete, borrowers make fixed monthly payments and investors receive a portion of
those payments directly to their Prosper account.

Click here for U.S.Dept. of  the Treasury, Daily Treasury Long Term Rate Data
These rates are composites of closing market bid quotations on recently issued Treasury Bills in the over-the-counter market as obtained
by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at approximately 3:30 PM each business day.
Many Mortgage Rates are "Tied to the T-Bill"
which means the interest rate is determined by adding a set number/percentage point, added to the base number determined by the
current Treasury Bill Rate.
All for the Best - Godspell - The 40th Anniversary Celebration (Original Cast Recording Plus Original Motion Picture
Soundtrack) [Remastered]  (When you feel sad...born to live at ease doing as they please...)

Age -(traded love for pennies, sold my soul for less...with a nickel or a million I keep searching ) I Got a Name ...Jim Croce

Money - (It's a Gas)The Dark Side of the Moon (Deluxe Experience Version) [Remastered] Pink Floyd

Money Money - Cabaret (Original Soundtrack) money makes the worlld go 'round

Pennies from Heaven

We're In the Money
42nd Street - Original Broadway Cast Recording Thomas Z. Shepard 3:08 minutes $0.99

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Working for a Livin"   Huey Lewis and the News


Home Value: $
Loan amount: $
Interest rate: %
Loan term: years
Start date:
Property tax: %
PMI: %
Output parameters »

Free Mortgage Calculators

Powered by MortageCalculator.org

These Calculators will take you to another website, Mortgage Calculator.org.
Offers a Mortgage Repayment summary,
Compares Monthly Payments to Bi-Weekly Payments,
Amortization Schedule and links to lenders.