Leaf Scoops
Heavy-Duty Plastic Bear Claw Scoops for Leaf-Gathering and Yard Chores

Leaf Scoops Make Yard Clean-up Quick, Easy and Fun

• Extra-large "hand extenders" for picking up piles
• Lightweight, fit any size hand comfortably
• Great for grass clippings, leaves, weed piles
• Safely feed leaf shredders

Gather raked leaves in half the time with these extra large "hand extenders". Molded from lightweight, high quality
polypropylene, they fit any size hand comfortably, letting you quickly pick up grass clippings, leaves and piles of
weeds. A safe way to feed leaf shredders, too.
Protect Your Bulbs from Burrowing Pests iconicon
Red Maple - October GloryRed Maple - October Glory - $ 39.95
The October Glory Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum 'October Glory', is one of the best and most popular of the Red Maple cultivars. October Glory Red Maple trees are excellent for intense fall color and have a medium to fast growth rate. In the spring, red flowers in dense clusters form before the leaves. This Red Maple is an excellent tree for lawn or street planting. The 'October Glory' Red Maple has a good oval-rounded form. It tends to hold its lustrous dark green leaves late into fall. The intensity of the brilliant orange to red fall color is worth the wait. October Glory Red Maple trees have a dense oblong head with dark green foliage. Excellent color for the south.
Red Maple - Red SunsetRed Maple - Red Sunset - $ 39.95
The Red Sunset« Red Maple tree, Acer Rubrum Red Sunset, is considered one of the best trees for early fall color! This is a large deciduous tree that has pyramidal form when young becoming rounded with age. Glossy green leaves turn brilliant orange-scarlet, extremely showy. Full sun. Grows faster than Norway and sugar maples, but slower than silver maple. The Red Sunset's« leaves are shiny green above and pale green beneath, 3-5 lobed and 3-6" across. Species name of rubrum (meaning red) is everywhere in evidence: red flowers in dense clusters in late March to early April (before the leaves appear), red fruit (reddish two-winged samara), reddish stems and twigs. The Red Sunset« is one of the best red maple cultivars available in commerce, with outstanding orange to red fall color. An excellent choice for lawn or street planting.

Autumn Leaves - Large Vertical 36""W x 60""H - $ 1995.00

From: Serenity Health

Thanksgiving Dinner Decorations

Chinaberry's Autumn Collection

Chinaberry has gifts for the whole family.
Weather Chaps - $ 45.95
The Wheelchair Weather Chaps keep you drier than a poncho because it fits snugly around your lower body, instead of draping over it. Slip your feet into the bottom pocket, then pull it over your legs and lap for waterproof protection. Bottom is contoured so nothing gets caught in your wheels and there's no need to leave your seat to put it on. Removable fleece lining provides extra warmth, great for ball games and getting around!Wheelchair Weather Chaps Removable fleece lining provides extra warmth. Fits snugly around your lower body.
An Orchard Rack is the
Time-Tested Way to Store Your
Years ago, people stored "keeper" crops
such as apples, winter squash, onions and
potatoes on rustic wooden racks like this
one. The drawers are slatted to ensure good
air circulation, and they slide out for easy
access. For best results, the rack should be
located in a cool, dark cellar or shed.

Store your garden harvest for months of
Ideal for keeping apples, squash, potatoes
and more
Perfect for drying herbs, too
This oversize item may have an additional
shipping charge

BloomingBulb.com - #1 Retailer of Flower Bulbs

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temporary safety tattoo
Oktoberfest Party Supplies
Linky Leaf Mylar Balloon Each

Linky Leaf Mylar Balloon Each

The Linky Leaf Mylar Balloon is perfect in fall balloon bouquets or tied to a balloon weight as a centerpiece for your fall tables. Each 40" fall leaves mylar balloon features two leaves linked at the stem in brillant fall colors.

Made in St. Louis, MO


If you live inside the city limits of Arnold or
Kimmswick you cannot open burn per
Missouri Department of Natural Resources rules.
You can apply for a recreational bonfire permit, which is for
a specific date and time that you choose, weather permiting.
See links below for official regulations
$500 to $2000 fine from the
Missouri State Department of Natural Resources
first offense
for open burning
in prohibited areas.




St. Louis metropolitan area: Open burning of household refuse is prohibited in the
St. Louis metropolitan area.
Open burning of trees, tree leaves or brush is allowed only in
outside of incorporated municipalities
from Sept. 16 to April 14 of each calendar year.
These brush piles are limited to a base of 16 square feet and the burning is allowed
10a.m. through 4 p.m.
Eco-Elegant Flowers
The Bonide Wilt Stop - Hose End (Quart) RTS is a ready to spray container, once attached to a garden hose.
This natural, non-toxic product, derived from the resin of pine trees, has the unique ability to form a soft, clear
flexible film on treated plants. This film protects plants from drying out, drought, wind burn, sun scald, winter kill,
transplant shock and salt damage. This product will allow your plants to grow naturally, and for effective results, you
only apply it once a season. Wilt Stop Spray can extend the freshness of Christmas trees and cut flowers; just simply
spray before bringing them indoors. Great for use, year around on deciduous trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses,
transplants, vegetables, & fruits. For sale in all states.
Bonide Wilt Stop Spray protects plants from drying out, wind burn, sunscald, winter kill, transplant shock, and salt
The Bonide Wilt Stop - Hose End (Quart) RTS is a ready to spray container, once attached to a garden hose.
Quart concentrate yields 1.75 gallons.    One Gallon concentrate yields 10 gallons.
Thanksgiving Cards from DaySpring
Please Be Seeded Leaf
Plantable Seed
Place Cards (set of 12)
Julia Child and Jacques Pepin cut up turkey
before roasting in this program clip viewed on PBS
and embedded from You Tube  Thanksgiving part 1
Julia Child and Jaques Pepin  clip Part 2
as seen on PBS, embedded from YouTube.
Worx Eco - Leaf Mulcher (13 Amp)

