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Teacher's Guide to Anger Management

Teacher's Guide to Anger Management

As schools are making efforts to include children with emotional and behavioural problems teachers are having to deal with angry and violent pupils on a daily basis. In this book the author offers a recognizable, account of the widespread and serious problems affecting teachers and suggests practical strategies and solutions. It provides basic day-to-day guidance as well as help for the longer term PSHE planning for schools, based on the author's own adaptation of the successful "Everyman" project. Issues discussed include: a practical survey for teaches on the types of incidents they have to deal with that involve "anger"; where anger comes from; types of anger; problems that anger causes for the individuals who have it; dealing with sudden and unexpected anger; and longer term strategies which can be used to help individual pupils deal with anger.

Teacher Well-Being

Teacher Well-Being

In this informative book, Elizabeth Holmes provides practical advice and solutions to enable teachers to experience less negative stress in their lives and understand the links between the way they function in the classroom and their personal growth.

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SW Apples Calendar Days Mini Pack

SW Apples Calendar Days Mini Pack

Colorful, decorative cards to enhance blank classroom calendars. Artwork by Susan Winget. Includes cards 1-31, a 23/30 card, a 24/31 card, and 3 blank cards. 36 cards total. Shiny, protective coating adds durability.

PBS Logo 120X90
Richard Lavoie:
How Difficult Can This Be?
F.A.T. City--A Learning Disabilities Workshop 2013 DVD
available at Shop PBS $49.95 (click here)
This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration,
anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities.
Workshop facilitator Richard Lavoie presents a series of striking
simulations emulating daily experience of LD children. Teachers,
social workers, and parents, workshop participants, reflect upon
how the workshop changed their approach to LD children.
Includes discussion of mainstreaming discipline and self-concept.
kids temporary safety tattoo
Dry Erase Calendar Wall Decals

Dry Erase Calendar Wall Decals

Plan out your month with the help of our dry erase calendar set! This package includes everything you need to keep your schedule right on your walls: a mini dry erase calendar, six additional dry erase thought or speech "bubbles"... and a marker, of course! Each element is completely removable and repositionable, and will never damage your walls or leave behind any sticky residue. It's never been easier to plan than with this calendar! This no-nails, no-fuss solution is perfect for students, parents, teachers, office workers, and more!

Notepad Dry Erase Wall Decals & Wall Frames

Black & White Chalkboard & Dry Erase Dots

Understand what makes your new students tick...before you even meet!
Toobeez Special Needs Occupational Therapy Workbook - Download $19.99
Coordination, Occupational Therapy, Caring, Teamwork, Motor Development, Perseverance, Unique,
Motor Skills

Toobeez Physical Education Activity Book - Download $9.95
Physical Education Activities, New P.E., Polymetrics

Toobeez Math Activity Workbook - Download  $9.95
Toobeez Math Activity Workbook - Softecover $29.99
Our Toobeez Math Activity Workbook is packed with 11 hands-on activities designed to guide you
through comprehensive lessons every step of the way. Toobeez fosters communication, collaboration
and working together as a team. Play You Sank My Battleshape to teach X and Y axes and +/-
quadrant values. Enable students to define and classify obtuse, acute and right angle with Protractor
Practice. How about a quick game of Math Hot Potato to use to review materials before a test? 11
activities with 23 variations.

Toobeez Language Arts Activity Book- Download $9.99
Toobeez Language Arts Activity Book-Softcover $29.99

Toobeez Therapy Activities for Seniors Book- Download $9.99
Toobeez Therapy Activities for Seniors Book- Softcover $29.99
Perseverance, Concentration, Unique, Tactile, Coordination, Short Term Memory, Visual Memory,
Occupational Therapy
Toobeez Builda Playhouses, Forts, and Minds!
102 Camp Songs  $3.99
Everyone will have great fun with this three CD collection
of 102 traditional camp favorites sung by kids: nonsense
songs, gross songs, action songs, and more! Ideal for
summer camp, clubs, daycare, and family car trips! By
Twin Sisters Productions.

102 Traveling Kids Songs CD Boxed Set $6.99
Inflatable 12-inch World Globe

Introduce children to geography with this inflatable globe. This globe
has many detailed features, including numerous cities and climate
features. This globe is brilliantly colored and extremely durable.
Features:Clearly marked cities, capitals, & countries Graphic
representation of warm and cool oceans
Durable, vinyl construction

The Space Store proudly supports Schools, Museums, Churches and
Scouting Groups for their specific program needs. We offer 10% discounts for
such programs to help with your costs. We also offer larger bulk order discounts to
help you with large events.

You can send in a school purchase order, by faxing it to: 303-770-0696. Please
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Don't hesitate to call us, so we can help you with your program! Our toll-free
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LEGO® and Build-it-Toys

One Meter Inflatable EarthBall
This is truly a photorealistic EarthBall! The EarthBall is made from
thousands of NASA satellite images of Earth from space. The city
centers glow in the dark when the EarthBall is held up near a bright
light for 2-3 minutes. The EarthBall is packaged with a terrific "Global
Handbook," a sixteen-page booklet with facts, activities, inspiration,
and resources about our planet.

Perfect for classrooms, presentations, concerts & parades, the One
meter EarthBall is a beautiful and powerful reminder of the world we all
share. Features:

•Original Orbis/NASA Digital Globe
•Cities Glow in the Dark, after being exposed to light!
40" Diameter Replica
•Comes with 16 page informative Handbook!



Skeleton Crew       Dress-Up Skeleton $22.99
This life-size lesson in human anatomy makes a pretty spiffy skeleton costume, too. Laminated grip card bones
attach to felt strips that you can wrap around a child to make it fun to learn the names, places, and jobs for all the
bones in their body! Don' t forget to sing along, " The ankle bone' s connected to the leg bone; The leg bone' s
connected to the hip bone..." The name of each bone is printed on the reverse side of each piece in English,
French, Spanish, and German. The teacher guide gives details about all of the types of bones and includes
reproducible artwork for follow-up activities and testing. Set includes 15 grip card pieces and 15 felt strips.

For ages 4 and up.

• A life-size lesson in human anatomy
• Each bone is labeled with the correct name in English, French, Spanish, and German
• Included teacher guide gives informative details and reproducible artwork for follow-up activities and testing
• Makes a great costume too!
• Set includes 15 grip card pieces and 15 felt strips
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
Please support "Family Caregivers are In Good Company"
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