I go to Guatemala once a year to provide
eye care and glasses with a group called
VOSH PA(Volunteer Optometric Services
to Humanity of Pennsylvania).

VOSH PA is a non-governmental,
non-sectarian, non-profit organization
made up of optometrists,
ophthalmologists, opticians, and other
persons who have donated their time,
talent, and money to help those in need
to receive professional eye care, including
professional examination, prescription
eyeglasses, medical treatment, and
sight-saving eye surgeries.

Volunteers donate their time and pay all
their expenses to provide eye care to the
rural poor of northern Guatemala , who
without VOSH PA , would never have
access to glasses or vision-restoring
cataract surgery. We go to a different
rural village each day, where in addition
to providing eye exams and glasses, we
transport patients who need cataract
surgery to our permanent clinic for
same-day surgery.

Each mission consists of two travel days
and five patient days, during which the
team will examine about 2,500 patients
and perform over 100 sight-restoring
To read more about VOSH PA, or to make
a tax-deductible donation please go to

My next mission trip is November 10-17.
Please keep me in your prayers.
Diane Wilson, O.D.