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and How?

Family Caregivers are In Good Company is a website
sharing articles of interest and helpful products valuable to the family caregiver.
Items are contributed by an informal
network of friends,neighbors, associates, website visitors and family members
who value the service of folks who care for  loved ones in private residences
and other care facilities.

The name "In Good Company" is registered with the Secretary of State in the
State of Missouri, "doing business as" fictitious name.
Established in 1988, "In Good Company"  stands apart and
is not associated with  the movie with the same title,
or any other website or business with a similar name.

The website is maintained and updated by one individual, (a family caregiver)
who collects information  from other caregivers, media, internet websites, public and private
organizations and businesses,  to share in a caregiver-friendly format.
Think of the webpages as  scrapbook pages or
pieces of a handmade quilt.
This is a home made website. Perfection is not a  priority.
It is a "work in progress"
Please help  keep things as accurate as possible.
If you find  a failed link, or misinformation,
kindly e-mail :
so that it can be corrected.
Please note which webpage the link is posted, and what product/service it promotes.
The website is updated several times a week. Your input is appreciated.
If you get a "pop-up" ad while visiting a  webpage, please e-mail us.
We also try to keep flashing ads to a minimum.
The links are designed to open in a separate window  when clicked.
Either a smaller box will appear on a  webpage, or a
separate  tab will appear in your toolbar.
At times, your browser may refer to this as a "pop-up".
We do not participate in any Adware, "pay per click" or stealth marketing programs.
We do not send a newsletter, unsoliticited bulk e-mails or share any e-mail
addresses or your personal information with other website publishers.
We just don't have the time or people-power to manage such an endeavor.
We also do not have enough time to maintain social network pages.
You are welcome to help us spread the word about our website
on your facebook or twitter networks.

We want to make a profit. Profit is good. Profit pays for groceries!
Money earned from  the website funds operating costs,
website publishing fees,
printer ink, internet connection,
compensation for time to edit and create website pages.
We just want to be clear, we are not registered as a non-profit entity.
We do not accept donations or offer direct sales of any items.
We do not receive public or private grants.
Our philosophy is entrepreneurial by nature,
and our goal is to be self-sustaining.
Instead of the search engine, like Google or Yahoo collecting 100% of  the advertising fees
during a product search, we earn a portion, a small commission,
for each product purchased through our text and photo links.
So please make on-line purchases through our links presented as product photos, or
underlined words. Details of "how this works" can be found on our
"SHOP" page.
We maintain an affiliate relationship with over
300 on-line merchants.
Please be sure to read our privacy policy and disclaimor: "PRIVACY".

Family Caregivers are In Good Company website
began publishing in October 2006.
Originally it was a vehicle to "get the word out" about our local
Family Caregiver Workshop," in Arnold, MO.
Since then, the website continues to grow as a source of products and information.

Currently, we publish more than 210 pages. They are listed
on our "
site map" or "etc." page

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Please bookmark or "save as favorite" the page(s)
you like best!
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and come back and visit often!
Personal Care Attendant
The Art of Finding,
Keeping, or Being One
by Katie Rodriguez Banister
U.S. Geological Survey
Local Earthquake Map

National Weather Service
Please support "Family Caregivers are In Good Company"
when making on-line purchases. Instead of the search engine, like Google or Yahoo
collecting 100% of  the advertising fees,we earn a portion for each
product purchased through our text and photo links.
Participating merchants with affiliate relationships, and percentage earned for
completed sales are posted  here:

Just "left click" on the photo or underlined words and you will be transported to the
merchant site to purchase product.
When transaction is complete, please come back and visit more of our pages.
Thank you for your support!
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