Zadro Tranquil Sounds Personal Oxygen Bar
The Zadro tranquil sounds oxygen bar increases the concentration of oxygen in the air by up to 43%.
Increased oxygen inhalation may help rejuvenate, replenish and renew the cells in your body.
It can also help reduce stress levels and heal seasonal affective disorders.
This personal oxygen bar has a headset that delivers oxygen directly near the mouth and nose.
It also has speakers to play 4 nature sounds to soothe you.
Connect it to your own personal audio device and listen to your favorite songs.
This portable oxygen bar delivers up to 2.5 liters of oxygen per minute.
Not a medical device
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
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Pulse Oximeters from Medical Supply Depot

Roomba cleans your floors like no vacuum has ever cleaned before - removing dirt, dust, pet hair and other
debris all on its own. Using iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Technology, Roomba vacuums every section of
your floor multiple times, getting under and around furniture and along wall edges, detecting dirt, avoiding
stairs and navigating through loose wires to clean more of your room, more thoroughly
Introducing RESPeRATE - A clinically proven device for lowering blood pressure
Medical Supply Depot
RESPeRATE is the only non-drug therapy cleared by the FDA for the treatment of high blood pressure
and the reduction of stress. It is the first medical device that has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure.

RESPeRATE is a portable computerized device that guides you through sessions of therapeutic breathing, powerful enough
to lower blood pressure.

Use RESPeRATE for just 15 minutes a few times a week and it will deliver a significant all-day blood pressure reduction.
It is available without a prescription and used by more than 250,000 men and women worldwide
to lower high blood pressure naturally.
Not a Drug
Proven in 10 clinical trials to lower blood pressure
No Side Effects
Doctor Recommended
Pleasant and Easy to Use

High blood pressure is generally caused by your blood vessels tightening up and narrowing. This then causes your heart to
pump harder. RESPeRATE’s unique breathing exercise relaxes constricted blood vessels to reduce high blood pressure.

Harness the natural power of breathing to lower blood pressure!

When you use RESPeRATE, you put on headphones and attach a sensor around your chest.
RESPeRATE’s breathing sensor automatically analyzes your individual breathing pattern and creates a
personalized melody composed of two distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones.
Simply listen to the melody through the headphones, and your body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms will enable
you to easily synchronize your breathing to the tones.
By gradually prolonging the exhalation tone to slow your breathing, RESPeRATE leads you to the therapeutic zone of less
than 10 breaths per minute.
Within a few minutes, the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels in your body relax, blood flows more freely, and your
blood pressure is significantly reduced.
Pillow And Case For Sleep Apnea
This pillow and case for sleep apnea are specially engineered for
comfort and safe compliance. Modern sleep apnea pillow helps
keep C-PAP or Bi-PAP mask in place, preventing leaks and
pressure points. The perfect solution for multiple sleeping positions,
its innovative design provides comfort for sleeping. Features
polyester fill. Machine washable, polyester/cotton CPAP pillow
case. 23" x 18". Made in USA. -

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Sleep Apnea Device  Supplies
Talking pulse oximeter helps anyone measure pulse and oxygen levels, even those with impaired vision.
Simply clip the portable pulse oximeter on your finger and hear your heart rate and oxygen saturation level
(SpO2) read aloud. Helps those with COPD or heart problems with non-medical, periodic monitoring. Easy-to-
read LED display. Finger pulse oximeter is compact and portable for use anywhere.
Audio feedback is ideal during exercise.
Pulse oximeter requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
2 1/2”L x 1 1/4”W x 1 3/8”H.