More WORX products from Wayfair
Easter -
12 Day Holiday Countdown
Learning is festive and fun with this 3-Holidays-in-1
Countdown!  For the 12 days leading up to Thanksgiving,
Christmas and Easter, you and your children or
grandchildren will enjoy reading an inspirational story and
building a scene relating to the big day.  This is a great way
to teach Biblical truths and start a new family tradition!
•Full-scale size:  8" x 8" square; 2"D
•12 Drawers: 1 3/4" square
•1 Drawer:  7 5/8"L x 1 3/4"W x 1 3/4"D
•Material:  Heavy paper stock
•36 Picture tiles; 12 for each holiday
•Guide booklet
•Back pocket for holding guide booklet
Orchard Rack, 6 Drawer

Bamboo Trays, Set of 2

Orchard Rack, 9 Drawer
NEW! iRobot Looj� 330

NEW! iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot $299.99

Cleans Leaves Dirt And Debris Out Of Your Gutter The New iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot blasts away leaves dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean. Spinning at 500 RPM the high-velocity four-stage auger breaks apart clogs then lifts and throws them away from your roof as sweepers and a scraper clear the remaining debris. Two Operational Modes: Simple One-Button CLEAN Mode and Manual Mode: Use Looj 330 in either manual mode or automatic CLEAN mode. Manual mode allows you to control the robot. In CLEAN mode just push the CLEAN button and Looj travels down your gutter on its own sensing and adapting to debris to provide the most effective cleaning. Four-Stage Auger With Suite Of Auger Parts: The included four-stage auger is made up of the breaker ejectors breaker bars and sturdy polypropylene sweepers. Another set of smaller more compact ejectors is also included. Lithium Ion Battery: This battery technology equips Looj with a strong power source. Reaches Far Into Your Gutters So You Don't Have To Looj 330 performs a difficult and uncomfortable job for you cleaning up to a 30-foot section of gutter in 5 minutes and up to 200 linear feet per charge. The new remote control lets you drive the robot further along the gutter than previous generations. Increased Range With New Remote Control Handle: The detachable handle is also the remote control giving you complete forward and reverse control of the robot as well as automatic CLEAN mode selection. You can also control the spin direction of the auger. This new wireless controller has an improved communication range of up to 50'. Low Profile Design: More compact than previous Looj models now at just under 2" high and 3" wide.

Lil Gobbler
Infant Toddler
Click here to visit
Turkey Costume
for Adults

for Children
Holiday Turkey Hat
Men's Permafelt
Pilgrim Hat
White Bonnet
iRobot Looj® Gutter Cleaning Robot

iRobot Looj 330 gutter cleaner review

You may want to MUTE..There are comments in sub-tiltles
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
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Thanksgiving 728x90

Free Shipping on orders $30 or more! Char-Broil
Fall Harvest Tower
From Dancing Deer Baking Company

Savor the flavors of the season with this
bountiful tower of wooden boxes tied with
autumnal ribbon. Enjoy 8 comforting
Molasses Clove cookies, 4 rich and fudgy
Chocolate Chunk brownies, 4 luscious
Caramel Pecan Brownies, and 12 tender
buttery Apple Pie Rounds shortbread.

SKU: # 50762 Weight: (1.9 lbs.)

Chef Tyler Florence, Inside the Test Kitchen
cut the time to roast a turkey in half by cutting out the spine
begins at minute 22

Inside the Test Kitchen: 120 New Recipes, Perfected
Cookbook by Chef Tyler Florence Hardback and NookBook ebook from Barnes and Noble.
I tried the stuffing under turkey skin method, as discussed at "minute 22" of the
episode of "The Chew" embedded above.
My turkey was done in 1 and 1/2 hours...internal heat 165 degrees.
The white meat was moist and delicious.
Beautiful crispy brown skin.
Best Turkey EVER!
My variations:
I do not have a food processor, so I finely grated onions, celery,carrots and
two apples,  sauteed them in a stick of butter, melted in an iron skillet.
I added  one teaspoon of rubbed sage,1 1/2 cups of water and a package of
chicken stove top stuffing.
I mixed and heated stuffing though until soft. I let it cool enough so not to burn
me, piped stuffing under skin of turkey with ziplock bag.  
I rubbed skin with extra virgin olive oil, salted lightly and ground fresh pepper.
I folded wing tips under body and crossed legs at end of bird.
I Immediately began simmering the removed spine in stock pot of water,
celery, bay leaf, onion and garlic.
I found removing the spine was the trickiest and most time consuming effort,
since I do not have kitchen shears. I used a knife.
I added  roasted turkey bones to stock pot after I finished carving turkey meat.
Try it. You'll like it! PKJ
Thanksgivign Picks
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