This is a frequent problem among all older people and merits
special attention since it causes particular problems in Alzheimer's.
Some experts think the thirst mechanism becomes deficient in old
age, while others suggest that medications may be responsible.  
Whatever the cause, dehydration is common. People simply do not
drink enough water and do not feel thirsty. Additionally, many older
people were never in the habit of drinking water and often dislike it.

For the general maintenance of good hydration, at least four large
glasses of water a day are required, and some experts suggest that
this  figure should be six ore even eight. This is apart from tea,
coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, or milk, which do not count. Only  water

It is especially important to make sure that people with Alzheimer's
comsume sufficient fluids, since they are unlikely to express a wish
for drinks on their own initiative. If they are reluctant to drink large
amounts of water, give it to them in little glasses on a regular basis.
One or two small glasses per hour throughout the day will ensure
they get  all the water they need. If they so not like water, add a
touch of fruit juice or squeeze some lemon into the water. Try an
herbal tea without any caffeine in it, either hot or cold, as another
way of getting fluid into them.  
If the person is reluctant to drink, say "The doctor says you must."
That often works.

Confusion increases in people who are dehydrated, so always get
fluids into someone who seems to be particularly confused for no
known reason.  Likewise, give a drink of water at periods of

There is a quick-check test for dehydration.  Pinch the person's
skin.  If the skin takes a long time to settle into place, that person is

Another clue is constipation.   Despite everything that has been
claimed for fiber in the diet, the main reason why people are
constipated is that they do not drink enough water.
Reprinted with permission from Frena Gray-Davidson, from her book,
"The Alzheimer's Sourcebook  For Caregivers"  
Third Edition, 1999,   Published by Lowell House  ISBN 0-7373-0131-7
Frena Gray-Davidson Alzheimer's Guide website address
The Caregiver's Sourcebook

The Caregiver's Sourcebook

A must-read reference for those of you who are caregivers to either a member of your family or a friend, this heartwarming, supportive book explains to you the intricacies of the caregiving experience. The Caregiver's Sourcebook features separate sections on caregiving for specific disorders including AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, old age, and much more.

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