...on a bicycle built for two
26" Hi-ten Steel Frame Shimano TY-22
21-Speed Tandem Bike - Black
26" Hi-ten Steel Frame Shimano TY-23
18-Speed Tandem Bike - Blue
26" Beach Cruiser
Coaster Brake
Black Spokes
one piece Crank Alloy
M/Black Rims
I long for the simple days of
riding my bike as a kid.
I did not have to shift gears or
use hand brakes that do not
work in the rain!
I miss coaster brakes...
The kind you use your foot
pedals to stop...
like Orville and Wilbur
My! I AM getting Old!
Well, here I found some.
Simple, old-fashioned,
no speed, pedal brake,
and you'll look sweet ~ up on the seat ~of a bicycle built for two!
Yakima Locking BedHead Bike Rack

Yakima Locking BedHead Bike Rack

The Yakima BedHead Truck Bed Bike Rack (8001133) attaches to the inside lip of your truck bed rail without any drilling. This allows for each bike storage and transport without the damage of drilling into your truck bed. It can also be attached virtually anywhere you wish to have a cheap and easy bike storage solution (RV, boat, garage wall, etc.). For additional security, this model actually locks for the ultimate anti-theft protection.

Each BedHead truck bed rack system holds one bike securely for storage and/or transport. Equipped with a 9mm throw skewer and soft padding to protect the surface it is attached to, this bike rack is easy to install but also easy to remove on days you don't need to bring your bike along.

  • Durable Construction:

    The main pedestal is made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum while the quick-release skewer is primarily stainless steel

  • Locking Capability:

    For extra theft and transport protection, this model locks tightly into place

  • Compatibility:

    The 8001133 Locking BedHead carries just about any bike; however, the few exceptions include: bikes with nutted front wheels, triple clamp forks, forks with dropout spacing (the distance between the forks at the tips) other than 100mm, and some bikes with front disc brakes

Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket

Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket

Place your cargo on the roof of your vehicle to create more space inside with the Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket (8007070). This rooftop basket is great for carrying anything ranging from luggage to spare tires. It features custom wind fairing, weather-resistant heavy-duty steel construction, and an optional locking bracket (sold separately).

In addition, the LoadWarrior's accessory bars double as crossbars for gear-specific racks for equipment such as bicycles or boats. Plus, it's also compatible with most Yakima crossbars, both round and square. This large basket will be sure to wow you with its multi-sport capabilities!

  • Lasting Construction:

    This rooftop basket is made is custom wind-fairing, weather-resistant, heavy-duty steel construction

  • Minimal Tools Needed:

    All you need to put the LoadWarrior together is a screwdriver and a tape measurer or ruler

  • Multi-Sport Compatible:

    Carry equipment or gear in the basket or attach bikes or boats to it

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Human Power Generators
Bicycle Generator
Windstream  Human Power Generators  Bicycle Generator

The human body can be highly efficient at delivering energy. Most adults can generate a
steady 75 to 150 watts with spurts of double that power. Our Human Power Trainer bike
generator provides a sturdy, adjustable stand that raises and clamps the rear axle of your
bike, with an adjustable friction wheel, a flywheel for steady power, and a DC generator that
can deliver over 500 watts.

Even Lance Armstrong could find his comfort zone on this powerful bike generator.
Many off-the-grid parents require their kids
to power their TV watching with our
 bike generator.
The stand has large, heavy rubber feet for stability and quiet.
The generator will deliver 12V or 24V power depending on the battery it’s connected to
(use higher gears with higher voltage). Charge your off-grid or RV household battery, or any
portable battery pack.
Bike not included.
Stand made in Japan,
generator made in USA.
Greeting Cards
from Cafe Press

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Bicycle Anatomy
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Life's Journey
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Katy Trail
34 Products Feature This Design
Shadowplay T-Shirt
Shadowplay Mousepad
Road Cyclist
The Katy Trail is a 237 mile (386 km) trail stretching across most of the state of Missouri.
Over half of it follows Lewis and Clark's path up the Missouri River, where you can ride beneath
towering river bluffs while eagles circle overhead.  After leaving the river, the trail meanders
through peaceful farmland and small-town Americana.    
Visit for detailed information,
Katy Trail Missouri Trail Maps, Businesses, Events, Mileage, and more

Katy Trail Events: Bike rides, runs, walks, festivals
SpokeLit LED Spoke Light
Nite Ize LED Bicycle
Universal Smartphone
Bar Mount
No more missed birthdays, long checkout lines
or last-minute drugstore dashes.
We make it easy to stay thoughtful all year
long—from the comfort of your couch
Treat Personalized Greeting Cards..
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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