Light-Up Tinker Bell Wings for Girls Light-Up Tinker Bell Wings for Girls

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Happy birthday  games and festive essentials
sleep-over packing guide
Sleepover Party Ideas
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Preteen & Teen Party Ideas
Decorate-your-own Party Favors
Video Game Charades and Pictionary - $ 6.99
What do Charades, Pictionary and Video Games have in common? We've combined all three to make one fun-filled challenging game kids will enjoy playing over and over again! Guaranteed they won't roll their eyes when you suggest playing this game at the party
It's All About the Birthday StarIt's All About the Birthday Star - $ 6.99
Our most popular game is now updated for the over 20 crowd! Think you know the Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy the best? You might be surprised! Have guests fill in this questionnaire about the party star and find out who really knows them the best!
Hide & Seek Decoder Race - $ 6.99
Too cold or rainy to do a scavenger hunt outside? Host an indoor scavenger hunt without all the hassle! Two teams race around to find 24 clues (each clue will equate to a letter) you have hidden around the house… and then race to be the first to decode a secret message!

Birthday Party Supplies at Windy City Novelties. Free Shipping with $39 purchase plus 120% low price Guarantee!
Fort Knox Gold Coins Chocolate
- 48ct

Delicious chocolate coins are as good
as gold! Little mesh bags contain foil
wrapped milk chocolate coins.
Fort Knox Gold Coins Candy 2 large,
2 medium, 1 small coin per bag.
48 mesh bags per display box.
Price per unit = $0.99 / bag
Disney Princess Quintessential Castle
Bone Chillers

Bone Chillers

Arggghhh!! Want to get ya a little chill in your drink? Well if yer a real pirate, the only choice is the Bone Chillers Ice Tray. The Bone Chillers makes 8 ice cubes, 4 skulls and 4 four crossbones. Fight off scurvy or the sweltering summer heat like pirate and chill your beverage to the bone! Each Bone Chillers included one tray that makes 8 themed ice cubes! Yo hyo, yo ho! A pirate's chill for you. Only $5.95!!

Princess platter
dinner Set
Twin Fairy Ballerinas with Sparkling Wings
Plays Claire de Lune
When you spin the base the ballerinas
begin to spin around while the music plays.
Chocolate Coins - 72ct Tub
Dreamy milk chocolate coins with
silver, copper, and gold foil make
great party favors for a corporate
event. But watch out the pirates don't
notice it's gone! Chocolate Coins
Tub 72 foil wrapped assorted
chocolate coins per tub.
Thompson.Price Per Unit = $0.53
Captain Hook Costume
Peter Pan Costume for Boys
More Dragon Stuff
from Birthday in a Box
Pirate Party
Dinner Plates (8-pack)
Sand Castle Mold Set
Use in Snow,
Giant Archiquest
Cardboard Blocks provide
children the opportunity to
build block castles they can
play inside $39.95
Lightweight Glittery Nylon
Fairy Wings with Elastic
Straps, Size 31"   $12.98

One of Each 31" Lightweight
Glitter Detailed Nylon
Wings with Elastic Straps Set
Save $5.98 on the special!

Party Wings Party Pack
Set of 8
Save $39.94 on the special!
Clear plastic princess
shoe makes a great
table decoration, candy
cup or party favor.
99 cents each
Crown Cookie
Birthday Candles
99 cents
Pick Style Number Candles
5.5"H (inch stick) x 1"W
($1.99 each)
Global Sugar Art
you can also use
this mold for a
"Sand Castle"
Set of 12 Colorful
Cloud Buster Party Candles

Top off any baked creation with our towering party
candles. Colorful pillars of party hats, cupcakes, and
presents, they light up hearts and souls as well as
pack of 12 includes 4 different designs.

• Top off any baked creation with these candles
• Colorful pillars of party hats, cupcakes, and presents
• Light up eyes and warm hearts, as well as cakes
• Pack of 12 includes 4 different designs
• Candles approximately 4" tall
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LUMI-LOON ™ Light up Balloons

Light Up Balloons 120% Low Price Guarantee
plus FREE Shipping with a $49 Purchase at
Windy City here!
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
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