A Dog Named Lucky

Buying a House for a Special Needs Beneficiary: Proceed with Care!
written by Special Needs Alliance member
Martha C. Brown, at the St. Louis, Missouri law firm of
Martha C. Brown &
Associates, LLC.
Reprinted with permission of the Special Needs Alliance -

Credit Card Debt tips passed on through an email

Official Dr. Oz You Tube Channel..link to

e-mail~ How to safely forward e-mails and other e-mail management tips

Five Simple Home Improvement Projects You Can Start Today

Following Clues    Alzheimer's Communication
Reprinted with permission from Frena Gray-Davidson, from her book, "The Alzheimer's
Sourcebook  For Caregivers"

God and Anger by Katie Rodriguez Banister

Graduate School Personal Statement Secrets

Hospital Care Based On Quality and Price

Kick the Procrastination Habit by Pam Vaccaro, CSP

100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier     February 26 by Brian Lee IN Lifestyle

List of Places to Notify After a Person's Death

Lots of Helping Hands Webinars    Link to page

Meet Molly...Molly is a HORSE with a leg prosthesis

MONEY written by Gordon L. Burgett, reprinted with permission.
Second Life finances.

The Nine Root Causes of PC Slowdown by James D. Nardell

Nine Ways of Living With Time by Pam Vaccaro, CSP

Obstacles faced when all  surgical expenses are not covered by insurance.
Case #1 Hernia  by Patricia Joannes

Scholarship Essay Guide A general refresher course in writing skills

Shop for Hospital Care Based On Quality and Price

The Old Man and the Dog   by Catherine Moore

The Top Ten Things Caregivers  Don't Want to Hear…. And a Few Things They
by Carol Levine, Director of the Families and Health Care Project

12 Steps to Dealing With Bad Neighbors  link to Reader's Digest Article
By Brandon Ballenger from MoneyTalksNews
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The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
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