Too MANY bananas?
TWO Recipes...

Single batch takes about two very ripe,
schmooshed down in measuring cup to measure one cup.
I usually bake a double batch...soft-texture...
more like a muffin top.
Mix together:
1   cup mashed ripe banana

1   tablespoon orange juice
and set aside.

Cream together:
1/2  cup Butter flavored Crisco

1   cup sugar  until light and fluffy.

2 eggs
into the light and fluffy sugar and shortening.
Beat banana mixture into sugar,shortening and eggs.

Stir together in a separate bowl: (I use a whisk)
1 1/2 cups flour (I use Whole Wheat)

1  teaspoon baking powder

1/4  teaspoon baking soda

1/2  teaspoon salt

2   teaspoons cinnamon

Add flour mixture to banana,sugar,
shortening,egg mixture,
about a 1/2 cup at a time.
Fold in:
1 1/2 cups uncooked rolled oats

Drop by level tablespoons or
mini scoop onto lightly greased
baking sheets.
Bake at 375 degrees.
10 to 12 minutes til lightly browned.
Look like muffin tops.

Makes 3 dozen.
Bananarama... sometimes called Banana Runts.
They come in a 5 oz bag (~200 pieces).
A box of 12 bags is $16.39

Single 5 oz. bags are $1.49 each
on the Pack-a-Bag page.
The Chapin Family -
Harry Chapin:
A Celebration In Song
(Volume I) -
The Chapin Family - Harry Chapin: A Celebration In Song (Volume I) - 30,000 Pounds of Bananas
BANANA is an acronym for Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything (or Anyone).
The term is most often used to criticize the ongoing opposition of certain interest groups to
land development. I love BANANAS!
Double Bananagrams

Double Bananagrams

Double Bananagrams is the same award winning anagram game as regular Banagrams, it just has double the pieces which equal double the fun! It is a fast and fun word game that requires no pencil, paper or board; all you need is a table. One hand can be played in as little as five minutes. It is a great for family fun as well as being educational. Bananagrams portability makes it perfect for travel...take it to picnics, grandma's house, the beach; just grab the pouch and go!

For 2 or more players, ages 7 and up.

Contents: 1 banana shaped pouch, 288 letter tiles.

U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map
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Banana Heads Candy - 30lb
Delicious little yellow hard candy bananas!

30lb bulk unwrapped banana candies. Oak Leaf.
Price per pound = $2.99
Certified Kosher Candy
This candy is certified kosher by OU
available in bulk from A Candy Store
30lb for $89.99
Banana Bunker  $6.99
Plastic protector prevents bruised bananas.

Bruised bananas are a tragedy all too often experienced
by those of us who like to enjoy a banana for lunch or a
healthy snack. The Banana Bunker is a flexible, plastic
device specifically designed to protect your bananas from
a messy, squishy fate.

The Banana Bunker's innovative design features open
ends and a flexible and detachable mid-section. These
allow you to adjust the bunker to fit nearly any size and
shape of banana.

Yes, we're quite aware of what the Banana Bunker looks
like. But it works! And let's face it, the alternative to a
slightly bizarre-looking banana protector is smooshed
banana all over your purse or lunch bag. And that's just

•Dimensions: 9.5" x 2.25" diameter
•Protects nearly any size banana
•Tough, flexible plastic housing
Banana Nut VitaTops (12 Muffin Tops)  Price: $16.00
You no longer need to settle for smaller portions. Our 2 oz. Banana Nut VitaTops
are more filling, nutritious & deliciously satisfying. Get the most out of every calorie.
This pack contains 12 - All Natural 2 oz. Banana Nut Kosher VitaTops with walnuts,
rolled oats & whole wheat. Each muffin top contains 100 calories, 2g fat, 9g fiber &
6g protein. Price per unit = $1.33. This product is available online or in the frozen
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Sugar Free Banana Nut VitaMix (Muffin Mix)Price: $6.44
Sugar Free Banana Nut Kosher VitaMuffin Mix with real bananas, walnuts, whole
wheat & cinnamon. Natural sugar free muffin mix makes 90 calorie, low fat, 6g
fiber/5g protein Banana Nut Vita-Muffins. Makes 12 delicious 100 calorie 2oz
VitaMuffins. Try with our new silicone non-stick VitaTop Baking Pans.

Create your own healthy delicious recipe & email it to us.
We'd love to share it among our Vita-Community.

Note: This mix does NOT contain nuts. Recipe calls for addition of 1/4 cup of
walnuts or chocolate chips (for people with nut allergies).

This product is available online or in the frozen breakfast or natural/organic sections
of stores listed on our store locator. Click here for baking instructions.

                                                                                  13" X 9" deep baking pan


1/3 cup vegetable oil

1/3 cup molasses

1/3 cup honey

1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Blend on medium speed for 2 minutes.
Add one frozen banana in blender. Blend 30 seconds. Add one egg. Blend 30 seconds.
Alternately add banana and eggs. Blend well. Smooth, like a smoothy.

3 large eggs (total)
3 large frozen bananas (total)

Add  1/3 cup  skim milk. (Will need additional 1/3 cup skim milk later.)
Blend.  Then add
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons vanilla
3 tablespoons butter  Blend Well.

In Large bowl MIX Whisk together
one cup  flour
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons baking soda
One cup oatmeal. (recipe requires 4 cups oatmeal total)

Gently pour blender mixture over oats and flour mixture.
Rinse out blender with
1/3 cup milk
and pour into bowl.
Let  blender mixture  sit  on top of dry mixture a couple of minutes and let it absorb.
Stir gently. Gradually add remaining  oats one cup at a time.
Mix well. Pour into baking pan.

Cover with topping.
1/2 flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons butter cut in small pieces
Combine with fingers to make a crumble topping texture.

Freezes well. Yields a generous portion. Moist soft cake. approx. 1 1/2 inches high
Banana Paper
Banana™ Paper contains 10% Banana Fiber and is a 100% post consumer recycled product that is
free of chlorine, acid and lignin. Because the paper is acid-free it won't yellow or disintegrate over time.
Just think about it; print on Banana™ Paper and your work will still look as good as new for generations to
come. Available through Eco Paper.

In 1989,
Eco Paper, Inc. traveled to Costa Rica and began the transformation away from tree used
products and created a way to use post consumer and agricultural waste as paper using no chemicals,
less water, and inks made from vegetable oil and soy. Less harmful tothe environment and petroluem free,
Banana paper was born. EcoPaper, Inc. and Costa Rica Natural Paper now produce tree-free, acid-free,
eco natural paper and paper products from all natural fibers. We use fibers from banana, coffee, hemp,
lemon and other exotic tropical agro-industrial wastes .